I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

74. Last Go! (3)

When Ally sensed Maximilian’s return, her heart screamed. She rushed into the hallway, completely forgetting about her sweaty and messy appearance. She sprinted towards his room.

“Ally, I’ve returned. Sorry for being late.”

Maximilian’s face, which had been changed due to the ancient spirits’ candy, collapsed with joy the moment he saw Ally.

He was still in his romance novel male lead form, despite so, not a trace of fascination magic could be felt from his person. His complexion wasn’t bad, either. There wasn’t even 5% of a reason to be sad, despite so, Ally still burst into tears.

“Huh!? What happened?!”

In a hurry, Maximilian reverted to his true form. His appearance was too sweltering, the temperature of that area rose by around a twofold.

As I thought, this is more like him.

Aware of her current thoughts, she realized her lack of common sense.

The grandmothers might had read the mood to an extent. They disappeared, but not before giving her their thumbs-up. However, they were probably eavesdropping from somewhere.

“I, I didn’t do anything, okay? I did my best to have a lukewarm conversation with Saint Mia, giving only harmless responses, and overall being mild mannered. I asked her about what her response would be if her status as a saint were to be deprived, and also for a way to increase the number of regular doctors as soon as possible—”

Towards the Overlord Muscle, who desperately tried to ease the burden of her heart, tearful Ally shook her head.

Although she was slightly dazed by his sweltering figure, Maximilian was still Maximilian—

—the man Ally had vowed to spent the rest of her lifetime with in her previous nine lives. Even if they were the results of political arrangements.

Various emotions—be it from the past, or the present—built up.

“No, y, you’re mistaken. Indeed, I’m jealous, but more than that, I just want to see your face…”

The memory of the former Maximilian, that bean sprout, which had been stowed deep within her heart, suddenly resurfaced. It swirled in her brain. Nostalgia, fear, loneliness, regret—everything pounded loudly and heavily inside her heart.

It suddenly occurred to Ally that even that bean sprout Maximilian, who wasn’t that responsible of a person, was a victim of manipulation. She finally felt she could accept it.

“I’m just thinking about how blessed and happy I am…”

From there, she could no longer form words.

Maximilian extended his rugged hand slowly and gently stroked Ally’s head. Although it felt awkward, he was smiling.

When they got engaged, she was seven years old, while he was nine years old. The romantic feelings weren’t there, yet. Especially when the adults told her to connect with him through something other than those feelings. In short, they were like business partner.

Despite so, after living as his fiancée for 10 years, she probably ended up developing feelings. Their feelings would’ve bore fruit if only they made an effort to put them into words.

As a result of trying to change his life, Maximilian became the Overlord Muscle. She fell in love with his effort. Because of him, she began to think there was nothing muscles couldn’t solve, no matter how farfetched it sounded.

“I don’t want to regret doing something half-heartedly, therefore I will do my best…”

She couldn’t explain it well. Even Maximilian seemed befuddled as how to answer.

Maximilian’s palm went to Ally’s back. With the pressure of his muscles, he drew her in. She could smell her own sweat. Although she felt guilty about the smell, she still basked in the feeling of relief.

The man who used to be just beautiful but not very reliable turned out to be incredibly dependable. His muscles, which were too strong, were the result of ten years’ worth of effort.

…Perhaps because she had cried too much, her brain became dehydrated—hence why, Maximilian appeared like the best man in the world.

He’s actually really cool, though!

The sets of life consisted of three—heredity from parents, gifts capriciously given by God, and one’s own efforts. She did what she hadn’t been able to do in her past nine lives through her efforts.

After crying a little bit more, Ally swore in her heart that she’d properly convey it.

Even if she couldn’t tell him the truth about her past lives, that didn’t mean she couldn’t confess to him. Surely, Maximilian would then show her his best smile. Ally kept crying with all her might.

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