I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

41. Fourth Go! (3)


As she saw a man running with a good form and a good smile, she muttered in her heart—

so, you too, huh…

Muscles that didn’t at all reflect his middle-agedness rippled. Dust rose from the ground as his overly strong legs kicked.

The 43 years old man, Duke Aaron Radphen, whom was a pessimistic but also narcissistic mad scientist in her previous nine lives, as of the present, had tremendous muscle mass.

To train to such an extent, there might have been nights where he didn’t sleep—she couldn’t help but think that.

However, his appearance was not as ‘out-of-it’ as the Muscle Special Squadron, whom had been training in mountain seclusion for two whole years. If the Duke were to wear a cloak from top to bottom, it could still fool the one’s eyes into thinking that he was a mere dandy.

“Uncle! Your biceps are amazing as usual!”

Maximilian screamed with a bright voice (though heavy bass) that resembled a 19 years old’s as he rushed towards the Duke of Radphen.

The four muscle devas also rushed towards him with all their might.

“Hello, Maximilian! Your pectoralis major muscles are also shaped quite nicely! Albeit Geoffrey has a larger latissimus dorsi. Martin, Stephen, Chris—your muscles are looking nice, too!”

Gyahahahaha—!!! That guy whom was laughing briskly—he no longer resembled the man from the memories of Duchess Alicia… the words ‘additional warrior’ came to mind when the man’s macho appearance entered her sight—even though he was thinner than the Muscle Special Squadron.

There was a battle story which Jean was crazy about, and as the story progressed, there was an additional warrior. She wondered if such a development could actually happen in reality.

Perhaps that additional warrior, which appeared in the middle of that picture story, was there to add a new flow to the story. It had been two weeks since Stila and Ally moved to the West Wing…

However, this isn’t a picture story, but reality—well, it’s kind of like that picture story, but absurd.

“Lady Stila, that person is the Duke of Radphen, whom will be the guardian of Stila. Give him a proper, lady-like, greeting. Remember what Ally has taught you.”

Ally bent down and gently touched Stila’s back. Stila nodded, “Yes.” And approached the Duke of Radphen with adorable footsteps.

“Nice to meet you, Duke of Radphen. I am Stila, the Fifth Princess of the Kingdom of Orlandia.”

Stila gently bent one of her knees, lifted the skirt of her dress slightly, and lowered her waist a little.

Ally’s eyes widened in admiration, and when she was about to give a full score, Duke Radphen, with both hands joined together, collapsed to his knees like a maiden.

**T/N: Hahahaha, haunting imagery as usual, hahahaha *hollow laugh another day as a translator of this story I guess sip coffee

8/4/20: The translator here… it seems that the author of this story, Mikan Shinoda, experienced some issue with violation agreement, hence her account in syosetsu got deleted… which means no raw for me to translate, because it is now inaccessible. I am sorry about it folks, there’s nothing else I can do, unless someone provide me with a raw, this series will be discontinued until further notice. I do hope the best for the author, I hope she resolves it soon…

For now, all we can do is ONEGAI MUSCLE.

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