Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

13. Y0uTube-sama, Thank You!

The gigantic violet warrior advances on me with incredible vigor.  It’s extremely terrifying.

Hoo! Owaa! Yoisho!”

A downward swing, a horizontal cut, and it ends. I avoid the techniques from the warrior’s odachi by paper thin margins.

“I see, so you also have an understanding of classical martial arts.”
Ahh, I picked it up watching others.”

I just barely got by. This is way too merciless! Will this really be okay with a substitution tag?
…I’m getting worried.

That slash just now was seriously dangerous.

Even though this is a shikigami, its swordsmanship is first class. No, considering it has the strength and physique to swing 2 odachi, it’s beyond first class.

The reason I can avoid slashes from such a monster is all thanks to the popular video site, Y0uTube-sama.  In the 2 days following my decision to participate in this match, I watched every martial arts video I could find. As a result, I can predict its attacks from their preparations, nimbly avoid them with proper footwork, and do something as difficult as skirt around my opponent’s attacks all at a very high level.
Kami-sama, Y0uTube-sama, thank you!

Just like that, I continue evading the slashes. My opponent, perhaps realizing it’s useless, stops his attack.

Now’s my chance. I’ll get some distance from the warrior and create my own shikigami, too.

“Calligraphy paper, calligraphy… that hurts!”

I dodged on instinct, but I wasn’t able to avoid it. My sleeve starting from my left shoulder is gone. I check my arm in a fluster, but it isn’t broken.
Substitution tag, I’m sorry for ever doubting you.

“Still, what happened?”

I’m positive I was cut, but I’m outside the warrior’s range. Its blades are just a bit over 1 meter in length. Even if it were to lean forward and stretch its arms, it shouldn’t be able to reach 3 meters. Furthermore, in anticipation to being attacking, I took a distance of 5 meters… No way, did he fling the slash?

Fumu, fumu, did you cover the blade in spiritual power and then send it flying with a slash? I get the feeling it’s strength will weaken in proportion to the distance though.”

The learning ability kami-sama gave me is amazing. My understanding of the technique was a bit delayed due to not properly seeing it, but I was still able to somewhat pick it up after it had been performed. Looks like I was able to learn it.

That said, I’m still in a pinch. Regardless of how much the strength drops, the warrior has enough strength to send a slash flying from one end of the battlefield to the other and with plenty of power inside of it.

Uou! Again… Calligraphy paper! Brush pen!”

Another slash flies towards me. However, its aim seems to have been towards the calligraphy paper and brush pen. Does he plan to not let me use any techniques?  Also, my hand is sticky from all the ink.

“I still have spare brush pens and calligraphy paper, but…”

If this keeps up, I won’t have any time to call out a shikigami. I’m going to have to find a different way to fight back.


I realize that sounds of battle are coming from the other side of the flame wall. Perhaps… there! I might be able to use that technique!

“Looks like you had an idea. Regardless, I will not allow you any leeway to draw a technique on calligraphy paper.”
“No, I’ll make you give me time to draw!”

Kousuke and Mitsurugi continue their offense and defense.

—The Diamond of Greed uses its money to fund various research programs that can save humanity, but hordes all the results—

“Perforate, maintain that wall.”

Perforate pours its spiritual power into the flame wall at Kien’s command.

“That’s, Kien’s oni…”
“Calm down, I’m using Perforate to maintain the wall. Your opponent is only gonna be me.”

Kien responds to Uruka’s words.

“I-I’m here too! Kien!”
Ah—, that’s right. For the time being, family head-sama should move back.”

“U-understood. Give me a call if it gets dangerous and I’ll assist you!”
“Yeah, yeah.”

Kien turns back to the Mizukami sisters after haphazardly dealing with his master.
“I’ve kept you waiting, so now without delay, [Scatter Flame Bullets]!”
“Dine, please! [Wall]!”

The water wall called by Uruna defends against the approaching flame buckshot.

“Isn’t that a western [Spirit Art]? That blue ball flying around you, is that thing your spirit?”
“She’s1 not a spirit, she’s a fairy!”

Uruna answers Kien’s question while correcting him.
Mizukami Uruna is a spiritualist. She uses spirit arts by utilizing the water fairy [Dine] as a medium.

“Well, I don’t care if its a spirit or fairy. I wanted to defeat you two quickly and move on to that masked bastard, but your art looks pretty interesting. Entertain me the best you can!”
“An opening! Dine, [Lance]!”

An enormous lance of water generates in midair and launches towards Kien.
Spirit art has its weaknesses but allows for powerful arts to be used for less spiritual power in return.

“[Scatter Flame Bullets]!!”

The water lance is intercepted by Kien’s flame buckshot.

Spirit art attacks are very powerful. Furthermore, water is superior to fire in terms of compatibility. Usually, for a flame of that level to provide proper defense would be impossible——

“That art of yours, it’s alright.”
“No way…”

——Standing there unharmed is Kien.

Cheers echo from the audience.

The reason the water lance didn’t reach Kien despite its advantage was due to the overwhelming difference in their levels of experience. Despite that being Kien’s first time seeing the art, he discovered a flaw in the lance’s construction and concentrated on it. Furthermore, he himself didn’t need to actively think out the process. Instead, the intuition built from his experiences let him preform the feat spontaneously.

“Uruna, you did well. Next is my turn.”
Uruka pulls out a talisman while clasping the shoulder of her depressed imouto.

“Water, spear, attack, [Water Spear Volley]!”

Just like with Uruna, a water spear takes shape.  This time, 3 appear and launch towards Kien. Each of them, however, is smaller than the lance created by Uruna.

“Hey, hey, you looking down on me?”

Just like before, flame buckshots intercept the 3 spears.

Ah? Guah!”

Hinoyama, standing far behind Kien, noticed something strange and shouted out, but is too late. A pair of spears stab into Kien from behind.

T/N: Things are getting thrilling here~

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  1. Doesn’t actually specify gender.