I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

53. Fifth Go! (8)

“Lady Cherise, good day to you. Would you mind introducing me to this beautiful maiden?”

Emilio, the second prince of the Kingdom of Elbert, narrowed his eyes a little.

“My, so now you decide to approach. You said you disliked the heat, hence you didn’t visit my house at all.”

“Well… lifting something heavier than a pen doesn’t befit me. Whenever I visit the house of Duke Radphen, instead of tea, I was recommended some seaweed and dumbbells…”

Emilio laughed lightly.

His extreme delicateness was what made him conspicuous—his appearance was like an exquisitely made doll. His hair and eyelashes were pure white. In his eyes, which were overshadowed by his long eyelashes, was anxiety.

His hair was a pale blonde with a length nearing his waist, and was loosely tied with a ribbon. Even though he was laughing, his jet-black eyes of the night were terribly cold.

His body indeed suited his facial features and atmosphere—

—Ally’s instant impression of him was, ‘Weak’.

Is he healthy? This person is supposed to be in the Order of the Knights at Elbert, but he doesn’t want to lift anything heavier than a pen… Albeit his movements are indeed sharp and with grace…

Emilio must have perceived Ally’s bewilderment as her being bashful.

Even when Cherise hadn’t introduced them, he had already extended his palm before Ally in a princely-manners.

“Baroness Ally Crunea, you’re a sight to behold! Why, aren’t you just like the mythical war maiden? Therefore, may I receive your hand in the next dance?”

Emilio’s graceful smile and slender body were wrapped in mysterious charm. Ally showed a gentle smile, albeit she was retorting inside—

as I thought, his movements are nothing but dull! Sure, he has aura, but there’s no fighting spirit in sight! Such a weakling, he’d be torn apart in no time!

“No, no, my Master, this is the body of a standard male. As a prince, his appearance is already perfect.”

“Ally, regain your sanity, please. You’ve been involved too much with the Muscle Special Squadron, your hurdle is ridiculously high!”

Brooch-Takkun and Black Dot-Abel interjected at the same time.

Eventually, Ally regained her senses and wiped her sweat—I almost went to a dangerous place…

Emilio’s physique was indeed that of a standard male—however, she had seen Maximilian’s muscular built too often, to the point she deemed Emilio as weak on sight…

Ally glanced at Cherise. To be honest, she was reluctant to dance with him, but the other party wasn’t only a guest, but also the prince of the neighboring kingdom.

“Ally, why don’t you dance the next song with Emilio? Your beauty is unlike any of the others’, it’ll surely be an unforgettable memory for Emilio.”

Ally nodded, then smiled. “I’m honored.” Thus she gently placed her fingertips atop of Emilio’s palm. His cool and dry palm wrapped up Ally’s hand.

Aaaaah goosebumps level max!!!

It was a different sensation from the slimy and sticky hand of Maximilian (the true form), but for some reason, she felt sick.

Despite being the second prince, he had a tall height, a great beauty, and a perfect family. His charm was on another level entirely.

Emilio, who spent his free time traveling around the world, was the most desirable marriage partner for any maiden, partly because he was second in line to succeeding the throne.

Back when she was Alicia, the Duchess, she had seen his face a few times in social events, however, they had nothing to do with each other. Emilio had been fascinated by Saint Mia immediately after the beginning of the social season.

Every time Prince Maximilian and Second Prince Emilio see each other, sparks fly! So I’ve always wondered why this person came to visit in the first place!

After the third song had concluded, the dancing people returned. She saw Maximilian politely bowing to his partner.

Ally felt a slight headache while Emilio pulled her hand and walked to the dance floor.

***T/N: What!?!?!?! He has been offered muscle cult equivalent of a holy scripture, which is the dumbbell, but he refuses and said a pen is already heavy enough?!?!?!?! HERESY!!!!! YOU SHALL NEVER AGAIN GAIN A KEY TO OUR CULT–

–wait, since when I am the head of this cult which even its mere existence I abhorr to mention?

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