Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

20. A Favor Received is to be Returned (2)

Gathered within the magnificent meeting room were Gaizel’s former vassals.

The Grand Duke, the Grand Duke’s family, the margraves… staring at the wreckage of what was formerly the door, they supported startled expressions.

Gaizel glanced around before opening his mouth—he was very calm.

“All of you are supposed to be in charge, right? Then what are you doing here?”

“Y, Your Majesty, Gaizel…”

“T, that’s a mistake! He’s no longer the Emperor! Not to mention, he still dares to show his face around here!”

“Something like the title of the Emperor, I will give it to the guy who wants it—but now isn’t the time for that!”

Apparently, not all of them were against Gaizel. Some people showed obvious relief at the sight of Gaizel. However, the majority of them still disdained Gaizel, as Tistye carefully observed.

“The enemy is just around the corner! Do all of you intend to die like dogs in your own kingdom!?”

“B, but…”

Eventually, a person at the back of the round table stood up.

“Calm down, Lord Gaizel.”


“We are not at the mercy of the threat. We have already issued a reinforcement order to the neighboring kingdoms, I am sure if we endure just a little longer…”

“—and you truly think the castle will last until then? How stupid.”


“Let me tell you this, on my trip back to Verscia, I haven’t seen any troops. No reinforcements are going to come.”

Immediately, the subjects started a commotion. Finally, Tistye focused her attention.

“W, what did you say!? But, how!?”

“T, then we shall just issue another order for reinforcement! Do it now!”

“It’s no use, no matter how many times you issued it, reinforcements won’t come.”

“W, what the hell do you mean by that?!”

“Because the invasion itself was set up from the beginning—by one of you here.”


Tistye closed her eyes.

In the darkness, she pictured an ivy-like plant growing from under her feet. Exploring the hearts of all humans in that room—the emotions of the subjects gradually descended upon Tistye’s consciousness, whom had expanded greatly due to her level of concentration.

The light of gloom. The light of fear. The light of doubt.

However, as she thought, there were too many targets.

Moving a hand or a foot would be meaningless because what she was currently doing wasn’t ‘hearting’, in which only some specific voice could be heard.

what do I do? I have to find it!

Just before entering that room, Tistye had requested Gaizel. Her request was that after he delivered his accusation, he would give her some time.

It was because she thought that a direct accusation would cause some stir in the heart of the traitor.

Now is the only chance to for the traitor to be upset, despite so…

…it was actually harder to read the hearts of multiple people than Tistye had thought.

Part of the reason why it was difficult was probably because she herself was reluctant to use her power. Because she would be intruding upon the privacy of others—it was truly a hateful thing to do. It was oOnly because Anrie was in a dire predicament that was she willing to use it before.

—that’s right!

Tistye suddenly recalled something.

Please—lend me your strength!

Tistye gently grabbed the sleeve of Gaizel who stood in front of her—she honestly felt like praying. Gaizel showed a surprised gesture for a moment, but said nothing and gently moved to a blind spot to hide Tistye’s actions from his subjects.

Meanwhile, the subjects were disturbed due to Gaizel’s remark, and began to make a ruckus.

“T, traitor, he said!? Who, who the hell is it!?”

“The secret of our defense was divulged to Yenzie, there’s no doubt it’s one of you!”

“N, not me!”

“Not me, either!”

They uttered some loud voices, and the range of emotions she could receive wavered before it expanded.

While Tistye realized it became easier to receive their emotions, it was difficult to grasp solid proof.

No, the voices of their hearts are echoing! My head is about to split!

Since the emotions in their hearts were more intense than their spoken words, Tistye felt like her inside was being pierced without mercy.

Under the sensation of being thrown amidst an ongoing, high-volume, orchestra, Tistye desperately sought out the emotions of the traitor, with her hand on her forehead, trying to ease her headache.

Nausea rose from the pit of her stomach, and sweat drenched her overall body.

Then, Gaizel suddenly shook off the sleeve that Tistye was holding.


As a matter of course, the voices of the hearts dispersed, and the noise inside her brain stopped momentarily. However, she must find the traitor!

Despite so, Gaizel squeezed Tistye’s hand again.


Their fingers were intertwined. Unlike when they were riding a horse or when he was handing over a bag, their fingers were connected. Gaizel’s long fingers entangled with those of Tistye as his palm conveyed warmth to hers.

Eh??? Uhm, Your Majesty???

Tistye glanced at him desperately—he was grasping her like a passionate lover! Then, from the place where their palms were connected, the uneasy voice of Gaizel’s heart flowed in.

[“Are you alright?”]

Tistye looked up at him, shook.

The eyes of Gaizel, full of intimidation, never left his men. But somehow, he still noticed that Tistye was suffering from something. Even in such a situation, he still tried to protect her. His kindness caused Tistye’s chest to become warm.

Gaizel squeezed Tistye’s hand, as if expressing his previous question. Realizing her strongest ally was beside her all along, Tistye closed her eyes once again and concentrated upon the entire room.

She again imagined the ivy plant spreading everywhere in the dark, covering the floor and walls—everything—even people’s hearts.

…I got it.

Because of her close contact with Gaizel, her precision was increasing. Despite so, the blood vessels in her head were throbbing—such was the cost of her power.

Out of everyone’s mouths came blame and slander—along with it, the feelings of both surprise and anger.

the feeling of shock, fear—

—amongst these people, only one harbors such emotions, which is disproportionate to everyone else.

—as of now, that person is experiencing pleasure.

That person is enjoying this mayhem.


Tistye slowly opened her eyelids. She was sure that person was inside her line of sight.

She held Gaizel’s hand back as if replying she was alright—

“—You are the traitor, Luxen Mahler.

***T/N: My live reaction when I read this chapter:

“Calm down, Lord Gaizel.”


“We are not at the mercy of the threat. We have already issued a reinforcement order to the neighboring kingdoms, I am sure if we endure just a little longer…”

Dude, don’t u realize the current situation? Of course u can easily say that because YOU AREN’T THE ONE ACTUALLY RISKING YOUR LIFE FIGHTING OUTSIDE THERE AND INSTEAD SITTING HERE RELAXEDLY ISSUING ORDER. Fck this guy, he’s the traitor isn’t he? I wish he is.

“Because the invasion itself was set up from the beginning—by one of you here.”

Yeah, yeah, it’s probably Luxen. 

I mean, just look at his entire statements from the beginning of this series until now–especially now. He acts like Gaizel’s most trustworthy vassal but whenever Gaizel come up with an idea or do something, he would always be the one against it (staying with Tistye, etc.). Not to mention, dude loves to decide things by himself, even when it’s against his master’s wish (divorcing and subsequently returning Tistye to her home, and now, dismissing Gaizel from the throne)–as if, as if he is the actual emperor. 

“—You are the traitor, Luxen Mahler.


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Ladies and Gents, let the blade fall. Off with his head.

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