The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

75. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (23)


She knew Hadith was frowning and that he also opposed her idea, but Jill bravely ignored him.

“Not only are the two of you His Majesty’s siblings, you’re also this empire’s vassals—it shouldn’t be your intentions to keep a false emperor in charge.”

“That’s obvious.”

“Listeard, don’t make careless remarks.”

Elynsia took charge of answering instead of Listeard.

“The words of a child are right—that’s how it usually is in the world. Despite so, reality isn’t so sweet. It is as Hadith has said.”

“Aren’t you the one who is being sweet, Your Majesty Elynsia? What do you think would happen if I announce that His Majesty is here? Would you truly remain neutral?”

Elynsia’s complexion took an apparent shift. Her hand slowly creeped behind her, reaching for her weapon—

—before that could happen, however, Jill kicked the floor using all that remained of her magical power.

“Zeke! Camila!”

Believing that her intention could be conveyed through a single line was naïve.

According to Jill’s command, Camila had steadied her bow while Zeke turned his great sword towards Listeard.

“What kind of—!?”

It didn’t take more than a few seconds for Jill to twist and overwhelm Elynsia’s arm before seizing her against the desk. Elynsia’s dagger, having been kicked by Jill, slid across the floor and hit the wall.

Jill felt sorry that it had resorted to such—she had to do it, otherwise the situation would have grown beyond control.

“If you truly wanted to live in peace, you would’ve detained me from the start and used me as a hostage against His Majesty.”

“Older Sister! Oi, Hadith, what do you think you’re doing!”

“Ara~ don’t move, Prince~ my hands are quite slippery~”

Camila’s words, and also the fact that her bow was aimed at him, caused Listeard to stiffen. Zeke then told him, with his great sword against his neck.

“No using magic or being loud. Otherwise I will make sure that before help arrives, your neck will no longer be attached to your body.”

“Make a decision, Your Majesty Elynsia—and you too, Your Majesty Listeard.”

As Listeard stared at Jill, he inhaled roughly.

“Which side do you choose? His Majesty or the False Emperor?”

That was the only answer she needed.

Elynsia moved her mouth, beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

“—and what would you do if I refuse to answer?”

“I’m not as sweet as His Majesty, as such, I won’t let any of you go.”

“What does Hadith himself think? He refuses to be backstabbed—unfortunately, so do Listeard and I.”

My Emperor isn’t that weak.”

That was what she believed, without even looking at Hadith’s face.

Remaining silent, Jill put her effort into restraining Elynsia.

“Then, your answer—”

“—Captain, are you awake, there’s an emergency!”

Along with the voice, a violent pounding resounded from the door. At the moment everyone was distracted, Elynsia twisted herself and fled, thrusting a paper knife against her desk.

“Withdraw your men—enter!”

Immediately after Elynsia gave permission for the soldier to enter, Jill screamed.

“Camila, Zeke, hide His Majesty!”

“I am sorry, Your Majesty~”

By the time Camila shoved Hadith behind a long curtain hanging from the ceiling and made a wall of people with Zeke, the soldier came in.

Jill exhaled in relief.

Suddenly freed, Listeard, although seemingly in a dilemma, decided to not start a fuss.

“What is it? Did something happen?”

“Lord Georg—no, there’s a report that the imperial army has burned down a nearby village!”

To the report of the trembling soldier, Elynsia’s eyes widened.

“But this is the territory of Duke Noitral, how could that happen!?”

“It seems that they received information about the false emperor being hidden here, more importantly—”

The terrace window was suddenly opened with a bang and blocked the report.

Strong wind blew into the room. The flapping wings of the dragon, and also its roar, could be heard. Listeard looked out and surprise filled his eyes.

“Brynhilde!? You, why… Roza too, and even the other dragons!”

“I’m going.”

The one who had summoned the dragons to the terrace was none other than Hadith who emerged from behind the curtain. Jill was also in a hurry.

“Your Majesty, I am coming with you!”

“Wait, Hadith.”

It was Elynsia who stopped them. The soldier, who was reporting, blinked when he heard the name.

Hadith turned around, and due to the hostility his eyes emanated, Jill gulped.

“Are you trying to detain me?” Said Hadith.

“No, I’m coming, too. This is my territory.” Said Elynsia.

“I’m also coming! As if I could leave the two of you alone!” Said Listeard.

For a moment, Hadith showed an incomprehensible expression towards the words of his half-siblings.

However, he immediately looked away and replied with, “Do as you please.”

***T/N: Finally, is it some bonding moment for the three?!?!?!? …I just want Hadith to be happy.

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