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29. Birthday

Ever since that day, Cecily became fond of me.

“Hey, big sister, won’t you make that hamburger steak for me again?”

While saying that, Cecily-chan was still clinging to me.

“I’m sorry, but no can do, Cecily-chan. If you eat such a thing now, you won’t be able to eat dinner. Please be patient until then.”

“Hmm… but I’m hungry…”

Cecily-chan puffed her cheeks.

…How cute.

But I couldn’t spoil her too much, otherwise, Cecily-chan would grow into a bad adult.

I had to guide Cecily-chan in the right direction!

Our relationship as of the time was akin to sisters.

“I want you to serve that hamburger steak at my big brother’s birthday party.”

“Birthday party?”

What was that?

I’ve never heard of such a thing…

By the way, Cecily-chan’s older brother was Nigel who was also the first prince.

“Soon, it’ll be big brother’s birthday party. A gorgeous party is going to be held on that day. Big brother’s parties are always beautiful, and there’s going to be a lot of delicious food.”

What’s that? Sounds like fun?

Other than that, Nigel’s birthday?

“Cecily-chan, when’s big bro—I mean, Nigel’s birthday?”

“Hmm, two weeks from now.”

Two weeks!? That was soon!!

I didn’t know that.

Why wouldn’t Nigel tell me about his birthday when it was that soon?!

Well, he probably didn’t want to spell it out because it would have made him sound like he was begging for a present…

That’s it!

“It might be a good idea to prepare a present for Nigel!”

Or rather, I should.

Birthdays only happened once a year to someone. It was a special day—the day that person was born.

Nigel was the prince of a kingdom.

Of course, a grand party would be held and there’d be lots of eye-catching gifts…

…I wanted to secretly join and sneak my gift in…

“Cecily-chan, thank you for sharing such important information with me.”

“You’re welcome.”

When I bowed my head, Cecily-chan laughed happily—was it something I said?

“Now that you know about it, what will you prepare as a gift?”

I wonder about that, too.

I wanted Nigel to be happy by what I gave him.

“Do you perhaps know anything that Nigel might want?”

When asked that, Cecily put her hand on her mouth and pondered. “Hmm.”

“My bBig Bbrother rarely wants anything, he also doesn’t care about anything luxurious. It’s hard for Cecily to say…”

“He’s such a good person…”

Or rather, from the standpoint of a prince, he’d probably get whatever he wanted, whenever he felt like it.

Well, not indulging in such desires was one of Nigel’s good traits.

However, in this case, said good trait of Nigel was troubling for me.

What should I give him, then…?

When I was worried, Cecily-chan suddenly said, “Oh!”

“He likes sweets. If you want to give him a present, maybe you can give him sweets.”


At that moment, it was as if my eyes had shone.

“For him to enjoy sweets, who would’ve thought that Nigel has such a cute side to him, too.”

“That’s right, mom used to make cookies and so on for us. Cecily loves sweets, too!”

By the way, Nigel’s mother… His Majesty’s wife seemed to have passed when they were young. The cause was apparently of illness.

Cecily-chan was too young to remember about the details.

“I see… well, that’s enough information. Thank you very much, Cecily-chan.”

“Again, you’re welcome~”

Cecily grinned.

Because of their late mother, they grew to love sweets…

I had decided. I shall give Nigel homemade cookies as a birthday’s present.

If such was the case, it wouldn’t be considered heavy. Nigel shouldn’t feel pressured upon receiving such a gift.

“Now that I’ve decided, time to think about what to prepare.”

Fortunately, I was granted permission to use the kitchen the other day.

Let’s cook the cookies secretly so Nigel wouldn’t know about them. It was supposed to be a surprise, anyway.

“Let’s prepare the ingredients.”

If I went to the city, I should be able to procure the ingredients.

After a long time, I finally was able to go shopping—I was excited.

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