The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way ZCompleted Translations

Extra 12.2 Witness: Kate Fairfield

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The girl who confronted Angelica was calm at first, but she immediately paled.

No wonder. After all, the target of Angelica’s insult wasn’t just anybody. She wasn’t insulting a female student seemingly basking in ignorance, one who hadn’t officially been recognized as a princess yet—

—but a member of the royal family, one who was also the next king. There was no way any aristocrat wouldn’t know how risky that was.

“…T, that’s playing dirty! You think you can get through this by mentioning him?”

“I’m not playing dirty or anything. How about I say his name directly? That tyrant, Leona—…”

“—M, Ms. Angelica! Just a moment a go, the classic literature teacher was looking for you!”

Without thinking, Kate screamed.

While the two girls were bewildered by to the sudden interruption, Kate seized the opportunity to grab Angelica’s arm and run in the opposite direction of the classroom.

“Umm, Kate, thanks for your concern, but it’s too late already. It’s alright—”

’—It’s too late already. It’s alright’!?”

After helping Angelica escape from hell, they wandered aimlessly around the courtyard. Due to the curt reply of the mysteriously unfazed Angelica, Kate could only parrot it back to her, and she had even forgotten to use honorifics!

“After all, I’ve already said that much. There’s no going back, now. From the beginning, I have been aware of it.”

Treading on the crisp lawn, Angelica’s light gait was in contrast to Kate’s—simply said, Angelica was brilliant.

Her unblemished expression, marred by neither impatience or fear, didn’t withhold any lies.

Now that Kate thought about it, Angelica’s actions were indeed unnatural. At a first glance, it might come off as her being dominated by anger at her best friend suddenly being taken away like that. However, if Angelica’s intention was merely to protect Sharina, was there a need to insult the future most powerful figure in the kingdom?

It was as if Angelica had been aiming for an opportunity to say what she wanted to say from the very beginning.

As if her confidently issued words didn’t only come from the standpoint of believing in her best friend, but also because she knew the profound truth.

“To not be able to do anything, be it as of the present or in the future—I just hate being powerless. You can laugh at how self-serving I am, it’s fine.”

Angelica’s eyes betrayed a quiet determination, one which Kate understood. It was different from giving up.

It seemed that Angelica indeed knew,of the truth behind the commotion currently unfolding, of a deeper and more accurate perspective about the heart of the matter. At the very least, she seemed to know more than Kate.

Angelica had decided to stand her ground—she stayed on Sharina’s side in the truest sense of the word—

—in order not to leave Sharina alone.

“I won’t laugh… but that’s truly risky…”

“It’s fine, honorific aren’t necessary. By the way, I missed my chance to actually say it…”

“Well, that’s…”

Shortly after getting along with Sharina, Kate began to make friends with Angelica through her.

However, after the rumors began to circulate, Kate couldn’t talk to Sharina and she also avoided Angelica.

By the way, Angelica should’ve been aware that it had been a while since they last spoke—hence Kate’s timidity.

Instead of blaming Kate for anything, Angelica just laughed gently.

“Thank you for this morning… for attempting to protect Shari, I’ve always wanted to thank you.”

The gentle words pierced Kate’s heart much more severely than the words of her classmates who surrounded her that morning in the classroom.

Such that she couldn’t even reply.

Gatan, goton, gatan, goton.

The carriage of the Fairfield house traveled along the wide, beautifully cobblestone paved, road of the royal capital.

Within Kate’s eyes, which were vaguely reflecting the scenery outside the window, entered the signboard of a new stylish cafe.

“Huh? Date? Yes! Of course, it’s a date! Doesn’t matter what anyone say—it’s a date! If it looks like that to others, I’m glad! He’s Riol, a scholarship student of the Written Magic Department! He’s the smartest, coolest, and kindest man in the world! Even though I’ve been enrolled in this academy for about a month, I never realized such a nice person exists! I’m truly ashamed—what a waste. If I had met him earlier, I could’ve spent more time with him. This hamburger sandwich has room for improvement.”

A month after the school had started, on Kate’s way home, she remembered seeing Sharina going on a date with Riol Glen from that very carriage window. Their date was at that exact café.

She was talking to a boy—her smile was akin to a blooming flower. At a glance, the fact that she was in love was apparent.

Since Kate was curious, she tried inquiring with Sharina about it the very next day.

For the first time since had been born, she experienced a girls’ talk 100 times more intense than what she expected.

Who would’ve thought that a girls’ talk would be such a fierce thing?

“—Riol Glen of the Research of Written Magic department! You Rat, who keeps clinging to my future princess, Sharina Clydea! I challenge you to a duel!”

When she heard Leonardo screaming on stage in the grand hall a few days ago during lunch break, Kate could barely process anything.

Nevertheless, there had been signs…

The dubious rumors claiming, ‘apart from the Rose Garden, there’s also a student who’s on good terms with the prince. Her name is Sharina Clydea.’

Ever since the freshmen welcome party, those rumors had been spreading.

Of course, Sharina flat-out denied it, but soon after she disappeared from school, the rumors spread like wildfire.

Ultimately, the prince broke his ties with the entire Rose Garden and proclaimed that Sharina Clydea would be his new fiancée the day after.

It basically confirmed the rumors. Many students believed Sharina’s flat-out denials to be an attempt to deceive them until last minute when in truth, she had been aiming for the seat of the fiancée candidate all along. All the other girls believed so.

“That’s wrong… the only one Sharina-chan loves, is Riol…”

Inside the carriage, she muttered the exact words she couldn’t muster in the grand hall at that time.

The prince of the kingdom was about to separate a girl from her beloved and lynch said beloved in a duel.

If Riol wasn’t killed on spot by him, he’d instead be exiled.

Not only was Sharina’s beloved sentenced to death, at the same time, the only fate which awaited her afterwards was to become the wife of a tyrant.

However, who would believe such an outrageous story which played exactly like a tragic play?

Why did this happen?

Did Leonardo even love Sharina in the first place? To force an end to the relationship between the couple—if he truly loved her, how was he capable of such cruelty?

It seemed like that blond, blue-eyed, prince had always kept his twisted and terrifying nature hidden underneath his beautiful appearance that everyone admired.

How did Sharina get noticed by such a terrifying person?

Ever since that day, many questions had been spinning in Kate’s head—despite so, no answer could be found.

If Kate inquired with Angelica, who was much closer to Sharina than Kate and was more intimate with the truth, she might be able to learn something—

—it was just that she didn’t had enough courage, nor the qualification to confirm anything.

“I’m sorry… forgive me…”

One thing was certain—Sharina, Kate’s dear friend, was involved in something so horrifying, it was unimaginable.

Inside the carriage, Kate could only repeat the same words over and over—

—dozen of apologizes which of course, couldn’t reach anyone.


Did Leonardo even love Sharina in the first place? To force an end to the relationship between the couple—if he truly loved her, how was he capable of such cruelty?

uhuh, uhuh, exactly!!!!

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