Because I had too Much Strength, I became an Adventurer’s Bag Carrier Translation

1.3 Because I had too Much Strength, I became an Adventurer’s Bag Carrier

“Our next destination is far off the highway, expect more camping.”

“Oh, I see.”

“The number of monsters will also increase along the way, and luggage is considered a hindrance during battles.”

“That’s true.”

“You saved us from the trouble of unloading every time we fought—you’re a great help.”

“I, is that so?”

“You’re truly strong! It’s amazing!”


I unexpectedly joined the hero party.

In addition to the hero, there was also a saint, a swordswoman, and a mage in the party.

By the way, except for the hero, all of the other members were beautiful women.

I see, this is a rumored harem party.

The saint was a pure, beautiful girl, who incited anyone’s desire to protect her.

The swordswoman, whose body was so beautiful, made any man want to embrace her.

The mage was a bewitchingly attractive woman who could cause any man to fall for her with a mere smile.

I had heard rumors about harem parties, but I was sure it’d be difficult to form a harem party made of such high-grade women.

As expected of the hero!

It seemed that not just during the day, the hero was also ‘active’ during the night.

I thought most people would agree that it was a ridiculously healthy party.

Initially, I thought I was involved in something outrageous, but over time, I realized it wasn’t so.

The hero indeed played an active role, but not in the way I previously suspected. He caused everyone in the party to be overjoyed and excited—and that was the extent of it.

“Hero is so cool!” “Hero! Look over here!”

Whenever I was excited, I would always say such phrases. In turn, the hero would always show an uncomfortable expression.

Of course, all of us fought seriously when required. Moreover, they were also kind to me who joined just recently.

There wasn’t even the slightest fragment of a love-hate drama which was often found in harem parties. There weren’t even sparks of jealousy.

Even if carrying their bags was my sole responsibility, I wasn’t treated like a slave (some people often misunderstood the role of bag-carriers). They treated me like a friend.

Everyone properly ensured my safety during battle and I never forgot to thank them.

Forgive me for labeling it as a harem party at first.

It was a hero party in the truest sense of words.

Therefore, it was only natural for me to cherish that party.

I got closer to the saint and we became the closest of friends. The swordswoman was always firm and cool, she always cared for me whom wasn’t used to traveling. The mage patiently taught me various things so that even I, who had no formal education, could properly understand.

The hero was always so kind. He was always gentle, and brilliant—like a prince. Even though I was merely a country girl, he treated me like a lady. I was very happy because due to my extraordinary strength, I was rarely treated like a girl. When I found out that he was actually a prince, I collapsed on spot again.

I gradually became accustomed to that gentle party, and when I realized it, I was always cheering on the hero alongside everyone.

However, since the hero was a prince and I was but a country girl, our difference in status was huge. Hence why, I never thought about him further. As I cheered him on, I just thought about him as an idol while I was one of his fans. It was a lot of fun cheering on such a cool guy with friends—it felt rather entertaining.

Since the hero was kind, whenever I cheered him on, he wouldn’t ignore it and smiled back at me.

“Hero! You’re so cool! So brave!”

When I said that, he’d raise his hand and respond with a slight smile.

Once, I got lost in the momentum and said, “Hero! You’re so awesome! Hold me?” and the hero turned bright red.

Later, the party members reprimanded me, saying that it was too early for the hero.

…It seemed that I was too vulgar. I shall reflect properly…

Our journey continued, and three years passed in no time.

The hero party finally defeated the demon king and triumphantly returned to the royal capital. In other words, my job was finished.

I was invited to participate in the victory celebration, and I was helped into a high-class dress which seemed to be part of the fee. I stood at the corner of the venue.

The award ceremony for the brave men who subjugated the demon king would soon begin.

The hero party told me to participate in the award ceremony together, but I refused. It was the hero party who defeated the demon king—while I, I was merely carrying their bags…

Just for carrying their bags, receiving an award felt too much. Just the mere acknowledgement that I was a professional bag-carrier would suffice.

Thinking that it was the end of the hero party, I felt deeply moved.

When the celebration was over, I would soon return to my usual bag-carrying days.

The hero, the saint, the swordswoman, and the mage were then awarded by the king with trophies.

Giving them a heartfelt applause, I was filled with joy, recalling the wonderful experiences I had.

Before I knew it, I was already over 20—I was considered too old to get married. But if I had stayed in my village and gotten married at that time, I wouldn’t have had such an experience.

People may say I was wasting my time. They might be laughing at a fool who missed her chance to get married.

But I regretted nothing.

The days I spent laughing with my friends, the days of risking our lives doing our best, the happiness of being able to truly trust someone—

—Truly, I was glad that I left my village back then.

Just being able to burn that scene in my mind was already enough.

Beautifully polished shoes were reflected in my eyes, which were turning hazy for tears were brimming.

“—Milady, would you please dance with me?”


Towards such a familiar voice, I lifted my face. Before me was a beautiful man I was familiar with.

“Huh? What?”

“The mage taught you how to dance, didn’t she?”

Certainly, the mage had taught me how to dance. The mage also taught me aristocratic manners. Thanks to that, I didn’t embarrass myself in that place which was filled with aristocrats.

Eh? But why am I the one being asked to a dance?

Why was the saint encouraging me?

Why was the swordswoman nodding to me?

Mage, don’t raise your thumbs with satisfaction!

My gaze was flickering while my head felt light.

Was this a dream? It must be!

The saint, the swordswoman, the mage—all of them were more suitable to dance with the hero!

The dance ended before I knew it.

Before I knew it, I had been escorted to the balcony.

With the mesmerizing, starry, night sky as a backdrop, the man whom was perhaps the best in the world held my hands.

“I love you. I want you to stay with me forever.”


***T/N: …It sounds like harem party is a norm in Narisa’s world… Being inside an actual harem party sounds awkward af…

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