Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

15. That’s scary! Throw it away!

“Damn it!”
Kien fires his [Scatter Flame Bullets] at the coiled dragon at full power before taking some distance.

“There’s no time… Dragon King!”

The dragon roars as it presses towards Kien.

[Supreme- Dragon King Manifestation], it is the most treasured secret technique passed down through the Mizukami Clan. By using components of the shikigami technique, the Dragon King can be manifested and utilized for a period of time. That time frame, however, is brief. Uruka, with her uncommon level of spiritual manipulation, even if she is to use all of the spiritual power she possesses, can only manifest the Dragon King for one minute. Still——

“Hey, hey, how outrageous…”

——its destructive power is more than enough to call its summoning instant defeat.

The area Kien had been standing in vanished without a trace from the dragon’s charge. The impact shook the entire barrier.

“Al-right, Hinoyama-chan, out~”

A voice without an ounce of tension fills the venue, but not a single person pays attention to it. The overwhelming presence of the Dragon King prevents everyone from focusing on anything but it.

Kien tries approaching Uruka, but the Dragon King protects its master from harm by coiling around her.

“Damn it. Still, you shouldn’t be able to maintain it for long. Come at me! I’ll avoid everything you’ve got!”
“I know even without you saying anything, Dragon King!”

The dragon’s tail is already disappearing. Uruka doesn’t have much time left. Furthermore, as she cannot completely control the Dragon King, she is unable to capture Kien.

“Already, the limit…”
“I’m sorry, onee-chan. If I could give you my spiritual power…”

Uruka and Uruna have similar wavelengths of spiritual power. As such, they are able to share it with each other. However, that technique is only possible due to the older sister Uruka’s spiritual power manipulation. Uruna’s poor spiritual power manipulation leaves her unable to share her spiritual power.
Uruka, busy manipulating the Dragon King, does not have the leeway to perform such a task.

“Don’t worry about it… with the next blow… I’ll turn everything around!”

Uruka grits her teeth. While frantically struggling to remain conscious, she gives the half transparent Dragon King her final command.


The Dragon King, as if responding to her resolution, carries out one final charge with its disappearing body.

Ah? Ain’t it nothing more than a gargantuan voice?”

Kien wears an uninterested expression as he easily avoids the Dragon King’s charge. Yet, even after missing, the Dragon continues forwards without stopping. That’s when Kien notices.

“Perforate! Get out of the way!!”
Ga!? Gugaaa!!”

The bomb oni is blown off of the arena and its substitution tag crumbles away1.

“Al-right, Perforate-chan is also out~”

Then, the Dragon King vanishes along with the wall of flames.

Che, was she aiming for the flame wall Perforate was maintaining from the start? Looks like she succeeded.”
Kien speaks with a satisfied expression.
“Looks like you guys are already done, so stay there and behave. I’m going to where Mitsurugi is.”

Upon finishing, Kien notices an even more unusual incident. The audience, no longer bound by the presence of the Dragon King, also notices.

“Who’s… that?”
Uruka, barely able to remain conscious after having used up her spiritual power, speaks those words.

With the wall of flames gone, the masked practitioner is revealed to have fallen on his backside while Mitsurugi Yuuen has collapsed onto his knees. Furthermore, there is a little girl holding the lopped of head of Three Statue Sword.

—The Diamond of Lust wages an endless bloody war against humanity where it quenches its insatiable thirst for battle—

“Are you… my shikigami?”

The little girl, carrying a dagger on her back, gives a silent nod before cutely rushing up to me…. while carrying that warrior’s head.

“Hol- That’s scary! Throw it away!”

With an expression of regret, the little girl throws the head away… How scary.

Ah, it vanished.”

The warrior’s body and head turn into light like particles that then vanish. Is that how shikigami disappear when they are defeated?

“My Three Sword Statue… in an instant? That shikigami,what in the world is that shikigami?!?”

The glasses suit is crying out, but I don’t know either. To begin with, she was born from copying that warrior’s formula. That’s what I want to ask you.

“Ah, the flame wall’s gone too.”

Without my realizing, the wall of flames separating me from the Mizukami sisters disappeared. Right now, that scatter flame bullets guy and the Mizukami sisters are staring this way in shock.

“Even though the one surprised here is me…”

After creating my own flame wall, I completed the formula with trembling hands. Yet, just as I was about to summon my shikigami, the wall of flames I created was pierced and an odachi drew towards me. I was so shocked, I fell onto my backside. It was then a large roar suddenly shook the venue and distracted the suit with glasses. In that space, I was able to summon my shikigami.

I have no idea where that roar came from, but they have my gratitude.

Afterwards, I shouted out to my shikigami before she could appear, “Defeat that warrior!” By the time I noticed, the warrior’s head had been separated from its body.

Haa, coordinate with me… and target the practitioner directly! Kien, you attack him from the sky!”
“Got it!”

The frozen glasses suit wakes up at the scatter flame bullets guy’s voice and the 2 of them rush me.  Wait a sec, the scatter flame bullets guy, he’s flying!?  So, it can be used like that, too. I’ll try it some day.

Haa, now isn’t the time to be thinking things like that! Alright, shikigami! Defeat them!”

The little girl nods and draws the dagger on her back.  Then——

“Everyone run! Evacuate the building!”
“The emergency exit is this way! Hurry!”

——A bell like chime fills the venue and the Tsudomu2 collapses.

T/N: So, does anyone else think it’s strange?? Yuuki must have used the same shikigami formula as Mitsurugi, yet while Mitsurugi of some 3 meter warrior statue, he got a cute little girl.  I’m guessing his blessing let him improve the technique into its ultimate form.  Then, does that mean Mitsurugi will also end up with a cute little girl once he improves the formula??  Then, what will happen if Yuuki tries to summon the Dragon King??

<14. [Scatter Flame Bullets] [Scatter Flame Bullets] [Scatter Flame Bullets] [Scatter Flame Bullets]
16. What the? The Internet Fee?>

  1. Each side was given an extra substitution tag at the beginning of the match.  My guess, their side used theirs for the bomb oni.
  2. Sapporo Community Dome