I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

40. Fourth Go! (2)

As they headed towards the mountains, the Muscle Special Squadron summoned an apostle of darkness.

By the way, the first sentence of one of the Four (Five) Dark Lords who got summoned for the first time was—

“—Woh, scary.”

It seemed that the overwhelming muscle mass of the Muscle Special Squadron was also out of the realm of the apostles of darkness’ aesthetical sense.

What finally caused the five dark lords to relent and help the Muscle Special Squadron was the greatly moving words of Abel—“—Otherwise there will be a deduction in salary.”

In the demon world, there seems to also exists hardships similar to those of the human world…

The four muscle devas carried their respective fiancées through teleport. As for Ally and Stila, of course, they were carried by Maximilian’s teleport team (by that one apostle of darkness called Ibel). In a blink, they were out in the mountains.

It seemed they had made careful preparations in advance. Leisure rugs were laid on the ground and lanterns were hung on the surrounding trees. Maximilian waved his hand towards the firewood that had been assembled for the campfire.

“The Spirit of Fire; o Brave and Beautiful Aged Lady—I want you to light a fire over there!”

To his beckoning, which also seemed like he was effortfully trying to look cool, the fire of the legendary spirit came out.

Coming from such an elderly lady, the fire had high firepower. A pillar of fire rose, as if about to explode.

The dead branches began to burn vigorously, and the sparks flew high towards the sky. The air behind the West Wing heated up at once. Cheerful cheers came from the four muscle devas and their fiancées.

At the peak of the event, there was a waltz. It resulted in the deepening of their friendship.

Ally, Stila, and all her former best friends were all dressed up. To be clear, it was such a strange scene. However, even if their garments got dirty, there was no worry because they could easily be cleaned with water magic.

“Ally, you’re truly wonderful. Your body is both lean and firm, just like a sharpened blade. It’s more beautiful than the stars of the night sky.”

With flushed cheeks, Maximilian presented to her—ten pieces of skewered meat roasted over the campfire—just like offering a bouquet.

His compliments are so corny and not to mention, outdated—also, I can’t eat that much…

It wasn’t like she could expect sophisticated manners, poems, songs, flowers, etc. from Maximilian anymore. Those were the things the former Maximilian had dedicated to her in her previous nine lives.

As of the present, it seemed that Maximilian had cut off all those sweet things from his life in exchange for that excessive muscle mass…

“Thank you very much. Alright, I will enjoy one with Lady Stila. Lady Stila, it’s still hot, so please cool it off first.”

“Yeees! Thank you for the food!”

Stila’s eyes gleamed as she bit on the meat.

Ally opened her mouth to blow on her hot food as well—even if she was currently a baroness, and a poor one, at that—this kind of food is still too wild!


“I, I see! A few days ago, I caught a wild boar with everyone. It has been properly bled out, and with the cooperation of the Water Spirits, I washed it carefully with salt water—therefore, there should be no odor!”

“So, you caught it yourself? Even with just salt and pepper, it’s delicious.”

After being surprised, a smile soon appeared on her face.

Ally was sure Maximilian had done his best to ensure the women’s happiness. With the help of the spirits, he had thoroughly prepared the feast. Because it had been roasted properly, there seemed to be no problem with the hygiene.

The rest of them were leisurely sitting with their partners. The sight of the four muscle devas offering meat and potatoes with smiles to their fiancées, and also the sight of her former best friends receiving them with smiles—it was an amazing sight on its own…

Amazing, this development… after they reached the age of nine, they took an abrupt change in direction…as such, I am so puzzled I can only watch…

In her last nine lives, she was always engaged to Maximilian when he was at the age of nine, and Duchess Alicia was at the age of seven. The four muscle devas’ engagements followed soon after—therefore, each couple had a long relationship.

Once Saint Mia descended from another world, not only did she try to ascend to the throne, she also ‘eliminated’ those she deemed would end up dragging her down. Therefore, after Alicia was convicted of false charges and subsequently executed, it wouldn’t have been weird to assume that her former best friends also didn’t attain their happy endings.

I want to protect their smiles—I want to protect them!

In the first place, that holy woman Mia got it good—her life is too convenient!

Before I was executed, I wanted to call her names and even slap her, but until the very end, I couldn’t make it happen…

All of the charges were false, despite so, Duchess Alicia couldn’t do anything to dispel them.

“Woah~ the older brothers back when they were still children… how interesting~ the illustrations of their appearances are completely unlike their current ones!”

Because of Stila’s words, Ally quickly returned to reality. As Stila chewed on the skewered meat, she listened to the topic regarding the growth records of the Muscle Special Squadron Marilyn had decided to bring up, along with some of their portraits.

As Ally looked over the collection of portraits, the brooch attached to her chest tingled.

Are these illustrations depicting Maximilian and the others from when they were six? So there were times when they looked like this…

It was an undeniable fact that the figures of those five men from the ages of seven, eight, and nine resembled that of the figures Duchess Alicia was familiar with—however, from the age of ten, their appearances took a sudden turn and became the depictions of hell.

The changes were truly uncanny, there was no way anyone could overlook them. After the age of nine, they started having those dreams and began their training—

—now that she thought about it carefully, who on earth supported their training?

“No matter how they look, all the older brothers are awesome!”

While looking at the array of portraits, which transformed into some kind of strange concept in the middle, Stila smiled. To put it simply, Stila was not only engrossed in the nostalgic conversation, but also an angel—

—despite so, Ally couldn’t help but worry about Stila’s eyesight a little…

“Your Highness didn’t suddenly fall into the mountains after turning nine-years-old, right? Did anyone help you when you first started training?”

“Of course. Be it my Father, my Mother, and all the adults around me—they tried to stop me, I was even sure that they would start crying tears of blood at some point. However, only my uncle, Duke Radphen, understood me. If he hadn’t thought it was amusing and bought all sorts of training equipment for us, we wouldn’t be here now.”

The Duke of Radphen—!

At Ally’s widening of her eyes, there was a voice in the distance calling, “Stila-chan!”

Am I hearing things?

Despite so, the voice got closer.

“Stila-chan! Your guardian uncle is here! I’ve come all the way to the West Wing to see you, so why are you out back in the mountains?”

There was a guy who climbed the mountains as if he was merely hopping through. Ally scanned the memories of her past nine lives at a tremendous speed—

—the voice, the facial features, the hairstyles, clothes—all of them indicated that the man was the Duke of Radphen.

However, the same couldn’t be said about his muscle mass.

***T/N: Summary of this chapter: Maximilian got game! …Well, actual game.

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