Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! Translation

157. Fluffy Fluffy, Kyu—n

“—Well then, what could those three be up to?”

Suimei currently walks alone outside. He spoke those words while gazing up at the starry sky.

Having escorted Hatsumi home and her parents accepting their explanation, one of his worries has been resolved and relief spreads across his chest. He still has numerous explanations to give at various places. Depending on who he visits, he might have to use magic to forcibly dispelling anxiety or create a coherent story. Regardless, the results with Hatsumi’s parents were good, allowing his heart to feel light.

As such, his spontaneous humming is only natural.

Just like that, Suimei returns to his house. He opens the antique door and enters his living room. The first thing he sees is Liliana glued to the television.

Her excitement can’t be kept from her voice, “Penguin-san…” Her remaining violet eye glitters as she stares into the sparkling television screen.

……Somehow or another, looks like it’s one of those, an animal program broadcast. Recently, on Golden[1], various animal introduction programs have been being broadcast. She must have come across one while flicking through the channels.

“True seal-san…”

It doesn’t seem to be a program focused on animals, but instead a feature that compares the North and South poles. As such, animals that reside within the polar regions are appearing.

“Polar bear-san…”

Penguins, spotted seals, and polar bears, Suimei hadn’t seen any of those animals in the other world. No, maybe if I went to one of its polar regions, but there weren’t any where I was active in.

The program soon moves on to content not related to animals, but Liliana isn’t particularly wistful about it. “They are, white and fluffy, fluffy.” Both her hands move in front of her. It’s as though she’s fantasizing about touching them.

Her actions could be called tipsy. Her present state is already close to being intoxicated. Her brain seems to have short-circuited from absorbing too many cute animals in one go.

Liliana keeps monologuing, “fluffy, fluffy,” to herself until finally mysteriously crying out, “kyu—n,” and tumbling over on the sofa in agony.

Lefille and Felmenia also peek at the television screen and discuss what they see.
Umu… Is everything frozen there? A spectacle like would have been impossible to see even in Noshias.”
Wawaa, the ice plateau collapsed! Its size is incredible…”
“It’s magnificent.”

Suimei, overhearing the conversation, turns to Hydemary who is arranging new dolls.
“Say, you didn’t go and tell these three there’s a person inside the box?”
“That’s too clichéd Suimei-kun. No matter how fitting it would be, there’s no way I’d say such a thing, right?”[2]

Suimei does think that, however, the situation he described is a rule from how often it happens in manga and anime. Furthermore, part of him also wanted to hear of such a development. Still, he doubts such a naïve conclusion would be reached by those intelligent girls.

Across the faces of Felmenia and Lefille melds both wonder and anxiety.
“It seems to be projecting a landscape from far away? However, for an event to be recorded and projected so vividly is astounding.”
“[Telephones], [air conditioners], and electric lights that don’t require magical power or fire. Mysterious devices whose uses can’t be understood at a glance… Suimei-kun warned us when we first came, but this is nothing like I expected.”
“Yes, the other world is quite terrifying…”

Suimei says, “If your surprised by this, how are you going to keep up? This is nowhere close to what’s to come.”

They both have yet to actually see cars and electric trains. Not only are such tools used to travel to and from in his modern time, they are easily accessible by members of the common population too. Considering their reaction to the tv, the shock they’ll receive if they go out during the daytime is unfathomable.

Lefille says, “Incidentally, what happened to Hatsumi-jyo?”
“Yeah, it’s been a while since she’s last been with her family. After enough time passed, I left.[3]
“I see, then that’s great.”

Elder sister Lefille nods in satisfaction, saying, “Un un.” As someone who can no longer meet her family, she understands their importance and is happy for Hatsumi.

Suimei then glances towards the sofa. Liliana continues to roll around curled up in a ball, lost in her delusions.

“Liliana, hey.”

Liliana rights herself soon after being called and turns to Suimei while wearing a sparkling smile.

“Suimei, they’re, fluffy! They were, fluffy!”
“…Yo- you don’t say.”
“I can’t, see them, there, again!?”
“You can’t, if I could record… it’s a fundamental failure on my part.[4]
“Even though I’m a genius, as a homunculus, it is impossible for me. It’s only because the electrical appliances here in Suimei-kun’s house have been treated that I can barely move them. How about you, Suimei-kun?”
“Impossible. Even just touching something like a desktop results a blue screen.”

Whenever Suimei touches a complex electrical machine or tool, it immediately malfunctions. As a human whose body is drenched in mystery, the mystery he’s clad in exerts a negative influence on the laws of science. While simple electrical machines and tools aren’t a problem, the negative influence increases with their complexity such as with computers.

Suimei can only wonder how many times the computers at his school broke down because of him. That the electricity to his own computer is off is no surprise. Seeing blue screens is reaching traumatic levels.

At any rate, Liliana’s head droops upon understanding she won’t be able to see any cute animals.
“…I, see.”
“Don’t get so down. If you want to see more, we can ask Hatsumi to show you a video tomorrow.”
“I’ll be, able to, see, fluffiness, again!”

Liliana raises her hands in delight. Suimei finds her attitude soothing but speaking of fluffy reminds him of a task he must do. There is a fluffy person he needs to contact.

Suimei rushes to the balcony in a show of impatience. “…right, not good, not good, I almost forgot.” With that same vigor, he opens the balcony doors. Naturally, it isn’t so he can get some fresh air. He pulls a small handbell from nowhere, leans outside, and rings it.

A light ring echoes across the night sky.

Lefille tilts her head in wonder at the sight. “That?”
Hydemary follows up on her word, “Is the rabbit post service, right?”

Suimei says, “Yeah, I wrote a lot of letters before coming here. I believe I should start by sending a package.”

—Of the living creatures known as magicians, there are many who hate the tools of civilization and adhere to a belief of not using them. Not only do they not own house phones, they seclude themselves in the mountains to keep from having to deal with the world.

Those magicians have a special postal service they can call upon. By ringing a special bell, a postman will be dispatched and immediately appear no matter the location.

…Of course, the other world was different.

Before long, from somewhere, a Santa like chime, shan shan, shan, shan, can be heard. The sound then stops and a thicket in the garden rustles. The trembling is like that of a small animal trying to remain hidden.

Over by the side, Felmenia and Lefille are astonished. They are confused by what feels to be an unmagical arrival.

A girl hops out of the thicket like a bunny with a, “Pyon.” She wears a pair of red, baggy, trousers held in place by red suspenders. She also wears a white shirt and slung over her shoulder is a stuffed, red postal, bag. Finally, artificial white ears protruding from her red cap cutely bounce around.

The size of her bag is slightly large than Liliana. Her skin is a healthy oriental color and her molded face is the same.[5]

A short yew stick is at her waist. Attached to it is a number of green pompons.

She stops before the veranda and gives a polite bow.

Suimei says, “It’s been awhile, postman.”

The postman’s soft cheeks inflate at Suimei’s voice. Her anger is adorable. “Long time no see, Suimei-san! Where the heck have you been until now? Do you know there are already swarms of massive, massive heaps of letters addressed to you, Suimei-san?”

“My bad, my bad. I got caught up in a strange affair.”
The postman, upon hearing such, says, “Ahh…”
“Hey, the heck was with that, ‘Ahh’?”

Suimei stares with half open eyes at her straight forward attitude.

The postman then lets out a heavy sigh without paying any mind to Suimei or her relation to him.
“No, of course, you’re just being your usual self.”
“Yep, just my usual self.”
“Thank you for, your hard work.”

Liliana’s words, naturally, are not suitable for Suimei. Yet, everyone except for Suimei, nods in agreement.

“You’re all in agreement…?”

Hydemary and Liliana are merciless.
“Because, it’s Suimei.”

Suimei, while glancing back at the two, hands the letters he prepared to the postman. Afterwards, she recites a spell in order to deliver the letters address to him. Her red bag puts the pocket of a cat robot from somewhere to shame as it piles down multiple letters in rapid succession.

Ugh, what an incredible amount.”
“Half a year’s worth… would be a bit off, but because your whereabouts suddenly become indiscernible, we started to hold the letters addressed to you. As you can see, the number grew to a massive size… Suimei-san, just where were you?”
“Well, doing this and that.”
“More over, your respected guests, their garments are quite unique. Ah, could this be your hobby or something, Suimei-san?”
“It isn’t! ………Right, furthermore, a stand in job seems to have come.”
“That, Suimei-san, you were nominated for this matter. Other respected individuals were unable to solve it. Hence, this letter has been held onto all this time.”
“…For about how long?”
“Right, I believe it arrived about two months ago.”
“There’s been no trouble?”
“You don’t seem to be in a hurry?”
“What I mean is, has a disaster befallen the Thousand Night’s Party?”

The Thousand Night’s Party, an agency of complied magic organizations from around the world. It oversees the various magic organizations of the world in order to prevent the enlightenment of mystery from appearing and will also mediate between them. Activities range from Suimei’s substitution request to supervising mysterious crimes brought about by magical techniques, end of life occurrences[6], calming local mysterious phenomenon such as mysterious calamities, and so on. Those events are all momentous situations that cannot be dealt with by a single organization.

Despite all that, there is no hurry for Suimei to do the dispatch. That means that the current request is neither directly linked to the wellbeing of the Thousand Night’s Party nor is the risk of the world being enlightened to the existence of mystery anything but small.

Doing something like selecting a proxy whose whereabouts are unknown, even if it’s a one in ten thousand chance, could they be thinking it would be problematic if it were solved by someone else?[7] That no one other than Suimei can deal with the current issue is an impossibility.

Suimei opens the expensive looking case and finds a black envelop with the wax seal of a scarlet rose. Included within the sealing wax is a high grade spell. He removes it with an inverse spell and a single letter appears. On it is an elimination request, one for arresting and sealing a magician.

Lefille says, “Suimei-kun, what is it?”
“Well, I’m being entrusted with a job. This one’s from an agency that oversees magic organizations. It’s supervising a mysterious crime that isn’t overlookable, has identified the offending magician, and thus sent out this request.”

Felmenia’s eyes cloud over and she tilts her head at those words.

“That being the case, wouldn’t it have been better if the organization that issued the request makes the arrest? Expressly going over to the magic organization to drop off the magician, I suppose I’ll have to make my own arrangements…”

Lefille and Liliana become just as confused as Felmenia. They mimic her behavior as they turn to stare at Suimei.

“Naturally, I’ll have to transport the offending magician myself too. Although, pulling that off will require a number of personnel. As such, I’ll be told to either draw some in from elsewhere or raise some myself.”
“Are you saying there are no magicians with the ability to meet the request criteria?”
“Something like that.”

The criteria for the request is high. A magician’s ability is greatly influenced by that magician’s talent and effort. The situation isn’t like in a job where if constant training is undertaken, personnel more than capable for the task at hand can be acquired. Finding talented, unsprouted, raw gems is like guessing the winning numbers of a lottery. Pulling in help from another organization requires the consent of the organization and the helper. Regardless, there is no other choice but to choose to outsource.

—Thousand Night’s Party, magic division, notification to the Association’s eighth seat, Yakagi Suimei, to undertake a proxy elimination.
None exceeding those specified are to be eliminated.
individuals consists of ○○○○○○.
Although information is still shallow, considering that their ability corresponds to grand class, the risk level lies no lower than rank B and no higher than rank A.
Whether the target is dead or alive upon completion of the
proxy elimination is of no regard.
Take caution of the targets barrier magic, restraint barriers in particular.
Enclosed are items considered to be related to the target of this elimination.
We hope that they will be used effectively.
Details concerning the target are described below—

Suimei skims through the contents of the request and speaks aloud. “Danger level A, without regard to being dead or alive… yet still dare request I don’t go too far…[8]

Hydemary, who is quite familiar with substitution request jobs, latches onto those words.
“Is that how it is?”
“Hm? Yeah….”
“…? You got something like a bad catch? What happened?”
“No, it’s nothing big.”

As Hydemary approaches Suimei with an innocent expression, he gives her a frustrated look. Immediately after, he turns to the small, expensive looking, box.

“This is… the enclosed item? …Geh!”

Inside a clear bag is a multitude of blue droplets. At first glance, they resemble to be pills. “Are drugs involved this time!? This might not be an emergency, but only the Thousand Night’s Party would take it easy on something like this!”

When the issue is about drugs, the possibility they will run rampant across addicts is extremely high. Normal people with no connection to magic are the ones being mainly targeted. That is because master magicians are able to avoid developing additions due to possessing methods for dealing with such problems should they take any. As such, when mysterious crimes related to drugs arise, their spread among the general populous is considered the most dangerous……

Hydemary’s black hair sways as she tilts her head.
“I wonder if there are items circulating that aren’t in their entirety dangerous?[9]
“For something like that, it would have to be something that doesn’t poison the average person or do anything else.”
“I believe certain death will come if this is consumed.”

If someone without any resistances takes it, they will become crippled. Or, once the effect wears of, the user will die.

Hydemary’s expression glows with curiosity as she draws it closer to the blue drugs.
“This, may I lick one?”
“Quit thinking that just because something looks like candy, it’s meant to be put in your mouth.”
“You think so? I think I’d be able to understand it by licking it though.”
“Regardless, no.”
“Suimei-kun, you’re unexpectedly overprotective at times like these.”
“There’s nothing unexpected or overprotective about it! Jeez…”

No matter how different Hydemary, a homunculus, is said to be from a human being, there is no guarantee the drug will have absolutely no effect on her. For that reason, Suimei refused her.

“I don’t think this is the case, but… Postman, do you know anything about this.”
“Not one bit.”
“Is the Ministry of Inquisition moving?”
“I do not believe they are? This matter is completely within the confidentiality of the Thousand Night’s Party.”

The postman’s ears flick and twitch as she answers. Seeing them, Liliana draws closer to her.
“Your ears, are moving.”

Her eyes shine the same way they would whenever she looks at an animal. The expected a serious conversation crumbles from the joy lacing her voice.
“May I, touch, your ears?”
Eh? Ah, sure, but just for a bit.”

The postman leans down and tilts her head to make touching her bunny ears easier.
“Would you like to become a postman as well? If you join now, an option of bunny ears will also be included?”
“I’m a, little bit inte,rested…”
“Hey, don’t solicitate my disciple.
”Your disciple? …Ah! Suimei-kun, then the rumor is true? One can’t become your disciple unless she’s a little girl? Ahh.”
“What kind of conclusion is that?! That’s a coincidence! A coincidence!”
“I’m kidding, kidding.”

Suimei, at the postman’s laugh, “Nishishi,” sighs.
Ah, Suimei-san, doesn’t sighing let your happiness escape?”
“If sighing lets happiness escape, then with all my sighing I’m dead from misery… Anyway, I’d like to entrust a letter to you. Will you accept yen as a tip?”
“Then for the cost and fees for inconveniences…”

Suimei, as if being pestered for pocket money, generously passes rolls of bills to the postman with both hands. Haggling must not be done with people of that profession. Because occasionally when bad weather occurs, something happens… isn’t the reason. Naturally, the company isn’t that fastidious with its deliveries. Instead, trust is absolutely necessary with the performance.

“I leave it to you.”
“I have received your request and will deliver it without fail.”

The postman shows a massive expression of gratitude and hops over the fence with a pyon. She then vanishes at the same time she lands.

T/N: Now I’m picturing Liliana wearing a Mario hat with bunny ears. That said, Lefille once said something similar to Suimei about sighing back when he first bought his house.

[1] I’m guessing golden week.  The raw just says golden…
[2] いくらなんでもそんなこと言うわけないじゃない
[3] 「ああ、今日は久しぶりに家族水入らずだよ。かなりの間、家を空けていたからな」
[4] 録画ができればなぁ……俺は基本的に失敗するし」
[5] 背の大きさはリリアナよりも少し大きい程度。肌の色は健康的な東洋人のもの。顔の造形も、また同じだ。
[6] 終末のケ物の発生
[7] 消息不明の代執行に回しておくなど、万に一つでも、解決できればいいだろうという風にしか思っていないのだろう。
[8] また随分なことをしでかそうとしてやがるな
[9] 一般に出回る危険性がまったくない品ってことかな?

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