The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

95. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (43)

The sound of a waterfall could be heard in the distance. Everything else was quiet. There were no signs of light in the darkness.

Lawrence, whom was lurking inside a caved-in, large, quay, exhaled in relief.

“We’ve lost them, right?”

“It’s more precise to say that we’ve escaped from the teddy bear, rather than the soldiers…”

He agreed with Listeard’s calm retort, even though it was a bit outrageous.

“Perhaps half of the enemies have been destroyed, I mean, that eye beam…”

“…Well, the forest has been blown away, indeed. Maybe they’ve decided to withdraw.”

“What the hell is that thing… can you even call it a stuffed animal at this point…”

“I don’t know. However, one thing is certain—only Hadith is capable of making such an idiocy—that fool…”

Not sympathetic to the roaring Listeard, Lawrence checked his surroundings.

Everyone, who had managed to escape through desperation, was either muddy or dirty. However, there were no major injuries. It was all thanks to the Dragon Emperor’s wit and that stuffed bear.

“Damn, Sauté is missing!”

“As I thought, it wants to retrieve Haddy… but will it be safe, I wonder~?”

“Should I pray for your safety?”

“Prioritize human life for the time being. I’m sure they’re alive. After all, it’s that chick who brought out that stuffed bear.”

At first, Listeard was upset. But it seemed that as the stuffed bear had beat down the soldiers one after another, his head cooled.

“Let’s rest here for tonight—what shall we do in the future?”

“Since older sister betrayed us, suffice to say, she’s no longer in our side. I can’t go back to retrieve my dragon from Noitral…”

“To turn this situation over, we will need a dragon, at the very least. I don’t think we should kill the red dragon, but just in case… regarding that, what do you guys think?”

Lawrence hadn’t learned about it in the class, yet. However, it was impossible to achieve anything with a green dragon—they truly needed a red dragon. Listeard, whom was leaning against the rock wall, replied to Lawrence.

“As long as there’s a human with a magical power, it’ll follow. However, in my experiences so far, all I needed to do was to call it—of course, only if it’s within the range of my voice. It’d be impossible at a long distance. If the dragon is in bad mood, we also can’t call him.”

“It’s surprising how there’s no master-slave relationship between dragons and human.”

“That’s only natural. Haven’t you learned about it? Don’t forget, if you want to ride a dragon, the dragon also serves a crucial role. Without the protection of the dragon, the human will die from the lack of oxygen when riding one. …Other than that, Brynhildr may have been disposed of.”

“Even though she’s a red dragon~!? Shouldn’t she be valuable or something~?!”

Camila’s question, which was uttered in shock, was instead answered by Listeard’s subordinate.

“Yes, she’s both valuable… and clever. That’s why she’s hard to tame. Most likely, Listeard’s the only one who can ride her. That’s not all, if she were to learn about this betrayal… according to the habits of dragons, most dragons obey red dragons. However, Rosa has purple eyes, although that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll attack other dragons.”

“Oh, I see~… Not even Rosa’s dragon can command it.”

“Rather than being disposed of, it’ll probably be banished.”

“No matter how much she’s called, she doesn’t come… well, it’s already stupid to solely be depending on that.”

After Zeke’s conclusion, Lawrence replied.

“If so, I’ll think of another plan.”

“Do we even have an alternative?”

“The easiest solution is to have a dragon. There’s a limit to what we can achieve, considering our small number. The biggest concern is how much time do we have left before the execution of His Majesty, and also Her Majesty’s safety.”

The surroundings calmed down.

Back when they were running away, they didn’t have time to think about anything else. However, once the situation calmed down, the shadow of anxiety soon crept up on them.

“For the time being, let’s make a fire. There’s rice.”

Zeke placed the small bag on his waist on the ground. He said so with a straight face.

“Once Captain smells the rice, she might come.”

“I see~ that’s right~”

The serious Listeard frowned a little, but still put down his bags.

“We still have the preserved food made by Hadith. In this situation, we should refrain from hunting.”

“Good call, Your Highness. Then, I’ll prepare the fire. Firewood is in abundance.”

“Let me gather it.”

Lawrence stood up and stepped out of the ledge with caution. Then, he widened his eyes.

A jet-black dragon which shone even in the dim blue darkness was heading straight towards them.

“—! Everyone—!”

“Lawrence! Is everyone safe?!”

Lawrence turned around and was about to instruct everyone to evacuate. Everyone else whom was preparing the meal rushed out in a hurry.


“Even though I haven’t brought out the Emperor’s preserved food, yet!?”

“What do you mean by that? What a relief, Zeke, Camila… and even His Highness Listeard!”

While saying so, Jill jumped off the back of the black dragon which was gracefully maintaining its altitude from the ground.

“I’m sorry for being late.”

“W, w, why are you riding a black dragon?”

“A few things happened, but let’s save that for later! By the way, I brought your Brynhildr, Your Highness Listeard!”


When the surprised Listeard stared at the sky, red and green dragons came one after another. They were the dragons of the Dragon Knights platoon led by Listeard. The cheers of several people could be heard.

“Brynhildr! Why—”

The red dragon was rubbing her head against Listeard, asking to be patted.

Jill looked up at the black dragon beside her.

“When I discussed about His Highness Listeard with the black dragon, she summoned her.”

“How ungrateful.”

Due to the sudden utterance of the black dragon, everyone tensed for a moment. Listeard swiftly changed his attitude and knelt before the black dragon.

“I thank you, Black Dragon.”

“Good, you know your manners.”

“It spoke—r, right, after all, it’s a black dragon…~”

After Camila put her hand on her chest and adjusted her breathing, she proceeded to thank the black dragon. Afterwards, everyone followed suit, causing the black dragon to snort in satisfaction.

“Now that everyone is safe, report the current situation.”

“Well, …Captain, I’m sorry to say this but… we lost Sauté and Haddy on our escape…”

When Zeke was about to report how their sacrifices were necessary to ensure their escape, Jill suddenly screamed—

“—Sauté! Teddy Emperor!”

With a strangely cute voice, a chick, whom was about to grow into a chicken, appeared while carrying a teddy bear on its back.

“You weren’t injured, that’s a relief. So, you went to save the Teddy Emperor, huh? Good job!”


“The Teddy Emperor has also fought to his maximum capability, it’s worn out…”

“Believe me, the fate of the enemy was way worse than that.”

Jill stood up while holding both the teddy bear and the chick—whether or not she could hear Zeke’s voice was a mystery.

“I’ll have His Majesty fix you.”

Lawrence was in a daze—

—for a moment, it appeared as if the one holding both the chick and the stuffed animal tightly and was resolutely looking forward was a dignified young woman, instead of a little girl.

When he blinked, the image disappeared in an instant.

“Be sure to rescue His Majesty, Lawrence.”


It was only after he had nodded when he realized what he had done—

—the answer came out just like that. Lawrence just wanted to laugh.


That girl had returned. That alone was enough to clear all the blurring anxiety he had felt earlier.

Such a waste—he genuinely thought so.

If only that girl had stayed in Kratos, then surely, after she got engaged with Geraldo, she’d be known as the ‘Battle Maiden’, and would fight alongside him in battle.

“Leave it to me. Just us will suffice, let’s get the Emperor back.”

He shall prevail so there’d be no regrets.

For the sake of that day—that day where they’d inadvertently became enemies with each other.

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