Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

32. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (5)

Looking at Tistye who smiled with happiness, Gaizel narrowed his eyes. Placing the empty basket on the table, he lifted Tistye up while still seated on the sofa.

Her body suddenly floating, Tistye, who became unstable, hurriedly grasped Gaizel’s chest.

“Then, shall we do it?”

“Y-Your Majesty!? Umm—”

“—It’s Gaizel.”

Gaizel reminded her in an amused tone. They then moved to the bed waiting in the center of the room. Gaizel gently put Tistye on the sheet before opening his own jacket and throwing it off the bed.

Wearing a shirt, he sat down next to the nervous Tistye.

B, but, my heart’s preparation…!

The violent creaking of the bed caused her to feel embarrassed—she wanted to block the noise from reaching her ears. Tistye waited for Gaizel’s move.

Gaizel gently held Tistye and fondly combed her silver hair with his fingers.


Then, Gaizel firmly embraced Tistye’s body, leaning towards her shoulder. His soft black hair tickled Tistye’s clavicle. Her voice suddenly spilled.

She suddenly felt that she was being pressed to the sheet. The weight of Gaizel’s sturdy body began to hang on Tistye. His warmth was transmitted through the shirt—it felt so hot, Tistye could no longer hide her shock.

From here, what should I do…!?

Tistye was very nervous, however, no matter how long she waited, his next move didn’t come.

Gaizel had stopped moving. Tistye peered into his face, wondering what had happened.

Gaizel’s long eyelashes had long closed. While embracing Tistye, his breath was quiet.

Could it be, he has fallen asleep!?

After a while, she tried to sit. But instead of getting up, she also felt drowsier.

Desperately creating a gap, Tistye managed to get out of his arms. Then, she reached for his hair.

Although his hair gave the impression of a cold person, it was surprisingly silky to the touch. It comforted her. Tistye smiled as she watched Gaizel’s sleeping face.

As I thought, he’s exhausted…

Apparently, his fatigue and exhaustion won over his desire.

She was sure he worked even harder than usual to return home today.

Tistye caressed Gaizel’s head. If he were awake, it’d prove impossible for her to do so—but as of that moment, she managed to find the courage.

Somehow, he looks cute…

Although relieved, at the same time Tistye experienced emotional turmoil. So that Gaizel could rest peacefully, she wanted to completely escape from his embrace.

However, no matter what she did, Gaizel, whom should had been sleeping, had no sign of weakening at all.

Tistye gradually grew anxious.

Could it be… again!?

Tistye who knew how powerful he was even when asleep knew resistance was futile.

“Good night, Lord Gaizel…”

Tistye caressed Gaizel’s hair several times as if she was soothing an elegant black panther.

Eventually, she closed her eyes while holding him close to her head.

Waking up the next morning, Tistye was within Gaizel’s arm.

Before she knew it, a fluffy blanket had been draped over her shoulders. It felt much warmer than sleeping alone. Tistye tried to wake up from her dreaming state, but was frozen solid at the sight which greeted her.

…H, His Majesty’s face is so close!

She didn’t really mind it the previous night because his back was facing her. However, as of the moment, she was firmly facing Gaizel.

She wondered as to when he changed position and felt a little suspicious. She gradually distanced herself a little.

Then, perhaps noticing Tistye’s movement, Gaizel’s eyes fluttered open.

She caught a glimpse of his beautiful navy metallic blue eyes.


“Lord Gaizel…”

When Tistye looked up, Gaizel suddenly opened his mouth. However, instead of releasing her, he put more strength into his arms and drew her even closer.

Gaizel gladly put his lips on her silver hair. Tistye, whose face had been brought close to his chest for some time, couldn’t grasp what was happening.

Our bodies… are touching…

Even though layers of shirts separated their bodies, his neckline was wide open—his bare skin was too much for her eyes!

While Tistye was overwhelmed by the supple sensation of his muscles, Gaizel finally opened his mouth.


“G, good morning…”


[“Waking up in the morning and the first thing I saw is Tistye… how wonderous…”]

Gaizel suddenly smiled before her very eyes. The voice of his heart too, sounded happy.

Tistye instantly turned red.

Did he notice?

Gaizel suddenly put his hand around Tistye’s neck.

He then slid his fingers between her hair, turning upward.

Before she could do anything, her mouth was blocked.

Tistye hurriedly closed her eyes.

***T/N: I dunno about you guys… but this scene feels like a rehash of that scene back when they were on a trip back to Verscia and were staying in an inn… it also barely adds anything new to their ………””””development””””

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