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26. Nigel’s Little Sister is Very Cute

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One morning.

I was giving the Fenrir, Ralph, breakfast.

“I’m going to throw it—catch!”


As he chased the ‘piece of the golden tree’—I meant, katsuobushi, Ralph woofed like a dog.

“Is it delicious?”

“It is! It’s just a piece of wood, and yet, how can it be so delicious!?”

It wasn’t a piece of food, it was katsuobushi.


Ralph-chan was chewing the katsuobushi gloriously. I hoped he’d return to his full health soon.

While looking at Ralph, I gently stroked his body.

When I said that I wanted to get along with Ralph-chan more, the task to give Ralph-chan breakfast suddenly fell onto my hands.

To be honest, I had a lot of free time.

If I didn’t do that much, I’d become lazy.

…Well, to be honest, I just wanted to pet Ralph-chan.

I enjoyed playing with Ralph-chan a lot.

“Ah—! She’s touching Ralph—!”

Suddenly, I heard the voice of a little girl.

“Cecily wants to touch him, too!”

When I turned around, a little girl about 6-years-old ran towards us.

“Who are you?”

“Cecily is Cecily! Big Sister, to be able to touch Ralph, that’s cheating!”

The girl, Cecily, said so, and tried to stroke Ralph.



Ralph escaped from Cecily’s grasp and distanced himself.

To take such an attitude towards such a small child…


I raised my index finger and pointed it at Ralph.

However, Ralph kept being dismayed.

“Mu… I don’t like Cecily. I used to let her touch me, but the way she touches me hurts.”

Well… as if children could do anything about that.

However, it was also quite pitiful. For a high-ranking creature such as Ralph to be put off to such an extent…


“What is it, Big Sister?”

Cecily-chan looked a bit dejected after Ralph-chan avoided her—that was only natural.

When I looked at her face again, I noticed the beauty of her skin.

She had bright and soft skin.

As a woman, I felt jealous.

“Cecily-chan, why are you here?

“Hmm? It’s not that strange, after all, this is Cecily’s house!”

Cecily spread her arms.

…Cecily’s house…

Could it be, this girl…

“Hey, Eliane. What an early riser you are.”

As I pondered, Nigel also appeared in the courtyard.

“Nigel, the same goes for you.”

“It’s necessary for I have many duties to finish. It has already become a habit at this point.”

Nigel smiled bitterly.

Then, he turned to Cecily-chan.

“Cecily woke up early too, huh?”


“Even though you used to oversleep all the time.”

“I mustn’t lose to big Brother! Cecily will do her best to wake up early!”

“…You said the same thing three days ago.”

Nigel spoke to Cecily in a friendly manner.

Cecily also seemed fond of Nigel. She loved getting her head patted by him.

“Nigel, could it be, this child…”

“Hmm? Right, I haven’t introduced you to her, yet. This is Cecily, my little sister.”

As I thought—!

I already felt an inkling!

“If she’s Nigel’s sister…”

“Indeed. She’s the first princess of this kingdom.”

As I thought—!

That’s just obvious—!

Otherwise, such a tiny child wouldn’t have been able to roam so freely around the royal castle.

“I’m Cecily, the princess. What about you, Big Sister?”

“I’m Eliane, for the time being, I’m staying in this castle.”

“I see, Eliane, you smell good! Next to Big Brother, you’re the person I like the most!”

Then, Cecily jumped onto my chest.

Such an innocent child… it could be said she had no wariness about me.

When I glanced at Nigel, he looked slightly embarrassed.

It couldn’t be helped.

Because the first princess was hugging a stranger.

I thought she was fortunate since it was me. If it had been a weird person, it would have led to a big incident.

“So, Nigel has a little sister…”

“Didn’t I tell you before?”

“You didn’t!”

“Sorry about that.”

Just like His Majesty the King, his son was also brief with his explanations.

Cecily-chan didn’t seem to be that similar to Nigel. The king was apparently in good health…

…Well, since he was the king, it wouldn’t be strange for him to have many children.

Since Cecily was the first princess, was she born from his wife?

No, no, no.

Don’t get too carried away, me!

It had nothing to do with me. It’d be bad if I snooped around too much.

“Cecily-chan is such a cute girl, isn’t she?”

“Yes, I’m proud of her, it’s just…”


Seeing Nigel tensing up, I attentively listened to him.

“Something troublesome happened. Abby even told me to do something about it.”

Nigel shrugged.

For a maid to be able to say such thing to the prince, it was clear that they had bond of trust with each other.

“What is the problem?”

“Even if I told Eliane, it won’t lead to anything, but…”

After Nigel told me everything, Cecily was baffled for she didn’t understand a thing.

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