Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

24. Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

Spring had finally arrived in Verscia.

The freezing snow gradually melted into a clear stream which flowed into the forest. Slumbering animals were awakening and the green plants started sprouting.

A black horse was slowly treading upon such a refreshing meadow.

The ones on its back were Tistye and Gaizel.

“You aren’t tired?”

“No, I’m fine.”

With a warm breeze stroking her cheeks, Tistye, whom was slightly sleepy due to the gentle treading of the horse, lifted her face in a hurry in response to Gaizel. He could be heard enduring laughter.

“We aren’t on a rush, so let’s take a break.”

Gaizel pulled the reins and stopped the black horse. After tying it to a nearby tree, he lifted Tistye from the saddle and helped her descend to the ground.

Gaizel casually followed Tistye, whose body was wobbly because she had to endure the shaking for a long time.

“Umm, how long will it take?”

“I think we’ll reach the village by night, but I don’t know if they will let us use that house again…”

“I’d like to take it easy if I can.”

Gaizel showed a gentle smile—it seemed that he too, agreed. The two were heading to the small settlement at the North of Isiris.

They were about to meet the former knight leader, Dita Cervantes.

After the invasion of Yenzie, Emperor Luxen was detained for inciting external conflict.

In exchange of divulging information pertaining Verscia’s equipment, the structure of the walls, internal affairs, and the situation of the knights, he had signed a contract with Yenzie—

—if Verscia was destroyed by that war, Luxen would be accepted as a higher citizen of Yenzie.

While not only pretending to be an ally of Yenzie, Luxen had also procured a reason to launch an attack on said neighboring kingdom. No matter which kingdom won, Luxen wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

With the loss of Luxen, the head of the predecessors, the power in the royal palace shifted completely.

The local dukes and counts, as well as the aristocrats and the knights, all pledged their loyalty to Gaizel.

On the other hand, Gaizel also apologized for his uncouth attitude until then and began to openly listen to the opinions of his subjects. He also stated his desired domestic affairs, diplomacy, and future plans using documents and diagrams. He patiently explained regardless of faction.

That once lonely Gaizel, who had to fight everything alone, was no more.

Of course, there were some aristocrats who ridiculed Gaizel as having ‘weak diplomacy’ compared to the former emperor, Dilph. But Gaizel didn’t seem to care at all.

When Tistye asked what brought upon that transformation of his, Gaizel grinned and brought up the tolerable livelihood they once had in Isiris.

“When living in the mountains, especially amidst the winter, you can’t do anything alone. Searching for animal footprints, wandering around, setting up traps… All this time, I was convinced that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It was in that village where I realized there are also things that I can’t do by myself.”

Due to the change of Gaizel, Verscia too, was gradually developing into a new kingdom.

Meanwhile, it was also discussed about whether or not it was possible for Dita Cervantes, who displayed his might in the recent battle, to return to Verscia again.

But the knights were pessimistic about that. Back then, when Dita was about to leave, the knights bowed their head to prevent such from happening, but to no avail.

While everyone was in a low spirits, Gaizel raised his hand, “Then I will talk to him myself.”

Taking a break, the two were taking a stroll somewhere when they encountered a beautiful lakeside. It was Lake Nagama which they visited during their honeymoon.

“How nostalgic…”


The snowy mountains, which were visible in the distance, were turning deep green while the lake was filled with a deep blue color. Colorful flowers bloomed all around their feet, as if celebrating their return.

Tistye gently lifted her left hand and stared at the gleaming gem on her ring finger. Seeing the glittering light green, Tistye remembered the memories of half a year ago.

Even though it’s only been a short time, many things happened…

She received the ring in the balcony of the villa, and on the way home from the honeymoon, she was quite depressed due to the lack of entertainment. She had also broken up once with Gaizel which resulted in him chasing her all the way to Lacie.

As of the present, those memories had become something precious to her.

“Lord Gaizel, thank you very much.”

“What are you saying, suddenly?”

“Umm, I’m thanking you for a lot of things!”

Towards the laughing Tistye, Gaizel tilted his head dubiously.

While watching the situation, Tistye murmured inside her heart.

I feel that over time, I’ve become unable to hear the voice of your heart…

When they first met, the voice of Gaizel’s heart was intrusively loud—but as of late, little by little, it started disappearing.

Of course, it could be because her skill was declining. But above all, it was probably because Gaizel came to learn how to properly express what was on his mind.

Right after they got married, neither of them could be honest with each other.

However, now that they could properly communicate their hearts with each other, and no longer bottling up things, there might no longer have been any need to listen to his true feelings.

At that rate, one day, she might be completely unable to hear the voice of his heart.

But as of now, I’m alright with that…

While enjoying the fragrance of the delicate flowers, Tistye suddenly recalled the old story Van had told her.

‘Keep this a secret from Lord Gaizel.’ Van kept reminding her so. He looked so happy while telling that.

“To be honest, His Majesty Gaizel had no interest in becoming emperor in the first place.”

“Is that so?”

“Then, two of his brothers arrived. The relationship between those two was truly bad, and it seemed that war would break out at any moment. Then, suddenly, His Majesty Gaizel entered the war and crushed both sides—at that time, he was only equipped with a single horse.”

“H, he managed to do that alone!?”

“Well, not that the there was a big number of soldiers in the first place. Then, due to the fierce spirit of His Majesty Gaizel, the two brothers were completely overwhelmed and ended up declining their rights of inheritance.”

He’s too amazing, mumbled Tistye.

“T, that’s why rumors about His Majesty Gaizel killing his brothers spread…”

“They aren’t dead yet, just retired to a remote area… but ever since then, I kept wondering what motivated His Majesty to that point.”

“Maybe because he was unable to let his two brothers take over this kingdom?”

“His Majesty isn’t that upright of a person—however, I finally recalled it. What stirred His Majesty’s heart and caused him to do what he did.”

Something that was able to stir the heart of Gaizel, the ‘Ice Emperor’…?

This is a top-secret conversation!

Tistye waited in anticipation for Van’s next words.


After the invasion of Yenzie, Emperor Luxen was detained for inciting external conflict.


—if Verscia was destroyed by that war, Luxen would be accepted as a higher citizen of Yenzie.

This, ain’t the man of the people, but simply a PRICK.

So much for all those blabbers about prioritizing your subjects’ advices, huh, Luxen? In the end your self-serving ass triumphed.

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