Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

15. A Talk with the Dragon

  • This chapter is from the perspective of the Knight Leader, whom remained in the kingdom

“Kuh…! So it has come to this…!”

A dragon had appeared above the royal capital—the moment the Knight Leader, Klaus, heard the news, such was his response.

“This happened because he exiled the Saint…”

That spoiled brat, what could he be thinking!?

The Saint, Eliane, had put up a barrier to ward off evil.

Thanks to that, the kingdom had continued to prosper.

Originally, that kingdom was surrounded by dungeons, and recently, a dragon’s nest had been sighted in the vicinity.

Despite living in such a location, everyone had enjoyed peace until then all because of the Saint.

“Even so, that prince…!”

He wanted to curse—however, there was no point in blaming him, now.

He could blame Claude all he wanted, but Eliane wouldn’t return.

It became clear how much they had depended on the Saint.

Klaus slapped his cheeks and regained his spirit.

“Knight Leader! There’s something odd about the appearance of the dragon!”

A subordinate approached him.


“Yes, it’s as if he wants to say something to us…”

Upon hearing the report of his subordinate, Klaus widened his eyes.

“…I shall go. Even if it turns into a battle, at least there’d be only one casualty…”

“But, Knight Leader, heading there alone, that’s just outrageous!”

“I’ll be fine. Dragon are an intelligent race. If I negotiate, he might think that fighting the kingdom now isn’t a good idea…”

…In all actuality, that was a fleeting hope.

If the dragon was serious, the kingdom would be completely eradicated. Not only that, a lot of people would die.

That was why he had no choice but take the path of negotiation rather than combat.

“Not to mention, if I bring along several subordinates, I might fail to convince the dragon that we bear no harm. Therefore, I need to go alone.”

“B, but, it’s just too dangerous!”

“I’ve devoted my life to the kingdom and the King. In a way, I’m risking myself for the kingdom’s safety.”

He shrugged his shoulders.

That was why, even when he heard Eliane was leaving, he chose to remain there.

“Still… if the negotiation fails, send a signal. We shall then send reinforcements!”


After seeing his men salute him, Klaus went to the castle’s roof.

In the capital, that was the highest place.

“So that’s a dragon…!”

The dragon was flying in the sky.

His body was tremendously huge, it completely covered the sky.

“O, Dragon! What are you trying to convey!?”

Klaus beckoned towards the dragon.


The dragon’s eyes spotted Klaus.

Even one of its eyes was larger than Klaus’ body.

A feeling of intimidation burned through Klaus’ skin. He wanted to flee right then and there.

However, despite his trembling feet, he kept his posture and never once looked away from the dragon.

“Are you the representative of the people… I see, I feel the aura of a strong man, something unusual for a human being. You’re therefore eligible to speak with me.”

It was as if the dragon spoke directly into his head—Klaus experienced such strange sensation.

It was said that intelligent dragons could converse through the mind.

It’s my first time talking to a dragon…

He mustn’t show any sign of timidness.

“I only have one question—where did the Saint go?”

Upon being asked so, Klaus didn’t comprehend the question at first.

Should I lie?

Since he was a dragon, he should know that it was the work of the Saint who erected the barrier around the kingdom. It wasn’t strange for him to know.

However, honestly answering, ‘the Saint has been exiled from the kingdom,’ was straight up foolish.

Despite so, Klaus couldn’t discover any opportunities to launch an attack, either.

At the same time, there was also a high chance his lie would be found out.

If it was revealed he was lying, there was no guarantee the dragon wouldn’t harm him.

“T, the Saint…”

Klaus desperately squeezed the words out.

“The Saint is gone.”

“Gone… as in?”

The eyes of the dragon turned sharp.

“When I saw that the barrier of this kingdom has disappeared, I became concerned… but, the Saint is gone? Do you know what exactly that means?


“It seems that you’re well aware of the situation.”

The dragon let out a sigh.

“The Saint is my benefactor. I live alone in my nest, and we used to converse through telepathy. I heard that she was being mistreated by the people of her own kingdom…”

The dragon continued as if he had realized something.

“For the Saint to just disappear like this, this kingdom’s over, I’m sure. But she’s a gentle saint, it’s unlike her—

—therefore, I come to conclude that someone has driven her out of the kingdom. Like this, the reason for her disappearance is understandable.”

“T, that’s…”

He wanted to argue immediately.

But he couldn’t.

Through the words of Klaus alone, the dragon had already guessed Saint Eliane’s predicament.

It was useless for Klaus to lie now for he’d surely get found out.

“Are you Klaus, the Knight Leader whom Saint once told me about?”

“Y, yes! That’s me, Klaus!”

“Hoo, I see, from what I’ve heard from the Saint, not only are you very handsome, you’re also very kind.”

‘Very handsome’?

What had the Saint been telling the dragon?

“Rest assured, in the first place, I only came to observe the situation. I have no intention of destroying this kingdom.”

“Is that true?!”

Klaus was relieved.

It appeared that the dragon hadn’t intended to attack them.

Then, this might work…

But, to Klaus, who thought so—

“—However, the people who’ve banished the Saint must be punished! Klaus, those who’ve oppressed the Saint, those imbeciles who have exiled the Saint… tell me their names!”

The dragon roared.


Klaus unconsciously retreated back.

It’s Prince Claude… but I mustn’t tell, for I am the sword and the shield which protect the king and the prince… but, telling a lie to this dragon, that’s…

He was trying to come up with something at high speed.


But the dragon was quicker.

“The one who oppressed the Saint, is it Claude?”


“As a knight leader, you’ve performed your duty as the shield and the sword of the king well. No matter how much I stared at you, Klaus, you didn’t buckle.”

Then, the dragon flew away.

“It, it’s leaving?”


Although the dragon could no longer be seen, his presence could still be felt. The dragon should still be in the capital.

“So, it turns out he can read mind… as I thought, lying was a bad idea to lie.”

Before Klaus noticed, he had already crumbled onto the floor, losing all his strength.


In the castle.

Umu, it has been a while since I assumed the form of a human. As I thought, it’s still difficult to move. Alright, shall I begin the punishment?”

A dragon, assuming the form of a man around 20 years of age, was invading the castle.

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