Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

13. It was Fluffy (2)

Through healing magic, I had healed the Fenrir’s—Ralph-chan’s—illness.

“You’re a quiet boy, aren’t you?”

I gently stroked Ralph’s fur.

Hmm, as I thought, Fenrir is the best!

First of all, he felt good to touch!

Nigel said Ralph disliked other people, but I didn’t think so.

Despite my touching, I didn’t think he’d resist me.

After enjoying Ralph’s fur for a while—

“It tickles.”

I heard Ralph-chan’s voice.

Ara, you can talk after all.”


Ralph looked surprised when I responded.

“You…. You can hear Ralph’s voice?”

“Of course I can, I am a ‘healer’, after all.”

 I laughed—kusukusu…

“Eliane? Who are you talking to?”

Nigel beckoned to me—

huh…? Oops!

Unlike ordinary people, I could understand the voices of demons and animals.

I was too excited talking with the Fenrir, I forgot about that.

“Uh, uhm… as a healer, I need to be mindful of both demons and animals…”

“…I see?”

“Since I’m an experienced healer, I’m able to converse with both demons and animals—in short, I was talking to Ralph-chan.”


Instead of Nigel, the one who let out such surprised voice was His Highness the King.

“Ms. Eliane is able to do that?!”

“Y, yes.”

“So, what did Ralph say? Can you please convey to him that I’m sorry for letting him suffer such an illness?”

“Ah, even if I’m the only one who can decipher what Ralph-chan is saying, he can understand what Your Highness the King said just fine. Isn’t it so, Ralph-chan?”

I glanced at Ralph—


“Of course. I can understand him just fine. Therefore, I must reassure him.”

Ralph replied—

only I can understand you, though.

“He needn’t worry about the illness any longer. I know that despite his business, he still desperately tried to tend to me. Not only I am grateful to him, I don’t bare any ill will towards him.”

“U, umm, he said to not worry, and that he’s grateful because you’ve taken care of him.”

I conveyed Ralph’s intention to the King.

O, oooh…! That’s good! Indeed, if Ralph said so, then I am relieved…”

The King looked happy.

Apparently, he was thoroughly impressed with my ability to communicate with Ralph-chan.



Nigel was staring intently at me.

Acha… those eyes were suspecting me.

“U, uhm! If you don’t mind, may I pet Ralph?! It has always been my dream to get along with a Fenrir!”

As a form of distraction, I requested such of the King.

Anyways! I shall thoroughly discuss that again with them later! Right now, changing the topic was my utmost priority!

“Of course, it’s fine. Well, as long as Ralph is alright with it…”

“I’m alright with it. You’re Ralph’s benefactor. If you like, I’d even let you ride me.”

“W, will that be fine!?”

Suddenly, I uttered a loud voice as well.

“Well then, excuse me…”

When I showed the motion as if was about to ride him, Ralph-chan crouched on spot.

He was thoughtful.

With my height, there was no way I could get on Ralph’s back if he didn’t do so.

Then, I plopped on Ralph’s back.


When Ralph-chan stood up slowly, I saw a view I had never perceived before.

It’s almost as though I’ve changed places!

Looking at the scenery from such a height, it felt refreshing…

“Alright then, let’s go. Be sure to not fall off!”

“U, uhm, please be gentle.”

Although Ralph said so, he was mindful of me and gently walked around the garden.

“…After hearing what you said before, I totally didn’t expect such a gentle pace.”

“I was just joking around.”

Ralph said bluntly.

Due to the height, I was a little scared…

However, probably because I felt such a sense of security from Ralph-chan, I experienced more fun than fear.

Even if I fell, I was sure Ralph-chan would help me…

“T, that Ralph, who has never let anyone ride him! Eliane seems to be compatible with Fenrir, ahahaha!”

The King, although surprised, laughed again.

I had no choice but to laugh with him.

“Nigel, don’t you think so too?”

“Y, yes… I thought she was just an excellent healer, but it turned out that she’s so much more… It seems that we need to raise Eliane’s reputation.”

Although Nigel was being accommodating to the King, it seemed like his suspicion regarding me hadn’t cleared yet.

A man who’s too nitpicky isn’t popular, you know—

—well, not like I could say it out loud.

***T/N: Pet acquired! This is my first time reading this kind of story, is Fenrir common to appear in this kind of story?

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