Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

63.2 Going Back

Ruiseine, having finished with play tag, is holding Priscilla-chan to experience space jumping. Priscilla-chan jumps once and appears a small distance away with Ruiseine. Ruiseine crouches down and presses her hands against her chest.

Aaah, she’s absolutely enduring a horrendous nausea. Stay strong, Ruiseine. Once you get used to it, the nausea and dizziness will stop.

While keeping Ruiseine in the corner of my eye, I go through the form of my Dragon Sword Dance. Having preformed the Dragon Sword Dance hundreds to thousands of times, the steps have been engraved into my body.

At first, when I was still tracing the form, Old Sleigstar corrected the minute details like the angles of my swords and the elevation of my legs. After that, I moved to circulating dragon ki throughout my body while I danced. Except, unlike just dancing, this is really hard.

I’m still not there yet. I can’t dance the Dragon Sword Dance from beginning to end while refining dragon ki into dragon power. As such, I scoop out the amount I need from the dragon vein while training to clad my body with it. Although, it all gets ruined from even just a small break in concentration.

How many to how many times have I practiced this again and again?

Watching me dance are Priscilla-chan, Ruiseine, Nymia, and Asher-san. Once I finish, clapping occurs. To my surprise, I get embarrassed and blush.

“That was incredible, Ernea-kun. For me, this is my first time seeing such a dance.”
Onii-chan, amazing.”
“Getting better every day, nyan.”

The praises embarrass me even more.

Was this really that great? I’m so focused on what I haven’t reached, I never noticed I could be called skillful.

“That was a splendid performance. You are worthy of being entrusted with Nymia.”
Asher-san gives me a rare approval.

“Thou should carry a bit more confidence.”
“Is doing that really okay?”
“Give it no mind. Such is thine’s result.”

With even Old Sleigstar is praising me, my embarrassment transforms into delight. Old Sleigstar has been guiding me everyday after all. Being acknowledged by him makes me the happiest.

Asher-san scratches her head and rises.
“Well then, with this I too can return home with my heart at ease.”

Nymia seems lonely at Asher-san’s sudden decision to return home. Even if she ran away and is afraid, she’ll still yearn for her mother after all.

Asher-san also give Nymia a sorrowful farewell.
“Play to your satisfaction, then properly come back home.”
Nyaa, mother come visit too, nyan.”

Nymia’s eyes are damp. And, for some reason, Priscilla-chan is crying while cuddling up against Asher-san.

“The fluffiness felt really good. Come back again.”

We smile at Priscilla-chan’s farewell which is both strange and meaningless.

Jii-san[1], obviously I’ll be having you send me back.”
Yare yare, thou art still a child.”

Old Sleigstar sighs, but he isn’t as dissatisfied at being depended on as he appears. Then, his eyes shine gold.

“By the way, jii-san,” Asher-san brings up a question while being enveloped within light. “His right hand seemed lonely during the Dragon Sword Dance.”

Asher-san stares at the branch in my right hand.

Fumu, this one has already considered that.”
“In that case, never mind.”

With those words, Asher-san directs an expression full of profound meaning to Old Sleigstar’s face.

What could it be? Although I get the feeling there’s something significant about it, I can’t figure it out all. Still, I do understand that Old Sleigstar is thinking about a weapon for my right hand. It makes me happy.

Then, as if signifying the exchange was over, Asher-san is fully enveloped within golden light.

“Let’s meet again.”
We wave goodbye from a short distance away as we see Asher-san off.

Then, the dazzling pillar of light vanishes and Asher-san is gone. With the massive Asher-san no longer around, the moss-covered plaza feels quite spacious.

“It’s a bit lonely.”

Even though Ruiseine was utterly terrified of Asher-san at first, she’s reluctant towards her departure.

“That’s true. Asher-san had such an incredible presence, it feels empty now that she’s gone.” (Ernea)
“Won’t we meet again someday?” (Priscilla)
“She seems to dot on Nymia. I’ve no doubt she won’t be able to bare it for long and will come back again soon.” (Ernea)
Nyaa, that’s scary, nyaa.” (Nymia)

Even though Nymia’s eyes were moist from her sorrowfully parting with her mother moments ago, she is heartless.

“Was only affectionate because everyone was here, but I was honestly scared, nyan.”
“Scary, no, no, no.”

Nymia and Priscilla-chan shake and quiver. Their actions are cute, but that is when I realize something.

Arere, speaking of Priscilla-chan, what will happen with her? We will be returning to the royal capital and I guess Priscilla-chan will also have to return to the Long Eared Tribe village? Just, it’s usually Mistral who drops her off. So then, since Mistral isn’t here, will I be seeing her back to the village?

“The young lass shall stay with this one tonight.”
Waa, staying with ojii-chan?”

Priscilla-chan leaps with joy at Old Sleigstar proposal.

“That’s fine?”
“This one doesn’t mind. Come morning, Mistral will see her home.”
“I’m okay with taking her.”
“Thou woulds’t be leaving thine’s other bride. How can thou leave her alone?[2]
“We can’t go together?”

“Entry into the village of the Long Eared Tribe isn’t permissible without approval.”
“I see.”

It doesn’t matter how much of a candidate she is to being my bride, I can’t bring acquaintances at my own convenience.

“My, my, well, well, it seems that I cannot go to the Long Eared Tribe village?”
A sad expression crosses Ruiseine’s face.

“Thou merely needs to make a request of the young lass of the Long Eared Tribe. Should the next head be making the request, there should be no troubles.”

Once Priscilla-chan returns to her village, she’ll be able to make a referral through word of mouth?

“Priscilla-chan, please invite me.”
Nntto, understood.”

Priscilla-chan, being hugged by Ruiseine, gives an energetic response. After that, Ruiseine treats Priscilla-chan quite sweetly. Is it for the sake of being invited?

Although I want to say, ‘If you spoil her too much, Mistral is going to get mad,’ I hold back upon wondering if Ruiseine’s sweetness and Mistral’s rod make for a good arrangement.

Then, just like that, we enjoy the remaining time and evening finally arrives. Ruiseine and I plan to be transported to near the entrance of the Dragon Forest by Old Sleigstar. Usually, it’s to the garden behind my house, but this time I’m with Ruiseine. I’ll be troubled if it isn’t to a different place.

“Until next time, Priscilla-chan.”
“Ruiseine, till next time.”
Nyan, until next time, nyan.”

Ruiseine and the others hug each other and exchange farewells.

Although I wish Ruiseine could come to the moss-covered plaza every day, she needs to preform sacred duties at the temple. As such, since there is no telling when she’ll be able to come again, this is an emotional farewell. Ruiseine herself seems regretful about it. Next time a convenient opportunity arises, I’ll invite her again.

“Then, art thou ready?”

With those words, Old Sleigstar surrounds us with his three dimensional technique.

“Please, and for this, thank you very much.”
Ruiseine bows with the proper etiquette expected of a shrine maiden.

I too wave goodbye to Old Sleigstar, Priscilla-chan, and Nymia. Afterwards, the light enveloping us becomes too radiant for me to keep my eyes open.

Fuu, this six day errand that was filled with various first time experiences and great turbulences is finally over.

As I sigh out in relief, Ruiseine and I appear at the entrance to Dragon Forest.

T/N: Oh, it’s not over. Erena, you might be home, but this arc still has more to come.

~Gandire Alea

[1] gramps
[2] 「汝にはもう一人の嫁がおるであろう。ひとりにするのはどうであろうか」

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