The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

25.2 The Unknown Girl’s True King and Her Ambitions

I might not know anything about her, but we do need information about the descendants of the Dragon Emperor and the “Ten Wise Men” from someone that hails from the capital. Moreover, her 『plan』… it could serve as a reference too.

Until this turmoil ends, I have to survive living in these frontiers. It doesn’t matter if it breaks from the norm. If someone can use magic and has information, then that person is a valuable talent.

[That miss over there——- Yukino, was it? Can we talk to you for a bit?]

So I said.

The light blue-haired girl—- Yukino, who had been staggering with her gait, turned her head.

[We… came to this city to do some trade.] 
That wasn’t a lie. There is no denying that we came to sell magic crystals. 

[We’re curious about what’s going on in the capital. If it pleases you, would you mind sharing some stories? We can talk about it over a meal—- hey.]



The girl seems to be unwell.

Haruka broke off running on reflex. Just before the girl’s body hit the ground, Haruka’s arms managed to catch the girl.

 [I, I’m sorry. I came here in a hurry… I haven’t had, much to eat…]
The girl exhaled, “hafuu,” with those words.

[You were unlucky. If you had gone to the governor-sama’s castle instead, then perhaps you might’ve found employment.]
[….. No….. my true king is in the farthest frontier…. is what I’ve been told…]

The girl shook her head lightly at my question.

[True king?]
[Yes. I believed that alone and came straight here. At first, I was told, ‘You can choose who to serve,’ but I had already decided on the lord I wanted to serve.]

Surely, this girl is exhausted. She was shutting her eyes in Haruka’s arms. 

[The lord I wanted to serve— even since my previous life, always.]
[……‘Previous life….’?]

── No way.

『I intended to transfer a suitable soul who had died young, though…』

When I first came to this world, that was what the goddess-san said. In other words, all the transferees other than me have died in the original world before being summoned to this world. I wonder if their original bodies were regenerated, or if they received new bodies? Also, considering that this Yukino girl didn’t know anything about Governor Kittle’s policies or circumstances──

…This girl, is she an officially summoned person?

No, prematurely deciding that could be dangerous. If I were to ask, 『Are you a summoned person?』, she’d realize that we have that sort of information. I still haven’t figured out whether she was an enemy or an ally. But, well, if she’s hungry, then let’s help her with that. Ignoring a starving kid would leave the worst aftertaste, after all. 

[For the time being, let’s just go somewhere quiet and take a break. That’s fine, right, Aniue-sama?]

Haruka was carrying the small girl, Yukino, on her back.

She looked my way to ask for consent, so I nodded back.

[I don’t mind. I’ll leave choosing where to Haruka.]
[Certainly, Aniue-sama!]
[If you’re going to the governor-sama’s castle, you need to recover your strength. For now, eat from our bentou, then let us hear your story. Depending on the info, we might be able to pay for your lodgings.]

That amount of money── we should be able to get it once Lizette sells the magic crystals── probably.

 […… Thank you. Very much]
[Don’t mind it. Consider it an information fee.]

I answered the girl who muttered in a tired voice.

I started walking alongside Haruka who was now carrying the girl. The girl herself listlessly entrusted her body to Haruka’s back.

… So, somehow, she remembers her previous world.

I feel like something similar to this happened during my chuunibyou phase.
At that time, I thought, 『If I help people and accumulate virtue, my abilities should be awakened!』, so I went around helping lost children find their guardians and elders carrying a lot of bags.

…… Now that I think about it, I suppose it was quite the high hurdle to be helped by a junior high school student wearing a black coat with a shady ring and bracelet. Be it an obaa-san or a grade schooler… also there was this girl who had an anemic fit on the pedestrian crossing….. It’s really embarrassing to remember.

[……. This kindness…… I shall never forget it.]

Haa, the girl sighed out from Haruka’s back. She looked my way and bowed her head. It’s embarrassing when people do that to me.

I’m just doing it for my own self-interest. To find out if she── Yukino is an officially summoned person.

[For me to receive such kindness, since coming to this world…… it’s my second time.]

— Wha, saying this all of a sudden!? Is this okay? Goddess-san, didn’t you tell her about things she shouldn’t say?

[My name is Yukino Cloudy Dragonchild—- to save this world———-]

She must be exhausted.

After muttering for a bit, the Yukino girl fell asleep on Haruka’s back.

E/N: For those of you wondering about the strike through, that is the censorship system put in place by the goddess mentioned all the way back when our MC first came to this world.

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