I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

58. Sixth Go!

Just like there was no such thing as a night without dawn, the grand ball ended without a hitch.

…Well, for Saint Mia, everything probably went downhill.

However, on the surface, everything progressed smoothly after the return of Dylan and Emilio.

“My, what a sight to behold! Mia, whose smile is basically pasted to her face, is being comforted by those Shits of Light. They are trying to boost her confidence. Aren’t they basically acting as a daycare, right now? For those prideful Shitty Lights to be reduced into mere babysitters… that’s plain dirty.”

“The grandpas and grandma spirits in charge of the Muscle Special Squadron are on the lookout, saying, ‘they may have some ammunition left.’ Despite so, the angels could only comfort Mia. I thought they’d call for reinforcements, but until now, nothing.”

“Well, those Shitty Lights around Saint Mia may be high-ranking angels, but there are angels with higher ranks than them. It’s merely a guess, but I think those higher Shitty Lights don’t care all that much about Saint Mia.”

Ally had gotten accustomed to the fact that Abel and Takkun could freely converse in her mind.

Ally was walking towards the West Wing along with the Duchess of Radphen and Stila. They had returned later than Maximilian. Ally smiled as she watched the figure of Stila saying farewell to her new friends at the front door of the royal palace.

Ally saw how wide Stila was smiling—after all, she had made a lot of friends that day. Stila kept saying how truly entertaining the grand ball was.

Strange how a mere child’s smile can give you infinite energy…

“She sure seems happy… but if she’s too excited, she wouldn’t be able to get any sleep tonight. I can order the Five Dark Lords to perform the ‘Jet-black Dance’. It’s renown for its potency to cause people to faint.”

“Stop it. The dance of the Five Dark Lords of the demon world is too early for a 10-years-old child!”

Ally’s interest was piqued—what kind of dance is that? I want to see it…

At that moment, the Duke of Rapdhen walked alongside her with a refreshing smile.

“Ally-chan, starting from today, Cherise and I will stay in the West Wing for a while—we will be in your care. Rest assured, Ally-chan, we’ve brought some of our maids, too.”

“My, Stila will surely be happy to hear that. Also, thank you for your concern.”

Regardless, the fact didn’t change that Ally was still but a maid—thus, there was no way she could remain at leisure—

—however, the Duke of Radphen raised his finger and shook it from side to side. His glance bequeathed a promise.

“Of course, my true aim is to deepen my bond with Stila-chan. It’s the right of a guardian so there’s no need to ask for the consent of that shitty Older Brother of mine. Nevertheless, I also know that Stila-chan treasures Ally-chan very much.”


“Truthfully, I should’ve gone to the Baron of Crunea and greet him, but that’s a little difficult. I ended up only sending him a letter. I told your house that your social debut would be taken care of by the Duke of Radphen. …I received a glorious reply. Ally-chan, you grew up being loved.”

Saying that, the Duke of Radphen made a gap about the size of a boiled egg with his fingertips and laughed. “The reply was this thick.”

Ally felt her cheeks burn. Her scholar father would’ve responded calmly, but that noisy and dear mother of hers must had praised Ally to high heaven in the letter.

“You’re a fine lady who has already made her debut in social circle. It wouldn’t be good for you to live under the same roof with the prince. However, if I were to take you to the residence of Duke Radphen along with Stila, Maximilian might end up destroying the West Wing. Hence why, Cherise and I will stay close with you during the social season.”

Perhaps muscles training was indeed a common sense training in a way?

The Duke of Radphen, who supported the beliefs of Maximilian and the others, and helped them start their journey down the path of muscle, was behaving like a true royal vassal.

‘Jiiiiin—!’ Her entire body was immersed in joy.

Eventually, the hallway branched to the right. Continuing would still lead to Stila’s private quarters, but if she were to turn right, she’d find herself in Maximilian’s quarters.

“With Cherise and me around, we can make excuses for most things! So why don’t you comfort Maximilian? Isn’t this a perfect opportunity for the two of you?”

“Eh, huh, eeeeeh!?”

Unable to defy the power of the Duke’s muscle and authority, Ally was thrown into Maximilian’s private quarters in the blink of an eye.

The four muscle devas had already long left to see their respective fiancées home.

Before her was the lonely figure of Maximilian lying down in a wary posture.


Perhaps muscles training was indeed a common sense training in a way?


E/N: Anyone remember how Ally mentioned she had a different spirit of darkness in her past lives?? Anyone think said spirit will end up becoming Stilla’s spirit due to a recommendation from Ally??

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