The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

71. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (19)

While Jill was remaining quiet, Elynsia suddenly gazed outside the window.

“In any case—you and I, we won’t be on Hadith’s side.”

Once again, Listeard moved his eyebrows.

“Even if you know that moron is the Dragon Emperor?”

“It’s something that needn’t be said, Listeard. My mother is the wife of the Duke of Noitral, and your mother is the wife of the Duke of Lerzatz. The only reason Uncle can’t do anything to us is because of our backing—both the Noitral and the Lerzatz.”

“Exactly so. We’re unlike that moron—we are the members of the historic Rave Royal Family, we draw the blood of the Three Dukes. But that’s also why I can’t leave my Uncle’s outrage alone.”

“However, neither Duke Noitral nor Duke Lerzatz approve of Hadith. Each of them has lost a prince. Each of us has lost a brother.”

When Jill heard such things about Hadith, the hope that had once surfaced suddenly sank.

That Goddess, I should split her in half one more time!

Jill felt angry when she thought that the Goddess was still laughing from somewhere.

“…For being unable to locate Hadith, my Uncle grows impatient. A pressuring notice has arrived at my door. My Uncle is a strict person, he isn’t soft like that moron. For the sake of legitimacy, he is willing to sacrifice. That moron’s birthday, which is during summer, might get tampered with.

“I wonder if it’s because the heavenly sword is there, or because the countdown has started, and he absolutely needs to claim the throne before summer passes. I assume that is why he’s trying to gain a name for himself as soon as possible.”

“Then why didn’t he do so before that moron ascended to the throne?! Back when the curse was still claiming one prince after another, why didn’t he declare himself as the true Dragon Emperor!? My uncle’s way of doing things is despicable!”

At the fussing Listeard, Elynsia squinted. Her cheeks were slack.

“I understand your feelings. But look at the reality. I wouldn’t bet it on Hadith. In the Imperial Castle, there’s also your mother and sister.”

Elynsia continued, soothing Listeard, whom was gritting his teeth.

“I think I understand where you’re coming from. At the very least, you want to help Hadith to appear on the stage—that’s why you require my assistance. We are both neutral, but I have less of a burden. Unlike you, in the Imperial Castle, none of my family remained. Not only my older brother, but also my mother, they have died long ago—and I have no other siblings.”

Towards Elynsia’s self-deprecating analysis, Listeard’s brows further dropped.

“—you could take it that way. It’s just that if Older Sister sides with Hadith, then I—”

“—I won’t consider you an enemy. That’s all I can promise.”

A familiar word touched Jill’s chest.

Indeed, that woman had said a similar thing, and at the end, ultimately chose suicide.


“Huh, yes?!”

“I am sorry for taking so much of your time. There’s the talk of Rosa yesterday. First of all, let me apologize on behalf of Rosa—I am glad you aren’t injured.”

Suddenly, Jill shook her head, confused.

“No, it’s my fault… I am sorry for my bad compatibility…”

“Don’t worry about that. Even I found it surprising. There’s no way Rosa is hostile towards you, she’s just intimidated by you.”

“Intimidated by me? Rosa…?”

Listeard, whom was pondering something with pursed lips, suddenly turned to Jill.

“Is that true, Older Sister? That red dragon is intimidated by this child? Not warning her?”

Jill blinked—so it was supposed to be a surprising thing?

“It seems that I am hated by dragons… even though I love them a lot!”

“It’s normal to be ignored by a red dragon. If you kick some pebbles along the side of the road because you don’t like them, are you intimidating them?”

“No, I am sorry…”

“It’s the same thing.”

For red dragons, were humans akin to pebbles on the roadside?

“In short… um, what are you trying to say?”

“Although many of the apprentices misunderstood, Rosa threatened you because she either considers you a peer—or a threat.”

Jill pointed at herself in confusion. To which Elynsia nodded and affirmed.

“Red dragons have a very unusual conduct towards humans. The people who conduct research on logistic support have been wanting to verify that. I won’t force you because there’s a risk that Rosa might attack you again, but if you think it’s worth it, please cooperate with me.”

“Older Sister, no way…”

Elynsia went on, holding up one hand to stop Listeard from saying anything further.

“Of course, I will be there to stop any incidents from happening. What do you think?”

“Alright. If doing so will aid you in any way then sure, I will do it.”

“Thank you. Then, when the time arrives, I shall summon you—”

“For such a measly thing, aren’t I here? Shall I take care of her, Older Sister?”

Even though he was sullen until a while ago, Listeard stood up.

Elynsia’s expression turned steep as she contemplated.

“She’s an apprentice of my Dragon Knights…”

“What about it? As if I would give up persuading you that easily, Older Sister. If you’re so worried, then attach an escort or an attendant to me during my stay. I didn’t bring any subordinates.”

“I wonder if that’s something you should be proud about. I can already picture you going out of control, heading out alone while leaving your subordinates behind. If I contact them right now, they will fetch you with a dragon.”

“No matter how fast you contact them, it will still take two days to reach this place. How about tasking this girl to be my caretaker until then?”


Listeard continued without looking at Jill’s face.

“As for the verification regarding the red dragon, won’t me being the witness be akin to killing two birds with one stone? Furthermore, not only is Brynhilde a red dragon, she also possesses golden eyes. She’s of a higher breed than Rosa, Older Sister’s dragon. There’s no downside to this plan at all.”

“Listeard, don’t just recklessly interject yourself into the conversation. What are you planning?”

“Planning? I am merely a younger brother who wants to help lessen his older sister’s business. Or perhaps it is you who is with a plan instead, Older Sister. That would explain why you’re so reluctant to accept my help.”

For the first time, Elynsia stared at Listeard without even bothering to hide her irritation. With a chin raised, he was clearly looking down at her. Listeard was rather good at putting on a smug face.

It was Elynsia who finally relented. She sat in the office chair helplessly.

“…Have it your way.”

“Thank you, kind Older Sister. Well then—you, I will be in your care.”

“Uh, yes!”

As she stretched her back and saluted, Listeard nodded happily.

From the door Jill had opened, he then excused himself. His movement was that of a person whom was used to being served.

“Well, then, I shall excuse myself as well, Captain Elynsia.”

“Yes, Jill—I am sorry, but please take care of my little brother.”

Feeling a somewhat deeper meaning to what Elynsia had just said, Jill lifted her face. However, she only saw the gentle smile of Elynsia.

Jill, who bowed, chased after Listeard in a hurry.

***T/N: I am scared Listeard will be the sacrifice… dude just seems like a fun guy.

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