Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

8. Nigel is Loved by Everyone

Thus, we arrived at Lynchgiham.

I alighted from the carriage and said goodbye to the coachman.

“From here, I will be fine. Please relay my greetings to the Knight Leader.”

“Of course! Who would’ve thought that Miss could use healing magic! You’ve given me a good show!”

From there, I would ride in Nigel’s carriage.

By the way, I was worried about the coachman’s safety, so I secretly casted a barrier magic on him.

That way, until his return to the royal capital, he wouldn’t encounter any monster.

“Then, Eliane, let’s go.”


Along with Nigel, I headed for the entrance of Lynchgiham.

Then, the carriage stopped in front of the main gate…

“Lord Nigel! You’re safe!”

The gatekeeper rushed towards us as soon as he spotted Nigel.

“Yes, I’ve managed to return safely.”

“That’s a relief! We received a report about Behemoth’s sightings around here… everyone is quite worried about you, Nigel!”

“Actually, we did encounter the Behemoth on our way home…”


“What’s wrong? Somehow, we managed to escape. Also, thanks to this healer’s assistance, no one remained hurt in the end.”

Nigel gazed at me.

I realized that it was more convenient for me to be regarded as a mere ‘healer’, so I just played along.

“Then that’s good…! Well, everyone’s waiting, please enter!”

“Thank you.”

Nigel thanked him and we soon entered the city of Lynchgiham.

As expected… judging from the gatekeeper’s reaction, Nigel seemed to be an aristocrat.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible to pass through the gate without showing some sort of documentation.

“What’s wrong, Eliane? Is there something on my face?”

“N, no…! It’s nothing!”

When Nigel stared at my face, I reflexively averted my gaze.

What is happening to me…?

Why am I suddenly feeling bashful…?

When I was with Prince Claude, I’ve never experienced these kind of feelings…

“Uhm… where exactly is your house, Lord Nigel?”

I felt awkward and shifted the topic.

“It’s in the center of the town. It’s not very far. You must be tired, but can you endure with a little bit more? I think it will be a bit noisy.”

“…? I understand.”

Usually, in the city, the closer a place was to the center, the higher the price of the land.

and his house is there… Nigel, who are you, really?

“Lord Nigel is back!!”

“Lord Nigel, as always, thank you!!”

“He’s as handsome as always…”

I saw the people of the city praising Nigel one after another…


I was quite surprised at the sight.

“Haha… even though I told them many times there’s no need to do this. I am sorry for the noise.”

“T, that’s not true…”

Nigel was loved by the citizens—

—perhaps because his family was one that valued people very much.

He was truly the opposite of Prince Claude, who levied heavy tax on the citizens, and was pretty much being disliked by them due to his selfishness…

…Prince Claude never realized they hated him, though.

“What is that tall building?”

Looking out of the carriage, I could make out a tall castle-like building soaring towards the sky.

“That’s the royal castle of Lynchgiham. The royal family lives there.”

“Hee… I see.”

…More importantly, the carriage was approaching the castle?

Was Nigel’s house set up near the castle? Maybe he was respected enough as an aristocrat by the King, hence there was that?

As we approached the castle, my doubts grew stronger.



…No way.

“We’ve reached our destination.”

The horse-drawn carriage stopped in front of a building.

“But, this place…”

“This is my house.”

“Huh, huuuh—?!”

Surprised, I uttered a loud scream.

That was only natural.

Because we had stopped in front of the castle Nigel had described earlier.

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