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30. Shopping at the Market

In order to give cookies to Nigel, I must first procure the ingredients in the city.

Thus, I went to the most vibrant market in Lynchgiham.

“It’s cheap, it’s cheap! A tomato is 50 bells!”

“Look! Fresh eggs available!”

“Hey, the lady over there, would you like to take a look inside our store?”

Merely by walking, the store clerks called out to me one after another.

“This liveliness is the real thrill of the market!”

I had wanted to visit for a long time, but I couldn’t.

Most of the shop items were available at reasonable prices.

Some people might think it a little inappropriate to give the first prince cookies.

However, there were some unexpected bargains in that market.

Some people could be selling suspicious, fraudulent, products, though. I had to be careful.

From that point on, whenever I helped preparing meal for Nigel and the castle’s inhabitants, I received payment. I considered that pocket money.

At first, I refused, but Nigel urged me to receive it as thanks for making such wonderful dishes.

Hence why I had enough money to buy ingredients for making cookies.

However, when I went to a high-class shop for aristocrats, I found out that a box of butter was being sold at the price of 100. 000 bells.

If I were to shop there, I’d go bankrupt.

“Well, this place seems good enough.”

I stopped in front of a certain store.

“My, young lady, how beautiful you are. Are you perhaps a noble?”

A person who seemed to be the clerk greeted me.

However, an uncle came from behind the store and immediately dropped a fist on the clerk’s head.

“What a foolish thing to say! As if a noble would step foot inside a store like this!”

“T, that’s right…”

“No matter how beautiful a woman is, you mustn’t flirt with them! Work properly!”

Was the uncle the manager of that shop?

The clerk, who got scolded, clicked his tongue—“—Tch.”

“Then, young lady, why not take a look around? For someone as beautiful as you, there might be something worthwhile in this store.”

When the clerk ran his mouth again, the store manager uncle glared at him from behind.

“I will, thank you.”

Seeing that, I was amused and chuckled a little.

Well, I should focus.

Oh, I should also put chocolate in the cookies. It might be a good idea to use the opportunity to make chocolate cookies.

…Or caramel.

My, I’ve been swept by the atmosphere again.

Well, it would be better for Nigel to enjoy various flavors rather than just one.

I scanned through the products and bought what I needed.

“Thanks for stopping by!”

By the way, I seemed to have bought more than what I had intended. Luckily, my limited budget was enough.

“Should I buy butter?”

I went to another store and bought another ingredient.

There were many friendly shop clerks, and I was able to enjoy shopping for the first time in a long while.

Before I noticed it, I had moved from one end of the long market to the other.

“I’ve procured enough ingredients… I should return soon…”

It was when I was about to head back.


I halted.

Perhaps to attract tourist, that market was located right after the main gate of Lynchgiham.

I could see the main gate of Lynchgiham from there…

“It seems that something has happened…”

The gatekeeper was arguing with a man.

“If you don’t have a permit and money, you can’t enter Lynchgiham.”

“Why is that so? Normally, I enter from the sky. Now that I’m entering from the entrance in a well-behaved manner, you don’t even respect that?”

Apparently, the man the gatekeeper was arguing with wanted to enter Lynchgiham.

“What happened?”

Originally, I didn’t intent to poke my nose where it didn’t belong.

The gatekeeper was just doing his duty. It would be a problem if I, an outsider, got involved.

But I just felt that I must do something…

For some reason, I felt like I knew that man who was arguing with the gatekeeper.

I wondered why?

Even though that was supposed to be our first meeting…

“Alright, let’s just listen to the full story, first.”

I went to the main gate.

“Uh, what happened?”

I talked to the gatekeeper.

Then the gatekeeper remarked, “Ah!”

“You’re Eliane. Long time no see, do you still remember me?”

“Of course I do. You’re the first person who greeted me when I came to Lynchgiham.”

“It’s an honor to be remembered by an acquaintance of Nigel.”

Even though I never asked for your name…

“It seems like you’re arguing about something, can I hear the details?”

When I asked such, the gatekeeper seemed troubled.

“Well, this guy seems set upon entering Lynchgiham. Originally, all outsiders have to purchase an entry permit or pay an admission fee of 50.000 bells. It seems that he doesn’t have either. I can’t let such a suspicious man enter, it wouldn’t lead to anything good.”

The gatekeeper’s explanation was sensible. The man trying to enter the city was the one at fault.

“Excuse me, but you…”

For the first time, I glanced at the man’s face.

Tanned skin.

The face wasn’t only full of confidence, but dignified, as well.

He was also quite a good-looking man.

If I had meet him before, I doubted I’d have forgotten about it.

I thought that it was indeed our first meeting.

However, my doubt remained.


“—It has been a long time, Eliane.”

The man casually spoke to me, as if we were old friends.

“Who are you?”

“It’s me, for you to forget about me… it makes me lonely, you know?”

The man expressed his displeasure.

Even though I didn’t know such a man—hmm, wait a minute?

The man’s magical power…

…could it be—


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