The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

80. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (28)

“Well then, what are you going to do, Lord Hadith?”

Faelis asked calmly, only to be disregarded by Hadith as he lifted Jill up and went to leave the office. Using their gazes, both Camila and Zeke asked Jill what to do, but Jill couldn’t immediately give a response.

Aside from whether or not Faelis can be trusted, it isn’t a bad offer.

If what she said was the truth—that once she reached fourteen-years-old of age, the Goddess would devour her ego, it wasn’t difficult to sympathize with her. The reason Hadith overreacted a little was probably because he and the Goddess just didn’t see eye to eye. On the other hand, properly judging the matter was difficult.

Or is it because I was scared by the unforeseeable change in perspective?

The anxiety clung to her like shadow—Jill immediately shook her head to drive away such thoughts.

Looking behind from Hadith’s arm as he was leaving, Faelis was signaling something to Elynsia who stood up.

The princess, whom was protected by the Goddess of Love, was smiling like a flower—

—as if she was forgiving Hadith who was trying to leave.

It was dreadful, Jill immediately felt a tingling in her sense.

“Your Majesty.”

Immediately after Jill stopped him, the door before Hadith opened.

On reflex, Camila and Zeke raised their weapons and the person who opened the door immediately widened his eyes and raised his hands.

“I’m sorry, I should’ve knocked. It’s time for you to return, Princess Faelis.”


Lawrence narrowed his eyes when she mumbled so.

“Hey, my intuition seems to have been correct after all—if it isn’t Jill Saber.”

“Who could you be?”

“He is my aforementioned servant, Your Majesty Listeard. He was the one who helped bring me here …I see, so it’s already this late, Lawrence?”

Faelis tried to calm Listeard who stood up from his sofa.

But Listeard’s harsh expression continued.

“But at the same time, he’s also the apprentice of the Dragon Knights. So, what could that thing about him being the princess’ servant be about?”

“Through the kindness of Her Majesty Elynsia, I’m allowed to learn about dragons using this method.”

Lawrence replied with a smile and approached the back of Faelis’ wheelchair. Listeard outwardly frowned, but he knew he should refrain from using the word ‘spy’. However, using sideway glance, he criticized Elynsia.

“As of now, I am suspecting you of being ill, Older Sister.”

“Don’t say that. As you may know, The nation of Kratos is searching for Princess Faelis’ whereabouts. By giving him access to the Dragon Knights, it’ll be easier for him to look for spies.”

“Have you finished talking with the Princess?”

Elynsia nodded in confirmation towards Lawrence’s inquiry.

“I think it’s already aplenty. I’m sorry for keeping her.”

“Then I shall escort her to her room—by the way, it seems that an inquiry from the Imperial Army has arrived. They want to determine whether or not you’re protecting the false emperor. They also issued a statement about future fire attacks.”

Elynsia stood up, while Listeard’s complexion changed drastically. Faelis asked with a cloudy face.

“Is that true, Lawrence? But if they keep burning villages down, they will surely get criticized, no?”

Even though Faelis was answering to Lawrence, it felt like she was provoking them.

If it’s true that someone is behind this, if said person disappeared, nothing would be tying down His Majesty’s hands anymore—His Majesty could win, and Georg will lose his footing…

Jill’s fiancé was stolen by her—but that was all in the past.

Hadith, who exuded hatred and rejection from his entire being—only I can convince him.

But would that truly be enough?

“On the other hand, even if I agree—”

“Let’s accept Princess Faelis’ story, Your Majesty.”

Hadith looked at Jill, stunned.

Jill jumped off from his arm and stared at Elynsia.

“Then Your Majesty Elynsia will move the Dragon Knights, right?”

“Y, yes, that’s, …of course.”

“Then, it’s decided. It’s the only way to quickly overcome this situation.”

Elynsia and Listeard’s eyes grew meaningful, perhaps due to the silent Hadith.

However, Jill turned to Faelis and made an affirmation.

“Thank you, Princess Faelis.”

“I should be the one saying that, Lady Jill, thank you very much for your enthusiasm. Lawrence, you heard her, contact our kingdom and prepare an agreement for an urgent engagement—”


Faelis spoke in a very gentle manner, contrasting to that of Hadith, whose tone was full of anger and scorn.

Feeling the pressure of his gaze on her back, Jill turned around.

“You’re going to sell me to this woman? Are you aware that you’re scared of a mere inferior being?”

“Your Majesty, I just said we’re going to accept the Princess’ story, not the engagement.”

The dreadful pressure calmed down, transforming into confusion.

“—so why don’t you tell us the story, then, Princess Faelis? Tell His Majesty the full story.”

Faelis’ round eyes blinked. The princess, who acted natural the entire time, seemed to consider those words foreign.

Only Lawrence, who seemed to see through Jill’s intentions, had a fleeting smile on his lips.

“Do you think merely using the name of Princess Faelis will solve everything?”

“All we have to do is explain the status quo. I, Princess Faelis turned to Elynsia to improve the relation between the two kingdoms. Then, this riot concerning the false emperor broke out. By chance, I met with His Majesty, who happened to be hiding in the Noitral territory. I offered my cooperation due to my concern regarding the ongoing conflict. Isn’t it only natural for one or two political marriage talks to arise?”

Faelis calmly stared at Jill. The eight-years-old was the splitting image of an angel. It was only natural for her to be protected and loved, for she was the descendant of the Goddess.

Despite so, Jill knew there was more to her.

The speed at which Jill’s execution happened, six years in the future, happened due to years of countless treacheries. Yes, treacheries which happened well before Princess Faelis turned fourteen-years-old.

“It’ll end up sounding like a classic story, wouldn’t it? His Majesty and Princess Faelis are attracted to each other, and subsequently get engaged.”

Did you honestly think I’ll let you do whatever you want?

Jill stood in front of Hadith and laughed.

“But I won’t give His Majesty to you, Your Highness Faelis.”

Faelis, staring at Jill, raised the corner of her lips.


“Don’t say that. As you may know, The nation of Kratos is searching for Princess Faelis’ whereabouts. By giving him access to the Dragon Knights, it’ll be easier for him to look for spies.”

What the fuck– 

No, someone, anyone, take that title of territory ruler from her, now.

Yaaaay that lil bitch is trying to get her hand on other’s husband yet again.

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