The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

21.3 The Prince and the Fairy

“Why would you do such a terrifying thing?”

On that day, Jillreid couldn’t help but spat out those words to Fid who looked at him with a mysterious gleam in her eyes.

His violent and foul tone shouldn’t have contained any warmth, but Fid smiled at Jillreid.

“This girl is a sinner, therefore, she’s no longer needed. Because she considered the girl you loved as a hindrance, this girl then joined the royal scheme to essentially eliminate said woman. This girl is the pathetic child who opened the door of the Gilasfi house during the purge. The reason this girl and her grandfather were there was because the servants of this house were supposed to man the door.”

“That… even if that’s true—!”

“This girl was told that if she managed to ease the Gilasfi’s vigilance and reassures them it was only some guests, she could be your fiancée. Thus, she willingly colluded with them.”

“Even if that’s true, she’s but a young girl—! She probably didn’t understand what she was about to do—!”

While Fid wore the skin of the Countess, Jillreid foolishly kept believing so.

In truth, she was a fairy, but she had replaced and subsequently pretended to be a human being.

Because if such wasn’t the case, then she wouldn’t be able to be near Jillreid without causing his body harm.

“Ara ara, but the same could be said about the daughter of the Gilasfi family, right? Not only are the two of you of the same age, she also didn’t understand the crime her family had committed—still, your family attempted to take her life. Why couldn’t she be saved? Even if children don’t have an adult’s depth of understanding, they can still understand. By doing whatever you please, you’re also accountable of the magnitude of sins waiting ahead of you.”

“Even if so…”

Jillreid, whom was still a kid at that time, couldn’t win against the fairy’s argument.

The fairy, who assumed the form of a human child about the same age as him, showed a terrifying smile towards him whom was at a loss.

“Just because someone didn’t know what they’re about to do, their crime is thus justified? By the way, your beloved girl’s death wasn’t a peaceful one. Not only was she caught trying to escape, she was killed while she attempted to protect her injured mother—oh, and by the way, the perpetrator didn’t forget to add a smile of mockery at the end of it. ‘Even if so’—?”

At the mercy of such a question, the Jillreid of that day thus cried.

The girl the fairy mentioned was Jillreid’s first love. She was a gentle girl cherished by her family.

Then, he wondered what would happen to him now, that he had unknowingly committed such a sin.

Even if Fid allowed him—even if Fid kindly forgave him, was that really acceptable?

While Jillreid pondered so, Fid showed him a fleeting smile. Then, she hugged him tightly—her hands at that time were that of a young child.

“Certainly, your sin may temporarily be forgiven through my plea. Despite so, if Lord Noin finally decides to choose that child of Gilasfi, then your fate shall be in that girl’s hands. It’s up to her whether or not to forgive you. If in the end you’re to be killed, I’ll die with you so I won’t be lonely.”


“Because I’ve chosen you, stay with you forever I shall.”

He wondered why.

He wondered why that fairy would say such a thing.

Jillreid lifted his face up and stared at the form of Fid whom was younger than him. With such a small body, that girl had managed to pull Jillreid out of the water and to the shore.

Fid’s love for that foolish Fashitar boy forced him to live a long time in a kingdom he scorned.

Not only was the human body stuffy and heavy, as according to her, she also wasn’t allowed to use her real name.

She couldn’t use magic. She could no longer enjoy the fruits of the fairyland. She couldn’t fly in the sky with her beautiful wings anymore.

She couldn’t even meet her real family.

At the fairy solstice festival which she loved, she couldn’t wear her beautiful dress and dance with her friends.

In addition, being amongst the humans of that kingdom meant that there would always be a possibility of her being killed if she committed any kind of wrongdoing.

“I also wonder if there’s a need for me to actually transform into the same being as you and endure all of these constraints… despite so, no matter how much you hate me, I will make you mine. Hate me all you want, that won’t affect me in the slightest—well, until I get tired of you, anyway. But fairies and humans are very different. A little bit of difference won’t faze me, because it is Jillreid I fell in love with.”

When he closed his eyes, for a fleeting moment, the image of the beautiful fairy’s true visage he saw at the bottom of the lake was revived behind his eyelids.

It was only visible for a moment, but the fairy’s wings, which shimmered due to the light reflected on the surface of the lake gleamed like jewels, were truly beautiful. He forgot he went there to die.

Still, for many years, Jillreid couldn’t accept Fid.

He often kept her away—she, who adored him. She, an outsider who bestowed upon him forgiveness.

Despite so, Fid only smiled. Whenever Jillreid was in need, Fid would always be there.

On the anniversary of his first love, Fid stayed with him.

Jillreid could only look at the figure of Diarashe, who stood with his mother and older brother, from a distance. He didn’t have the strength to apologize to her, and could only helplessly stare at her—the entire time, Fid was beside him, patting him on the back.

Diarashe, who had been cast out of the social circle, was then adopted into the royal family. In that false garden, she was perennially calm.

He wondered how many times she wanted to lash out at them for robbing her family.

If, if Diarashe decided to choose them and be happy there, how could Jillreid not extend his hands, and also his selfish sense of justice, to her?

She had the right to revenge—at the same time, she also had the right to be happy without knowing everything.

Other than this kingdom, we can’t live anywhere else. How easy would it be if she could live without knowing anything.

Aimlessly, Jillreid returned to his own residence. At such times, the strength of Fid’s grip over his trembling hands was always dependable.

He felt so miserable—not only was he unable to save Diarashe, he also couldn’t decide whether or not it was correct decision to tell her the truth.

The same goes for my older brother. He also couldn’t escape from here. Even though he knows the outsiders exist, he can’t correct those who didn’t know. His body is that of a sinner, forbidding him from ever leaving this kingdom…

Returning to his room, Jillreid wept alone. Fid would always snuggle him.

The darkest night was during that stormy day, but the days after that were unbearable and gloomy.

Because he must bear his own ugliness.

“But you shouldn’t get close to that girl. The people of this castle take good care of her because the King of the Night wills it. I don’t know what’s going on with him, but you mustn’t destroy that little girl’s false miniature garden. Neither I nor you have the qualifications to disobey his intentions.”

Fid explained with a smile—and with that, Jillreid had obtained an excuse to stay away from Diarashe.

When one day the false miniature garden was broken, he attempted to reach out to Diarashe.

However, even though he knew that was the right thing to do, he was still shackled by his own self.

Jillreid was but a pitiful, cowardly, weak man.

I don’t know.

When he saw Diarashe dancing on a tightrope, he was scared that he might cut off the last line that might save her.

He was scared of the possibility that he might end up killing the last remnant of Gilasfi with his own hands because of his own foolish beliefs.

It’d be better if I don’t do anything.

That’s right.

I want everything to stay as it is. That way, I hope you can find your happiness.

One day, when he was thinking so, Fid exclaimed.

“My… He has come.”

It was the day of winter solstice.

Jillreid’s hand, which stiffened due to those words, was gently grasped by Fid with both her hands.

For the first time, due to the coldness of her hands, and her terrifying gaze, Jillreid registered it—the horror of a high-ranking outsider.

For the first time, Jillreid understood the fear she had felt when she pleaded with such a high-ranking outsider to stay there.

Now, that high-ranking outsider had arrived.

“Let’s stay together, Jillreid. I don’t want you to end up getting killed because of some reckless action you did, even though I’m here.”

Jillreid asked the reason for Fid’s smile.

“Ara, because I love you? Is it different from humans? Do humans need some other reason to love and protect someone?”

That day, she spoke of her love—oh, how convenient and selfish her love was!

But for Jillreid, who couldn’t go anywhere, and was also unable to save anyone, she was the only ‘fairy tale’ left for him.

In the end, the King of the Night seemed to have decided to stay beside Diarashe.

Watching the situation, it was only two months after that that Fid exhaled in relief.

“It sounds like he’s a little lost, but at the same time, he can’t let go. Unexpectedly, the King is that kind of individual …who would’ve thought he sucks at love? What’s more, the King truly thinks Diarashe loves her fiancé? It doesn’t at all appear like that to me. Hmm… because the way spirits love is troublesome, let’s stay away from them.”

“Is that alright? Why don’t you tell the King Diarashe doesn’t feel that way about Ricardo?”

“Spirits are troublesome. Also, if an outsider like me interferes, it might not bode well with the situation. Not to mention, spirits are very selfish.”

“So, he basically won’t take advice from just anyone?”

“Yes, won’t it spell trouble if he got offended, and thus pulled away from her? But I think we can rest assured. The spirits’ method of courtship is through serving meals. After that, the spirits wouldn’t let go of what they love. I’m not entirely sure of the King’s motive, yet, but he’s feeding her.”

With a slight smile, Fid tidied the hem of the dress which had been stepped on by the youngest daughter of the Marquis until a while ago.

He wondered why he was the one feeling uncomfortable, even though it was she who got her dress trampled on. Recently, he had also given Fid his favorite sugar candy, which he always carried along with him.

That day, Fid was harassed at a tea party because as the Second Prince’s fiancée, she had poor manners.

Despite so, even if those people stepped on her toes and even hit her, it never registered to Fid that she was being heartlessly harassed. Unless someone told her directly, she wouldn’t understand that they harbored hostility towards her.

Jillreid was worried because she, who possessed otherworldly knowledge, couldn’t understand such a thing.

He also noticed that Fid always reminded him to not get too involved with Diarashe.

It was only natural to be vigilant, since the other party was the Spirit King. At the same time, without saying anything, Fid also let Jillreid do whatever he pleased.

Before he knew it, his priority had changed.

Before he knew it, Jillreid’s most important thing had become that fairy.

He had been overwhelmed by his own weakness—his incapability to help Diarashe. As part of the royal family who couldn’t save the Gilasfi, he mustn’t forget his sin.

However, Fid, who would always smile when she saw him, had become someone he wanted to protect more than anything else.

He was more preoccupied with how to prevent her from being subjected to any further abuse—thus, he ultimately made her his spouse—and before he knew it, he was blessed with children.

It became a norm for Jillreid to have Fid by his side.

Eventually, the King of the Night punished Fashitar, and Diarashe subsequently left the royal palace.

***T/N: I, I am sorry, Fid does sounds like a great character, but I just can’t fathom Jillreid’s love towards her because said ‘love’ felt like a mixture of dependency and stockholm syndrome…

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