I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

50. Fifth Go! (5)

But, the problem is… the grandma spirits…

The Angels of Light (probably) above Saint Mia were emitting a dazzling radiance.

Then, rays flew, targeting the grandmas whom were protecting Maximilian. The ancient spirits of the four elements flew around endlessly, but hesitated in the end—

—that was when one of the five Apostles of Darkness, Ibel, deflected the rays thrown by the angels, saying, “Aren’t you worried that the grandmas might overdo themselves!?”

Ibel had jet-black hair which reminded her of the darkness of the night, red eyes akin to dripping blood, and looked even more demonic than Abel.

While the familiars were fighting gallantly at the risk of their Masters, the waltz between Maximilian and Saint Mia reached the final phase.

Mia’s impatience grew tremendous. She was blinking, blinking, blinking—spamming the fascination spell endlessly.

“Apparently, just training your muscles doesn’t exactly mean you’ll be immune to magic. Muscle don’t invalidate or eliminate the magic, more like they ‘bounce’ it. As of now, the fascination magic the Angel of Light has been desperately trying to push through is being intercepted by both Ibel and Maximilian’s muscles. Ibel’s disturbance skews the magic’s trajectory and helpsing Maximilian’s muscles bounce it off.”

“To basically bounce off magic, isn’t the muscle’s superiority just ridiculous?”

Ally clutched her chest as she listened to the conversation between Abel and Takkun.

Not good! Not good! The grandmas are getting weaker!

Maximilian’s dignified expression became slightly pale. In contrast, Mia’s cheeks remained rosy while her eyes shone brighter.

People who looked at Saint Mia swooned, “Fairy…” they muttered.

Despite originating from a different world, her movements were perfect. If it was truly a storyline, then that Saint Mia had been given unprecedented advantage.

Eventually, the music ended, and the once dancing couples also stopped.

Even when he spun Mia around, Maximilian kept a modest distance from her.

Saint Mia’s direct onslaught of fascination spells finally ended. The grandmas were slumped on the floor while Ibel gently scooped them up.

“The Apostle of Darkness seemed angelic for a moment there…”

“Because the Apostle of Darkness—or basically, me, their Demon King, is merciful. I’m sure they inherited it from their boss. But that woman, Mia, she’s completely unaware that there was an ultimate magical battle above her head. Although her magical power is terribly strong, it seems that she has no respect for her familiars. Those Shits of Light, they sure are in luck…”

“Her looks are stunning alright, but the nature of that girl… nothing about it is sacred. I don’t understand the feelings of those Shitty Lights at all…”

Because of Abel’s—or basically me, their master’s—influence, Takkun had started spewing curse words, too.

While Ally felt guilty, Mia seemed frustrated.

Apparently, the reason was because the crown prince refused to press his lips against the back of her hand. Thus, she turned to the throne for help.

The equally shitty king and queen sat there, before standing up.

“That was amazing, Maximilian, Saint Mia!”

“Yes, yes indeed. The two of you were like a prince and princess from a fairytale! How lucky we are to have a saint in our kingdom!”

Even though the king seemed a little thin until a while ago, now, along with his miraculous hair growth, the king had become plumper.

The queen had her wrinkles vanished without a trace, even though until recently, she had painstakingly tried all sorts of beauty methods from East to West.

Then, the gurus of the religious organization—the Rulithia Sect and other aristocrats gathered around Saint Mia.

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