Hello, I’m Cinderella’s Sister, and I Reluctantly Decided to Marry the Prince Translation

1.1 Hello, I’m Cinderella’s Sister, and I Reluctantly Decided to Marry the Prince

The kneeling prince slipped the glass slipper onto the girl’s foot.

The glass slipper fit snugly, as if it was made to be worn by her!

“You are… my destined princess…!”

Francis, the prince of that kingdom, confessed his love to my little sister. His eyes were full of admiration.

My, was that a prelude to their happy ending?

Next to my mother and sister, who were crouching on the ground shedding bitter tears, such were my thoughts.

No way!

The girl who appeared so dashingly at the ball and was subsequently chosen by the prince— was none other than my stepsister, Ella!

My mother and sister loved to refer to her as Cinderella as a way to demean her, however, no one could deny the fact that Ella was truly beautiful.

It was understandable that the prince noticed her.

“Let’s go to the castle and throw a wedding right away!”

With shining eyes, Prince Francis held Ella’s hand.

However… Ella’s face was …off.

“I’ve come to fetch you, My Honey ♡!”

Suddenly, a man dressed in a black robe and riding a broom appeared, shattering the window glass.

No matter how anyone looked at him—a suspicious person has appeared!!!

By the way, could I charge him for the window later?

That was when Ella’s eyes gleamed—she rushed up to the suspicious man.

“I believed you will come, Wizard!!!”

“There’s no way I’d leave you! Let’s go! On an endless magical journey!”


E, Ella-chan…!? Why are you hugging such a suspicious man…!?

What’s more, by ‘an endless magical journey’—what did he mean by that?!?!

“Hey …wait a minute, Ella!”

“Adelina… you’re the only one who treated me kindly in this house. Therefore, I wish for your eternal happiness.”

“No, no, there’s something more pressing than that at the moment—the prince??? The castle??? The marriage??? What about them?!”

When I called to Ella in a hurry, her eyes brimmed with tears as she showed a sorrowful face.

As soon as her line of sight turned towards the prince, Ella basically dropped a bomb.

“Forgive me, Your Highness! The wizard is the only one for me!”


“That’s why, I can’t be your princess! You’re a lovely prince, you’ll surely find your own lovely princess!”

“Ella—! Wait—!”

“Goodbye, everyone! From now on, Ella will be happy! Forgive me!!!”

Without hesitation, Ella and the Wizard sped out of our house with great momentum atop of the broom.

The castle vassals attempted to chase after her, but it was too late.

The figures of the two disappeared between the clouds.

Be happy, be happy from now own—as if I could say that!

“Oi, what do we do now…”

“I already sent a carrier pigeon to the castle, saying, ‘the prince has found his fateful partner’…”

“If he returns empty-handed, the shame will last until the last generation…!”

The gathered vassals whispered to each other with unbearable expressions.

If it became known that the wonderful prince was ditched by his fateful princess, the royal family would become a laughingstock all across the kingdom—no, our kingdom would be a laughing stock among all the other countries…!

However, things had already progressed so far, there was no going back.

I wondered what to do. While I was wondering so, the prince, who was still stunned, lifted his face.

His sharp gaze, full of resentment towards the world… was directed at me.

“…Oi, you.”


“Are you… her older sister?”

“Yes, I’m Adelina.”

Prince Francis approached me and grabbed my wrist.

It hurts! It really hurts! This person, he’s really angry!

“Take this girl to the castle.”


“You have no right to refuse. Shut up and be my princess.”

It wouldn’t be so ridiculous if the circumstances were different—if they were one where a beautiful prince merely told me, “Be my princess.”

However, what could I say?

By saying that I had no right to refuse, he had basically threatened me.

In the first place, the prince came to my house in search of his destined princess.

If he were to take me to his home, say I was his fated person, and claim that the glass slipper fitted me, then at the very least the situation could be salvaged.

…Haa, why did this happen?

Thus, as Cinderella’s mediocre sister, I decided to marry him just to save the reputation of the prince who lost his fateful princess.


When I was abducted, I mean, brought to the castle, the wedding had already been prepared.

What kind of preparation was that, Prince? Were you that deemed on marrying Ella?

“Is that Prince Francis’ fateful partner?”

“How to say it…”

“…She’s, more normal than I thought.”

Sorry, but I could hear you?

Unable to say anything, I was thrown into the waiting room, becoming an easy target for everyone else’s curiosity.

“The dress, is too tight…! Even though the dress is the exact size the prince ordered for…!”

The corset was so tight, my internal organs were about to pop out. I almost puked.

The wedding dress the prince had ordered for Ella was too tight for me.

But prince, for you to attempt to tailor a dress through eye measurement alone… weren’t you a bit too full of yourself?

Even for the delicate Ella, a dress this small wouldn’t fit her?

I managed to squeeze my normal sized body into the dress and stood with Prince Francis at the door of the chapel.

Ever since the prince noticed my existence, a few hours had passed.

When I glanced sideways, I noticed that his eyes could kill.

To be honest, I was scared.

“Alright, Evalina—”

“—It’s Adelina.”

“I don’t care about your name. Anyway, you first encountered me at that ball. The glass shoe was a perfect fit, okay?”

He asked me that even though I was sure he didn’t care in the slightest about my opinion.

The only available answers for me was either ‘okay’ or ‘YES’—if I refused, death was waiting.

“Everything is as you said, Your Highness.”

Even though by substituting for Ella, I was basically helping him, the prince’s assholery was practically off the chart.

I felt scammed.

Ella-chan, I’m glad you escaped from such a person.

I thought about it like it was someone else’s affair.

“Admission to Prince Francis and his wife!”

We walked through the chapel quietly with the sound of the trumpet booming.

‘My, isn’t the prince’s fateful princess plain?’—by that point, I was already used to that remark.

So, we’d stay together, be it through sorrow or happiness…

The words of oath ended in a hollow mood. The kiss of oath came in no time.

The prince half-heartedly unveiled me.

His gaze was cold. His unwillingness was transmitted to me due to how intense his emotions were.

The feelings were mutual.

Or rather, the situation kept getting more and more unreasonable!

As I thought about that, the prince’s face approached.

Would it be in the forehead? The cheek?

Betraying my expectations, he chewed me firmly on the lips!

Ah, goodbye my first kiss.

Suddenly, I had no particular impression about it. Perhaps because I had let go of it.

Thus, my wedding was over in a very disappointing manner.


I wish he would have left me alone, but it was the wedding night—the first night.

Prince Francis came to me, whom was chilling in his bedroom.

“I have something to say to you—don’t ever think about receiving my love.”

“I understand.”

Not like I wanted the prince’s love anyway.

I participated in the ball just so I could learn who was the most prominent candidate among the participants.

Was Prince Francis surprised because I readily accepted it? It seemed that he was murmuring something.

I couldn’t hear him anyway. It was my turn to say something.

“Your Highness, this marriage was an accident. It’s nothing but an accident.”


“That’s why, Your Highness can forget about me. It doesn’t matter if you take a mistress or a concubine.”


“For the time being, I promise I’ll stay quiet as long as you provide basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. It’s fine if you to divorce me once everything has calmed down. Also…”

I knelt and bowed down deeply in front of the prince who sat on the sofa.

“I apologize for the inconvenience caused by my unhappy sister…”

It was mostly the prince’s fault for preparing too fast, there was no going back. However, Ella, who eloped with the wizard right there and then also lacked delicacy.

As her sister, I was apologizing on her behalf to the prince… and also for self-preservation (the most important thing).

There was no response from Prince Francis.

My, this atmosphere… when I started thinking, a quiet voice came from above.

“Raise your face.”

When I slowly raised my face, the prince had a slightly awkward look.

“It’s not like any of this happened because of you? So why do you apologize?”

“However, it is certain that my little sister started this whole turmoil. As Ella’s sister, I apologize on her behalf.”

I made sure to apologize a lot, now should the prince desire to decapitate me in the future, he might remember today’s dogeza and stop.

“…Well, whatever. Let’s mind our own business.”

***T/N: …Already from the get go, the Prince’s already showing signs of being a wifebeater. Oh, don’t worry, the reason why I don’t call him asshole prince is because it’s already pre-established that any project I pick up would have asshole prince.

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