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24. Invasion of the Royal Castle

Time rewound a little.

In the kingdom of Verclaim, a dragon appeared above the royal capital, causing great confusion.

Moreover, it disappeared like a smoke before anyone realized it and the confusion only grew.

Nevertheless, of course, the dragon hadn’t yet left the royal capital.

It instead took human form and invaded the royal castle.

“W-what are you doing!?”

“It’s an intruder! Everyone, catch him—huh…?”

What a noisy flies, these are…

While the dragon mimicking the appearance of human was exploring the castle, a human who appeared to be soldier approached.

Well, it can’t be helped.

Even though he had taken the appearance of an agile figure, the appearance of a suspicious person like him would of course give rise to concern.

Naturally, I have to eliminate them, or so the dragon thought.


“Not worth the fight.”

The dragon held out his hand and the approaching humans fell on spot.

It was a sleep magic.

To kill those weaklings—it was simply not worth it. If it was Klaus, however, the story would have been different. He’d like to play with him a little. However, he was in a hurry at the moment.

“Even so, I still find it hard to move in this form… my magical power has also been cut to one-tenth of its usual.”

While muttering, the dragon rolled his shoulders.

The current form of the dragon was of a beautiful boy with tanned skin.

His eyelashes were long and his gaze dignified—his appearance would surely overwhelm anyone.

Such was the form the dragon always transformed into whenever he assumed human form.

“However, it’s been about 100 years since I last used this form…”

While he was doing such, about ten soldiers tried to attack the dragon from the front again.


Again, he held his hand up and cast sleep magic. Most of the soldiers fell asleep.

“H, huh!? What happened to everyone!? What kind of technique did you use!?”

At that moment, he refrained from casting his spell on one of them.

The man who appeared to be soldier held a spear, but his legs were trembling like crazy.

It’s actually commendable that he didn’t attempt to escape, despite being so scared…

The dragon approached, grasped the man’s chin, and lifted it.


“Say, do you know where Prince Claude is? Where is that guy now?”

He stared into the man’s eyes.

“A, as if I’d tell you!”

Despite the man’s fluttering legs, he refused to answer.

That soldier was as wonderful as Klaus. Even though it was a rotten kingdom, the soldiers were actually loyal.


[‘Prince Claude has escaped to the underground shelter…! What would happen if he were to learn about this…!?’]

“I see, so that’s where Claude is.”


The dragon had read the soldier’s mind. Meanwhile, the soldier could only go agape.

“What the hell are you—…”

“You are of no use to me anymore, what a bother.”


After being thrown against the wall, the man fainted onto the floor.

“Finally, I have determined Claude’s location. Who would’ve thought it’d be this troublesome?”

—the dragon didn’t know that the soldier was the man who advised Claude earlier.

Could it be considered lucky for him to have met said soldier?

When he read the mind of the soldier, he could see the route leading to the underground shelter.

Apparently, it was quite close.

“Even so, why an underground shelter? If you’re truly an aristocrat, take up a sword and fight against me, geez… as expected of cowardly humans.”

Well, whatever.

“I should arrive there soon.”

After putting the soldiers who tried to capture him to sleep, the dragon went to the underground shelter.

Eventually, he reached a small iron door.

“Is it here? Certainly, I can feel the presences of two people…”

The dragon touched the door and tried to get inside.

But… a barrier?

It was quite unexpected to encounter a barrier there.

Even so.

“A barrier, one equivalent to a thin piece of paper, won’t take much for me to destroy, honestly.”


When the dragon poured in magical power, the barrier was immediately released with the sound of glass breaking.

“Did you honestly think a barrier of this level could stop me?”

What a bunch of stupid people…

Of course, there were also wonderful barriers—for example, the barrier created by Eliane.

It enveloped everything—the royal capital, the vast ranges of villages and towns, the territories of that kingdom…

…Her barrier didn’t have the slightest gap, even a dragon couldn’t break through it.

“Not that I’ve ever thought of destroying it, though. Other than those inhumanely foolish idiots, Eliane was here.”

Incidentally, back when Eliane was still in that kingdom, she said something about a woman who backstabbed her.

A woman who claimed to be the, ‘True Saint’.

How was that, ‘True Saint’ doing?

Could it be she was inside that shelter?

“…Impossible, she dares call herself a, ‘True Saint’ after creating such a pathetic barrier?”

Well, if he met with Claude, surely, he’d understand. He’d demand a full, but also short, explanation.

The dragon pushed the door open and entered.

“W, who dares enter this place?!”

The moment he went in, the jarring voice of a man was the first thing he heard.

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