The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way ZCompleted Translations

Extra 11.1 The Cinderella Story, which didn’t Happen

  • The first chapter of the main story, told from Leonardo’s perspective
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“I’ll bring you cookies next time—!”

Fala Rubia Academy was a magical academy where aristocrats from all over Elgacia enrolled.

As soon as the lessons were over, the first prince of that kingdom, whom was wandering around the courtyard, had just fended off the lovestruck ladies as usual—

—Leonardo Randall Ulysia Elgacia suddenly heard a voice akin to bell. At the same time, a sweet and fragrant scent slightly tickled his nose.

“…He has eaten the sandwich, then next time, a handmade, creamy dessert sandwich kneaded with matcha…?”

The voice came from behind the white trunk of a medicinal tree planted in the courtyard. An unfamiliar girl happily walked along the path leading to the main entrance of the school. She was even skipping.

Her strawberry blonde hair had a soft pale pink shimmer while her eyes were clear, light, blue. In a broad sense, she was another blonde blue-eyed girl. However, her hair and eyes had warm and pale colors—therefore, she was already different from a majority of the aristocracy.

“—huh, I caught a whiff of something sweet …it’s from you?”


A cute, adorably-wrapped, small candy bag was within the hands of the eye-catchingly beautiful girl.

Leonardo, who discovered the source of the sweet fragrance, appeared from the shade of the tree and stood in front of the girl.

“My, I came this far to escape from all that foul-smelling perfume—but now, it’s sweets, instead. It reeks to the point of being nauseating.”


Despite the jab he took at her, Leonardo’s mood wasn’t actually that bad.

In truth, he was quite interested in the scent of those simple, somewhat different, sweets which were quite unlike the high-grade sweets he was usually served with in the royal palace or the cafeteria of the school.

“However, it does seem delicious. Alright, I’ll have one.”


However, the girl, who stood in blatant confusion from a while ago, only blinked. Not to mention her rather dry reaction towards Leonardo’s request, such was her reply;

“I refuse. I have no cookies to give to a rude person that doesn’t even bother introducing himself.”


Through her refusal, she didn’t even try to conceal her disgust, it was to the point that Leonardo doubted his own ears. She no longer exuded the same innocent charm as before.

He was the prime target of noble ladies from all over the entire kingdom—such a rebellious attitude was truly unexpected.

Moreover, what she had said just now—no way.

“You, do you not know who I am?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t. None of my acquaintances demand me to give them sweets on our first meeting.”

The strawberry-blonde girl retreated step by step while holding the small, sweets-containing, bag to her chest. The entire time, she maintained eye contact with Leonardo.

The overwhelmingly vigilant stare she sent his way proved that the words she had just uttered weren’t lies.

“Huh… aren’t you an interesting one?”

There was no doubt. That girl didn’t recognize the face of Leonardo.

The face of Leonardo Randall Ulysia Elgacia, the first prince of that kingdom, despite being a noble lady.

How unexpected—he was astonished.

“My name is Leonardo. If you call yourself a noble lady, then you better remember my face, woman.”


A girl who took such a rebellious attitude against the prince, spouted rude words, and even said she didn’t recognize his face—it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to deem her as uncouth.

However, Leonardo felt that such a development was thrilling. Thus, he couldn’t help but poke fun at her using his wind magic.

He felt sorry for entertaining himself even for a moment—thus, that time, he’d find it in his generous heart to forgive her.

“To not know who I am is a grave sin—however, with this, I’m willing to ignore it.”

“W, wait—!!”

Leonardo casted a wind spell without an incantation. He levitated the bag of confections the girl had and brought it into his own grasp.

“Okay, see you.”

While avoiding the hand of the girl whom was deprived of her sweets, he turned on his heels towards the school building. It was a little regrettable that the lunch break was almost over.

Even though it was only for a moment, the girl had definitely eased his boredom—

—and now that he had tasted such a thrilling sensation, how was he supposed to let it go?

He wanted to taste it once more.

The ends of his mouth loosened lightly.

“What is wrong with you—!! Give them back—!!”

What a surprise, the girl chased Leonardo and tried to reach for the bag he had in his hand despite their apparent difference in height.

The strawberry-blonde girl’s cheeks were flushed in anger. The center of her face was dyed pale pink. Her light blue eyes radiated a clear determination.

Leonardo fell in love with the lively expression of the girl who didn’t try to mask her raw emotions.

“—Whoa! You sure are loud, woman. Just like a noisy, stray, cat… well, still better than those women who keep rubbing themselves against you like cats in heat, I guess…”

Truly. That girl’s color was completely different from those petty noble ladies who kept entangling themselves with Leonardo until now. It made her presence refreshing—

—and even more desirable to Leonardo.

It had only been a short while since they first met, but Leonardo began to feel something more than just an interest towards that female stranger.

“What are you babbling about—!? I understand none of it—kyaaa—!?”

Despite being slighted, the girl never gave up. The girl who daringly tried to get the bag of sweets from Leonardo shielded her face with both arms as she retreated. That was because Leonardo had casted a tornado, far larger than before, to the point dust began to fly. No wonder the girl couldn’t open her eyes.

“I don’t have time to play with you. Well then, it’s goodbye for now.”

“Wha… what just happened?”

Being honest, rather than taking class, his desire to keep that girl within arms-length was stronger.

After all, such a fateful encounter, there was no way it hadn’t caused a strong impression in the girl.

Entrusting himself to his mighty tornado, Leonardo soared to the heavens. In the scenery below, he could see the girl who escaped from the dust looking straight up at him and screaming.

Leonardo threw a piece of a cookie from the bag into his mouth. Sorry, but I can’t hear your cute hatred from here.

He had never seen the girl’s homemade green cookies either in the school cafeteria or at royal patisserie.

Although it was bitter, it also had a mellow sweetness.

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