Hello, I’m Cinderella’s Sister, and I Reluctantly Decided to Marry the Prince Translation

1.2 Hello, I’m Cinderella’s Sister, who Reluctantly Decided to Marry the Prince

The prince lied down on the big sofa with his back facing me.

I asked him about the situation, but he didn’t move in the slightest.

…Was he going to sleep there tonight?

Originally, I should’ve offered to sleep on the sofa so the prince could sleep in the bed… but I was tired, too.

If possible, I wanted to fall asleep on the fluffy bed instead of a sofa.

It was about time to head to bed. I should listen to the prince.

Alright, there was no need to change my clothes. I shall turn off the light.

…To not change my clothes… well, tonight was usual, after all.

To be honest, I was relieved. No matter how good his status and face were, I didn’t feel anything towards him.

“…Good night.”

When I thought he wouldn’t reply, a small voice echoed in the darkness.


Out-of-habit, I said so.

This is bad. Even though I was tired, I felt like I wouldn’t be getting any sleep that night.


The day after the wedding, my life as a princess began.

…But there was nothing special to do. My schedule was blank.

Prince Francis probably intended to divorce me right away—he may have though it was unnecessary to give me the princess education.

Wise decision. I was grateful to the point of tears.

“Your Highness the Princess, how are you doing today?”

“Hmm… I wonder if I can ask for guidance regarding the palace…”

In order to lead a fulfilling royal NEET life, I must know where everything was and what could I do to kill time.

While having a nervous maid guide me around the palace, I started taking note of places I could use.

In the process of guiding me, we took a break. That was when I gently asked the maid.

“For this afternoon, I want to go fishing.”


The maid blinked.

…After all, there was a river that seemed like it would make a good fishing spot.

The outside of the palace was connected to the forest, and a natural river flowed through that forest.

Since I was a royal NEET who had nothing to do in particular, I would live leisurely by fishing under the sun, trying to grow vegetables in the garden, and creating a ranch in the vast vacant lot.

Hmm… such was the life I had longed for.

I was worried about what would happen after I reluctantly married the prince. As such, I was honestly happy to have received my ideal life.

Thank you, Ella, I wondered if you were doing well. Please send me a letter once in a while.

However, I could only live that way until the prince divorced me.

If I were to be divorced, could I demand alimony? If possible, I wanted a rural land…

…I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the wilderness. You had to have great ambitions, after all.

For that purpose, I must coax the prince to an extent, and make arrangements so that negotiations would proceed as smoothly as possible before my divorce could happen.

When I was making carrot cake while thinking about that, Prince Francis came.

“I came to ask if there were any problems… but it seems that there aren’t.”

“Indeed, it is as you can see.”

Seeing me baking cake with the maid, the prince seemed to understand at a glance that I was enjoying my royal NEET life.

I stopped the prince, who was about to return, and gave him some of my freshly made carrot cake.

As part of ensuring the wellness of the negotiation, gifts were necessary.

However, I mustn’t let the prince learn my true intention.

“I hope it suits your tastes.”

I was wondering if he’d refuse it, but the prince unexpectedly ate the cake.

“Such a unique taste, what kind of cake is this?”

“Carrot cake.”

…Carrot cake—!?”

Suddenly, the prince stood up, causing his chair to fall over. I was almost blown away by his momentum.

When I was stupefied, the maid, who had turned deep blue, gently told me.

“F, forgive me, Princess! I completely forgot, but the prince doesn’t like carrots…!!!”

You should’ve told me such a crucial piece information at the very start!

The prince turned bright red and trembled—

—so, when’s the day of my execution going to be?

Bye-bye, my short life.

If I was to be reborn, I wanted to be born as a daughter of a wealthy farmer. …Don’t think too much about the glaring contradiction.

“This… was made of carrots?”

“Yes, these are carrots I grew in a field at a remote place.”

As soon as he asked, I explained as if I was a full-fledged chef.

However, the prince never said, “Off with her head!”

…On the contrary.

“You can make something this delicious out of carrots…?!”

…Unexpectedly, he had a taste for commoner food?

It seemed that the elite chef who worked in the royal palace wouldn’t make such a simple dish.

“…You’re truly a unique girl, Carolina.”

The prince smiled happily.

The reason my heart thumped was probably because of his unusual expression—

um, you got my name wrong, by the way.

Prince, I’m very sorry to say this, but I’m Adelina, not Carolina.

***T/N: Idk about you guys, but I’m here for Carolina’s–I mean, Evalina’s–I mean, Maybelina’s retorts.

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