I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

63. Sixth Go! (6)

Dynamically, elegantly, she was caught by Maximilian who moved so quickly his arms were unperceivable. At the same time, they were sweaty.

Looking back on her life, Ally almost despaired—as always, that Saint was there. But thanks to the sour smell coming from Maximilian, her hazy consciousness suddenly became clear.

At the very least, she was grateful that it wasn’t a fruity and floral fragrance, like that of the Maximilian in her previous nine lives. With such an elegant and clean scent, her consciousness would have become muddy for sure.

“I’m fine, Your Highness. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your help. For me, there’s no other place where I can feel more at ease other than in Your Highness’ arms.”

Gratitude overflowed from the bottom of her heart, and Ally expressed her genuine feelings.

That smoky, spicy, stinking smell of a man’s odor, which made someone want to writhe, was the best drug for Ally. After all, that smell would certainly not remind Ally of the former Maximilian or her past lives. Instead, it put her in a rough mood—“—I’m going to punch Mia!!!”

She was very grateful, there was no way she couldn’t take advantage of that.

“A, A, A, Ally is surprisingly bold…!!!”

Ally was hugged by his overly thick arms. Maximilian’s breathing became about three times rougher.

“But, your expression is still dark. You must be worried about your little brother who’s been admitted to the castle’s clinic. It’s okay, let me check on him right away, I’ll take all the necessary steps as soon as possible.”

The four muscle devas nodded powerfully, as if motivated by the crown prince’s crisp voice.

“Healer, have you ever experienced any similar cases in the past? Do you think it’s a personal issue?”

“No, I highly doubt that. I think this is the first time this kind of thing has ever happened in the healer world. I’m a high-ranking healer, so if I can’t do it, I doubt anyone else can…”

“I see. I want you to return to the National Clinic and uncover out the reason. Don’t alarm the patients, and don’t allow the other kingdoms any opportunity to learn about this matter. First of all, gather your trusted companions and act calmly.”

“I, I understand!”

The healer, whose cheeks were flushed, replied, then turned on his heels. Maximilian’s line of sight was directed at the four muscle devas.

“Everyone, consume the spirit candies immediately! From here, quickly but without causing any hassle, noise, or disturbance; investigate how far has the healing magic impediment spread. Do you understand?”


“Geoffrey and Stephen, go check the current situation at the center of the royal palace and observe Saint Mia. Martin and Chris, go check the private clinic. As soon as you find something new, use wind magic to make immediate contact. If this incident is only happening in this kingdom, we should consider summoning a healer from abroad.”

Maximilian frowned. Ally was still within his embrace and was unable to add anything. She had no choice but to look at Maximilian’s face from below as he gave out instructions.

“Just in case, my uncle may need to open the royal medicine store to the public. Let’s also procure medicine from pharmacists.”

“It can’t be helped. Be prepared to move at any time.”

For both the general public and aristocrats, the first choice for medical care was to see an ordinary doctor. There were few healers who could freely use recovery magic—however, the more severe the illness, the higher the price. Not to mention, the number of healers could be counted by hand.

However, there were also folk remedy level healers and the Angels of Light those people could summon were of standard level. Their prices were also cheaper, but in the countryside where most couldn’t benefit from the latest medical care, they’d be revered as shaman.

A little while ago, Mia, the Saint, released a healing magic in the room where all magic was supposed to be sealed. But that incident occurred in the National Hospital, Orlandia’s largest medical facility. All of the healers were elite, so not only they could use healing magic, they also had qualifications as doctor.

Yes, it’s easy to forget due to the muscle festival, but ordinary healers don’t have enough physical strength to use powerful magic. The more difficult the disease, the more the magical power required…

Suffice to say, there existed three type of treatments—general medical care provided by an ordinary doctor, medical treatment mixed with a bit of healing magic, and medical treatment that consisted solely of healing magic.

One’s choice depended on the patient’s wallet. Healers were relentlessly incurring high treatment costs from aristocrats, and there were also many illnesses which couldn’t be cured even with healing magic because of the advance borrowing of health.

Maximilian, whom was feverish, had said something about the magic of the saint causing a terrible disparity—it was probably kind of true.

Ally decided to become a royal palace maid to cure Jean. She had borrowed three years’ worth of salary in advance. She was lucky she had a place to work, of course, she had to break a sweat.

If a super-powerful healing magic was thrown just like that by Saint Mia, with a face saying, “I don’t need money.” As one who stood on the top, she’d be in trouble—she should be in trouble.

The king who was happy to be cured of his baldness seemed to not think too much about it.

Ally thought about it at a violent rate.

“For Ally’s Apostle of Darkness, I have one request. Before returning to the Demon World, please take Ally to her little brother using teleportation.”

The 5-Bels were no longer there, and only Abel remained in the air. He was in the form of a dark spot—and the dark spot itself was about to vanish. Perhaps Abel was about to thrust his face into the Demon World to investigate the situation.

“I’ll give you this instead. It’s a magic stone bearing teleportation magic. It’s unheard-of for this to get into the hands of humans, but if it’s you, it’s alright. Please use it as you like.”

Abel stretched his hand out of the semi-black dot, and a black shining stone was dropped on Ally’s palm.

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