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37. I’m Fidgety when I Enter a Jewelry Store

“Where should we go next?”

After leaving the coffee shop, we wandered around the city.

“Hmm… I’ve only just come to Lynchgiham, so I’m not sure. I’d be happy if you could recommend me some places, Nigel.”

“Then, should we go shopping? I will introduce you to some of my recommended stores.”

“Lead the way, then.”

As I followed Nigel, we stopped in front of a jewelry store.

“Is it this place?”

“Yes, I often come here.”

It was a very expensive shop!

Back in my former kingdom, I wasn’t given much of a salary. I was having trouble doing away with my poor mentality.

But Nigel casually walked into the jewelry store, as if it were nothing.

Soon, I chased after him.


As expected, expensive rings and necklaces were laid out in the store.

“They seem expensive…”

“Well, I rarely buy anything. After all, I can’t waste the national treasury.”

Despite so, as the first prince, surely, he mustn’t appear shabby whenever meets important guests from other countries.

It was no wonder he knew of such a store.

“Looking at them just like this is also fun, isn’t it?”


I was a girl through and through—I longed for such beautiful things.

Despite so…

“It doesn’t have a price tag?”

“You have to ask the owner.”

A, ah, it was ‘that’, wasn’t it?! A scheme to incite buying without looking at the price tag!

In other words, only rich people came by, and they didn’t care about the price!

“What’s wrong, Eliane? You look really nervous…”

“T, that’s not true!”

That was a lie!

My legs were shaking!

Looking at such a me, Nigel shook his head.

“What do you think about this?”

Nigel picked up a ring which was on the shelf.

How dangerous!

Nigel continued, oblivious to the fact that I was inwardly harassed.

“I think it suits you.”

“Y, yes. I don’t know if it’d suit me, but it’s very beautiful, indeed… as a woman, I want it…”

Suddenly, I imagined how it’d be if Nigel gave me a ring…

…what was I thinking!?

Wasn’t that like choosing an engagement ring!?

“I see… Does Eliane like this kind of ring?”


When I called out to Nigel, who was seemingly pondering about something, he quickly put the ring back in its place, saying, “No, it’s nothing.”

“Um… but for some reason, I feel uneasy…”

It was fun to look at them, but being surrounded by such expensive things made me fidgety…

As I thought, that kind of store didn’t suit me.

I felt bad for Nigel, but I wanted to leave the store soon.

When I thought so and tried to talk to Nigel.


I saw something.

“My, young lady, you have keen eyes.”

The owner of the jewelry store approached due to my reaction.

“This is…”

“Yes, it’s a necklace I just bought recently. Such a fine piece of jewelry, right?”

Certainly, as the shopkeeper had said, the jewels on that necklace looked expensive.

If someone were to wear it to a social gathering, that person would easily become the center of attention.

“Indeed, it’s definitely a good product.”

Nigel also looked at it.

“As expected of the woman brought by His Highness. She has eyes for identifying good jewels.”

The shopkeeper had a friendly conversation with Nigel.

It might have been obvious, but it seemed to be a well-known fact that he was the kingdom’s prince.

“You said you’ve just bought it recently?”

“Yes, a new merchant has appeared in Lynchgiham. I often trade with him.”

“A new merchant?”

Nigel furrowed his eyebrows.

“Indeed, although his identity is a bit vague, the quality of his merchandise is certain. I don’t even spend too much buying from him. There are many others who’ve been dealing with that merchant these days. Many stores are doing the same, too.”

“I see.”

Nigel listened to the shop owner and nodded.

I didn’t know much about jewelry, but judging from the conversation between Nigel and the owner, the thing itself was probably good.


“Umm, can you listen calmly to me for a bit?”

When I said that, the two turned to me. “Hmm?”

“You should probably dispose of this necklace right away.”


“This necklace is cursed—the curse itself is a pretty strong one, too.”

***T/N: D-did this dude just bring her to look for a ring ON THE FIRST DATE? Dude, that’s way too much pressure…

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