Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

28. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging

In Verscia, spring only lasted for a short time.

Unlike Lacie, which had a mild climate throughout the year, half of the year, Verscia was enveloped in snow and ice. Therefore, the words of the head of the ceremony was perfectly reasonable.

“Half a year… from now?”

“Yes, otherwise, it would be difficult to navigate amidst the snow.”

The head of the court, who controlled the official events of the kingdom, nodded reluctantly. His eyes were covered with fine, white, eyebrows, as such, his facial expression couldn’t be seen—but, judging from his voice, it seemed that he had a gentle personality.

Suddenly, Gaizel, whom was sitting next to her, said to Tistye, whom was sitting on the sofa and was staring at him.

“Although it has been officially announced, there are various things which will follow afterwards.”

“I, I know that, but for it to be this grand…”

The embarrassed Tistye stared at the frightening Gaizel. With his usual expressionless face, he was scanning the materials.

At a glance, Gaizel seemed disinterested as usual. But for a long time now, Tistye had been listening to the voice of Gaizel’s heart, which betrayed his anticipation, excitement, and joy.

[“Finally, the time has come… we didn’t have a proper ceremony yet… this will be a good opportunity to inform the royalty and aristocrats of other kingdoms… Since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, I want the best outfits and jewelry possible! Well, even without accessories, Tistye is already beautiful as she is! No, that’s not the point, as the face of the nation…”]


I hope it won’t be too flashy…

said wish of her’s might not come true, reflected Tistye.

They had a meeting concerning their wedding.

Tistye and Gaizel were united through a political marriage. In less than a year, they had been living a very amiable newlywed life.

Once, Tistye returned to her homeland after her marriage was supposedly annulled. But, after the misunderstanding was resolved, she returned to Verscia—only for Gaizel to be labelled as a rebel and chased out.

…She was probably the only empress in the world who had to survive Isiris’ frigid winter and had to process the raw meat of a deer.

Because of various internal conflicts in Verscia, their proper wedding ceremony was delayed—

—understanding so, with a tone that was neither regretful or denying, the head of the ceremony said with a muddy tone.

“Originally, it’s supposed to be held during the spring, but, well…”

By the time Tistye left Lacie and arrived in Verscia for the first time, her marriage form had been completed. Afterwards, a wedding ceremony was supposed to be held, which would then be attended by the aristocrats… however, as a result of the aforementioned conflicts, said ceremony had yet to be held.

Of course, it wasn’t like Tistye wasn’t looking forward to have a proper wedding ceremony with Gaizel.

However, as of that day, Gaizel had been busy with reorganizing the new administration and change in his kingdom. There were times when he was so busy, he couldn’t return to the mansion.

Tistye couldn’t help but worry—what if he ends up overworking?

“Is Your Majesty alright? There’s no need for you to overexert yourself…”

“Your concern is needless, for I’m not that weak.”

As Gaizel narrowed his eyes towards her, Tistye swallowed her following words. His tone was like his usual self, but she could feel his kindness—it caused her heart to become warm.

A little later, the voice of his heart accidentally slipped into Tistye.

[“It has already been postponed for half a year… what if the same thing occurs again? Just a mere marriage form makes me anxious… I want her to be quickly recognized as my rightful wife… and, it’s unlikely to happen… but, if Tistye disappears once again due to a misunderstanding, I wouldn’t know what to do…”]

…Recently, I’m hearing the voice of His Majesty’s heart more often?

He was working hard with the remaining predecessors to formulate a new system. Maybe due to the stress and frustration, Gaizel complained a lot in his heart.

After Gaizel finished having his talk, it was Tistye’s turn to ask the chief of the ceremony.

“—Umm, then how about me? What am I supposed to do?”

“I hope you can help me prepare the wedding’s necessities. The most important things would be a tiara and dress.”

“A tiara and dress…”

“Yes, the tiara will be given by His Majesty to Her Majesty during the ceremony, and needless to say, the dress is for the wedding.”

When she looked through the available materials, she learned about the rough outline of the wedding. As expected, there were many steps to be taken when it came to the wedding between an Emperor and an Empress. From the advanced preparations and also the banquet post ceremony—everything was planned very meticulously…

Amongst them, the crowning moment seemed to be the highlight.

A tiara with plenty of luxurious jewels would be raised above the wife, the Empress, by the hands of His Majesty the Emperor.

It symbolized His Majesty the Emperor sharing his dignified radiance to his beloved woman—wishing for each other’s happiness, and also for their children’s happiness down the line.

“As for the dress, we’re carefully choosing a tailor, therefore please wait for a while. Today, we’re discussing the gems to be used for the tiara.”

Then, the head of ceremony placed several sheets of paper in front of Tistye and Gaizel. Apparently, it was a document entailing varying kinds of jewels to be put in the tiara. Each page contained a colored illustration by an artist, and also came with a description regarding its country of origin, carat, hardness, and cleavability.

“As expected, the First Empress should wear something befitting of her status, for she’s the figure of authority in Verscia. The gems we’ve prepared here are all of special quality. Perhaps we could decide the gems using the First Empress’ favorite color and shape as a foundation.”

“O, okay…”

She took one document as she was told.

A pigeon blood ruby was similar to a ripe fruit. The refreshing color of Atlasia Tourmaline, it was as if a clear stream was crystalized as it was. Of course, there was also a document pertaining to the king of gemstones, the diamond—there were many kinds of it; such as the pink diamond and canary diamond.

If she were an ordinary lady, she might have judged based on the sole illustration, or demand for a precious stone no one else had ever use before. But back in her homeland, Tistye was never treated like a lady. Therefore, she had the barest minimum of experience wearing expensive jewelry.

I wonder which would be the best choice… it would be easier for me if the price isn’t too expensive…

But, no matter which one she laid her eyes upon, they were all expensive nonetheless…

Or rather, it could be said that jewels like those wouldn’t be distributed in the general market.

She glanced at Gaizel, looking for assistance. With his elbow resting on the arm of the sofa, he appeared somewhat distant. His gaze was also frosty.

The head of the ceremony who saw him grew terrified, “W, well, in this kind of matter, it would be better if we get a female perspective before deciding…”

Unlike Tistye, who could hear the voice of his heart.

[“Hmm… as I thought, the only gem that is capable of expressing the innocent loveliness of Tistye is the diamond, while the color of Atlasia Tourmaline matched that of Tistye’s eyes… if they are combined together, the tiara would surely become beautiful. Aah—I want to see her wear it. I want to see her wear it!!! Afterwards, maybe I will order for three more of the same tiara to be made… well, what matters most is what Tistye’s wants… but, if Tisyte is the one wearing it, wouldn’t all jewels fall short?”]

Your Majesty… you’re more into this than me…

Not to mention, wasn’t he complimenting her too much?

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