Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

7. Ah, I Have to Buy Cat Food

“[Scattering Flame Bullets]!”

Kien holds out his hand towards the white crow. As the pattern tattooed onto his arms pulsates, flames buckshot forth.

By tattooing a technique on one’s arm in advanced, practitioners are able to use said technique without utilizing a talisman as an intermediary or even abbreviating the chant. However, as an advanced manipulation of spiritual power is necessary for the technique, not many practitioners are able to use it.

“Damn it!”

The buckshot flames soar at a high speed with each round having power comparable to a grenade, yet the crow dodges them all without even being grazed once.


Nevertheless, the Bomb Oni,having predicted how the crow would evade, unleashes an explosion of flames from very close by.

The observing practitioners all feel that the battle is coming to a close, but a different scene reflects off Kien’s eyes.

“Ain’t you amazing?”

The crow soars through the explosive flame uninjured.  Even though the attack was unleashed from such a close distance, the crow was able to flick it away by releasing spiritual power.

“Except, that’s way too ineffcient.”

Kien once again fires his scattering flame bullets, this time with a wider ranger and faster. For the crow to avoid it, he will need to release spiritual power to prevent the impacts. Perforate, however, lies in wait for just that, ready to release a second, wide reaching, flaming explosion.

“At this rate, it’s just going to get worse.”
“No, this is just want Kien-sama is aiming for.”

The veteran practitioners give an explanation to the practitioners who still can’t use shikigami.
When shikigami are connected to a thread of spiritual power, they can remain active for a long time by receiving spiritual power from their practitioners. However, when there is no connection, those shikigami will end up exhausting their own spiritual power and the techniques holding them together will come undone.
Reconnaissance shikigami have relatively good fuel efficiency. However, should the white crow continue to use his spiritual power to defend himself against flame explosions, he won’t last long.

“Kien-sama also understands this, hence he’s using these sort of attacks. If he were to fight with prudence, he’d be able to win without using too much spiritual power. However, his current method restricts any other trump cards that crow might have. As such, Kien-sama most likely intends to chip away at his spiritual power.”

The veteran practitioners admire Kien’s judgement. That crow may very well have been sent there as some sort of scheme to stall for time. When taking that into consideration, Kien’s decision to opt for a short battle can be called the best choice.

Gaa haa ha! Damned crow, you’re seriously the best!”

However, what no one other than he himself knows is that he made that choice merely for the sake of rampaging——

———explosive flames and their roars devastate the inside of the barrier. All of it is evaded, defended against, and denied by the crow.

In the end, after a long struggle that lasts for 2 hours, the expectations of the practitioners are completely betrayed.


“Kien… sama…”

A historic battle has been engraved into the hearts of everyone watching.  The one controlling——

—Diamonds have no arms—

“———Crow, you’re finally back?”

As Yuuki waits on the back porch, the white crow returns.  So cold.

When their connection suddenly broke off, he wondered to what could have happened. He even worried that other crows might have been bullying him, but he doesn’t appear to be injured. Guess I was worrying too much.

“This crow, how do I make him disappear?”
Fumu, that is something I do not know. However, the technique will be released once all the spiritual power is used up. He should go back to being paper then.”
“I see. In that case, go find a comfortable spot in the living room and get some rest.”

The crow nods and pitter patters into the living room.

“Anyway, it’s completely dark out. Should we have dinner and get some rest too? Ah, I need to buy some cat food.”
“Wait, wait, I don’t need such a thing. I’m not bothered by eating what House Head normally eats.”
“What are you saying? Eating the same thing as people is bad for your body, spring onions in particular.”
“No, I’m entirely not bothered…”
“I’ll head out for a bit to buy some.  Watch the house for me, thanks.”
“No, I…”

Today too passes as a normal tranquil day.

—Diamonds have no legs—

“Incredible… that was seriously incredible.”

Mizukami Uruka glows with excitement as she thinks back to the spectacle she just witnessed.

“Impossible, to defeat Hinoyama-kun’s Kien-san and Perforate. That white crow, what in the world…”

The battle between the white crow and Kien at the temple was coincidentally observed through the eyes of a shikigami. While the barrier placed around the temple was made to prevent sound and images from reflecting outside, peeking inside was a simple matter for a water1 class practitioner.

“The direction that crow went off in… could it be, Yuuki-kun!?”

She recalls the young man she saw through the eyes of her shikigami a bit before the white crow’s battle.

“At that time, I thought him looking up was just a coincidence.  But, maybe, he really could see it?”

Incidentally, she had also heard that he wasn’t able to attend the opening ceremony due to capturing an atrocious villain. If so, then at the very least, he shouldn’t be a normal person.

With that consideration, Mizukami makes a decision.

“If he really is the onmyou practitioner who defeated Kien-san, then he might know a technique for finding the neko-kami-sama. Right, I’ll try asking Yuuki-kun tomorrow.”

Yuuki Kosuke’s tranquil everyday life is gradually collapsing.

T/N: I just love how over the top these people are.

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  1. It literally reads as “mizu kami class.”  It’s quite telling about Uruka’s name.