I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

11. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Idle Talk: It Doesn’t Matter, but the Young Lady Cheerfully Laughs

Tonight’s crescent moon is beautiful.

Good day everyone, I’m Sara Wales.

Though staying up late is bad for one’s skin, I have something to do today so it can’t be helped. Drinking the tea that I brewed for myself, I wait for my guests to arrive.

Ah, I never thought I’d be having such a fun life.

The first thought that I ever had was: ‘This world is so boring.’

Hmm…I have to say, even for a child, I was quite naïve.

Once I could read and write, I was able to solve numerous difficult theories and problems. It took just one word from someone for me to grasp their weakness, advantages, principles, lies, and truths. So, I quit speaking early on and just read books. They weren’t loud or noisy.

Ah, this was about three years after I was born.

I was conceited back then and didn’t lay down the sufficient groundwork for assuaging my parents. (Though as you’ll see that was probably for the best.) But, as a result, my father, who was more frightened of me than worried, consulted with the people who ruled the neighboring territory: the Talbots.

It might have been because I was so bored that I had been considering: “Ah, maybe I should destroy this entire country.”

It was Rururia who brought me away from such thoughts.

I was in a bad mood from being summoned. Further, the person in front of me was a stupid-looking child who didn’t seem to have a clue what she was doing. I’d decided that when I returned to my room that I would carry out my initial plan and destroy the country. Surely, I would alleviate my boredom a little in that way.

So, when we were left alone, I said to Ria, angrily: “I’m going to destroy this country.”

When I said that, her stupid face became even stupider. This made me feel a bit better. Really, what a child.

But her reply was beyond my imagination: “Will that be fun?”

I was struck by a feeling of emptiness. Though I had the body of a sheltered child, my inner self felt like a burned out husk. Then, I imagined a scenery of devastation…it didn’t sound fun. That fact just served to make me angrier. “It might not be fun, but at least I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.”


“You don’t know what that is, do you?” I snorted, ready to go back to my room thinking that speaking with such a child was beneath me. But I’m glad I didn’t leave. If I had left, I would have divided the country in two (if not destroyed it).

“Hey, if you’re gonna do something, let’s do something fun. That’s it! Let’s play in the mud!”

“Huh? Mud?

Mud was mud wasn’t it? What’s the point of playing with mud? While I pulled myself out of the stupor, she took some water and sprinkled it on the flower beds. It had rained yesterday and so the soil was still damn. Additionally, nothing had been planted yet.

Ria jumped into the dirt without hesitation, turning it from wet soil into mud. I had no idea why she’d get dirty by choice. As I was spacing out, Ria began to clump the mud together into a ball.


…Is there mud on my face?

Haha! Sara-chan, your face looks dumb!”

With that single insult, my constantly swirling thoughts came to a halt. I’d never felt this way; not once since I was born. Then, I literally started mudslinging.

It was late in the evening by the time Ria left in her good mood. She had only managed to hit me a few times, but seemed satisfied even though she was thoroughly covered with mud because of me.

My father and mother began crying tears of joy despite the fact that I was so dirty.

…I guess I looked my age for once.

When I was alone, I began to wonder: just why was I so rebellious? Ria’s behavior was far more normal, well, if she were a commoner’s child, at least, but it was still in the realm of normality. (Though she certainly didn’t behave as an aristocrat’s daughter should).

I’d been called worse names by both children and adults alike before, but…

I don’t think anyone has ever said my face looked dumb…

What was this?

I hadn’t been sure what I was feeling. Hmm…is this what ‘having fun’ is? That’s what I wondered. I didn’t understand what made something ‘fun’ but I was able to feel what ‘having fun’ was like.

I remember laughing so happily that my father and mother ran into the room with a maid – who collapsed at the sight – at once.

I’ve known Ria for a long time, but the mystery has only deepened. Her words and actions – which, in hindsight, should have been within the realm of expectation – got through to me, for some reason. She didn’t have a dark side. Perhaps she didn’t even have a ‘front’ to present to others.

When I was with Ria, only ‘fun’ things happened, and so I eliminated all possibilities of being separated from her.

She has a good understanding of her quirkiness, so she manages to pass under the radar of spies or agents belonging to other families. She was even an extremely quiet student who made sure not to stand out.

Oh…my visitors are here. Well, rather than ‘visitors’ it’s more like spies sent by Duke Dilaver, or rather, by Irene-sama. My goodness, they’re not even a large group. Perhaps they were secretly assembled by their mistress. What a bad girl.

Or should I say, what poor puppies. Their mistress has let go of their leashes…

My opinion of people has changed since I’ve met Ria. No matter who the opponent is, I give it my all. Oh, how fun! Intelligence, emotion, and position; it’s not easy to tackle someone on all fronts and that’s what makes it worthwhile!

These days, I rarely get to play with Ria. It would be the end of the world if I were to be separated from her, but I would make due by playing with the servants of the duke’s family for right now. It would come to an end soon though.

The leader of the group arrived…and my precious house was empty. Well, I forced them to make a move. All I have to do is wait for them to come to us. I mean, we should greet each other after doing our best to outwit the other.

My smile deepens as the door opens.

—I won’t let you take Ria away from me. Ever.