The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

76. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (24)

Elynsia and Listeard followed using their own dragons because they were more accustomed to them.

Jill was riding a green dragon alongside Hadith who supported a blank face. Right behind them were the red dragons.

Because the dragon was carrying the Dragon Emperor, the other dragons naturally allowed said dragon fly ahead of them. The red dragons, Rosa and Brynhilde, also didn’t dare overtake him.

She was sure Elynsia and Listeard were convinced that Hadith was the Dragon Emperor—probably because they had seen such scenes many times.

“It’s not Your Majesty’s fault, okay.”

A few minutes after they started riding the dragon, Jill said that to Hadith whom remained silent. That was when he returned her gaze. Then, he immediately shook his head.

“I know. He is doing this to threaten anyone who would dare hide me. It’s such a classic method—this way, not only would he learn of my location, he would also be able to prevent others from being my ally. …I already knew he would eventually resort to this.”

“Despite so, it’s not Your Majesty’s fau—”

“—no, I was just thinking. What you said to my Older Sister earlier.”

Earlier? When she was threatening Elynsia?

“I, I’m sorry… I did something selfish. Moreover, I threatened Your Majesty’s sister…”

Not that she was sorry about it—but she was a little concerned.

It was already too late—way to late to be concerned about it—

—but what if Hadith hate such a violent girl, one who would just threaten anyone when she saw fit?

“B, but, I was going to stop if Your Majesty stopped me!”

“I know that. I’m the one who made you do it.”

Hadith released the reins and stroked Jill’s head. Even wWithout his control, the dragon still flew straight.

“I’ve said that that’s not it… it’s what you said about me before—that I’m not that weak.

“? Yes?”

Jill lifted her face and looked at Hadith’s face.

“My Older Sister and the others have their own circumstances. It’s not just a matter of personal feelings. Their burdens are too heavy. In truth, I just want us to get along… It’s not that I hate the possibility of being backstabbed, instead, I just know it’s something that will eventually happen.”

Jill listened intently to Hadith who spoke slowly as to organize his thoughts.

“But when you, above everyone else, said such a thing… I began to think that we do have hope of getting along… what do you think?”

Because he had asked for her opinion, she felt embarrassed… she mustn’t give a careless answer.

“Whether or not you can get along with everyone… I don’t know the answer. It is as Your Majesty has said—it’s something that doesn’t solely depend on yourself, but also the others.”

“Indeed… I see, it seems that my hope is far-fetched—”

“—there’s one thing I can say for sure. If it doesn’t work out, then I will be here to pat Your Majesty’s head.”

Although it was a little difficult, she managed to reach out and stroke the top of Hadith’s head. Hadith, who lowered his head, laughed a little.

“Isn’t it too early to comfort me?”

“This is encouragement. Please don’t give up so easily, for you are my Emperor.”

Towards her high expectations and trust, Hadith seemed to laugh.

“…To be liked and relied by someone sure is a scary thing.”

“Wasn’t this your purpose since the start? For me to fall in love with you? Now, I am not afraid to acknowledge my feelings.”

“—you’re right. …ah, there!”

In tThe direction where Hadith shifted his line of sight, red flames could be seen burning.

From behind them, Listeard’s scream could be heard.

“I shall rescue the people on the Northern side! Older Sister, you extinguish the fire!”

“I will be the one who will put out the fire—Rave, lend me your aid.”

Hadith, who summoned the Dragon God—who was perhaps inside himself—struck the neck of the green dragon they were riding on.

“As the substitute of the Dragon God, help me.”

The green dragon suddenly opened his mouth. With the unexpected action, it spat out a blue flame towards the fire that burned the village.

Listeard turned deep blue.

“You! What are you—”

“No, that is… a flame of… water?!”

As noted by Jill’s words, the light blue flame exhaled from the dragon’s mouth extinguished the fire. The ‘Aquatic Flame’ poured like rain, calming the red fire which raged like a demon.

Looking at the sight below, Listeard muttered.

“For a dragon to spit out a ‘Aquatic Flame’…”

“Is it the power of the Dragon God?”

Without denying or affirming the words of Elynsia and the others, Hadith circled the sky above the village until the flame was completely extinguished.

***T/N: Yes. Flame of Water. I just typed that. Feel free to throw tomatoes at this translator.

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