Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

2. Prologue (Bottom)


She appeared to be the daughter of an earl family, and first met with Prince Claude at a certain dance party.

Certainly, her appearance was very cute.

If she walked down the road, ten out of ten men would turn around.

Claude was also one of those empty-headed men.

In the first place, he seemed to have been eyeing many other women after being engaged with me.

I was aware of that from the beginning, but since I didn’t have a fragment of feelings for Claude, I just overlooked it.

“Leticia, I am sorry for causing you discomfort. Of course, for such a delicate girl like you, this is very straining…”

Huu, huu…”

Leticia wept and buried her face in Claude’s chest.

But I saw it.

Her grin.

Leticia had a very mean smile, it seemed.

“Elaine, I also heard about what you did to Leticia. Leticia told me every single thing.”


“You pretended it was an accident, but in reality, you pushed her into a pond, and you also destroyed her personal belongings.”

What is he saying, this person.

In the first place—as if I would I involve myself with such a girl.

When I passed by Leticia, she suddenly screamed and threw herself into a nearby pond.

Regarding her personal belongings, I saw her breaking them herself.

So that was to lower Prince Claude’s impression of me—to steal him from me.

Claude’s ridiculousness give me headache.

“Even if a fake saint like you is gone, Elaine, there’s still Leticia—the real saint. With her, this kingdom is safe.”

I see.

Leticia lied, claiming to Claude she was the true saint.

Honestly, that actually made me laugh—for Leticia to be the real saint… just because she could use a little healing magic, the men around her believed her bluff.

She was adept at lying.

“The truth is, I want to execute you right away. But because the gentle Leticia feels sorry for you, I will let you off the hook and merely exile you. Get out of this kingdom at once!”

Acha—an exile, huh…?

Well, listening to the conversation so far, I already had an idea that would happen.

Also, for Leticia to feel sorry about me, that was definitely a lie.

In fact, as of the present moment, while Claude was distracted, Leticia was still grinning happily.

“Your Highness. For the last time, I will tell you this—when I, the saint, am gone, this kingdom will be over. Still, do you insist upon exiling me?”

“Eei! You’re still being noisy! This is my decision, it’s final no matter what you say!”

Alright, alright, you’ve said it.

I was tired of the role of the saint, anyway.

The only reason I endured until now was because I respect my predecessors, and as the fiancée of the prince, I had my obligations—

—but now that he had said that, it was fine already, right?

“I understand. I shall leave this kingdom at once.”

I turned my back towards Claude and the others.

I could hear them laughing from behind me.


Since I was banished, I shall live as I please!

I was sure there would be a big uproar tomorrow and I didn’t want to be caught up in it.

***T/N: Reading some of the reviews this novel received in NU (which aren’t good) saying that Eliane is such a callous, selfish, person who didn’t care for the wellbeing of her kingdom even though she is the saint, because this is still the beginning of the story, and I am jumping in to this kinda blindly, I am willing to give this story and Eliane benefit of the doubt. So here’s my defense:

Y’know… maybe she choose not to stay… because there’s an actual possibility she will get beheaded by that prince manchild (and the one who issued the order is the future king after all, the messed up procedure aside, dunno if anyone could stand up against that without being considered committing treason) …? It’s not like she didn’t try to reason with him, either. Idk but Eliane choosing to save her own ass rather than die a martyr just like in those old tales make her seems humane to me. It means that she is her own person. It’s not like she choose to be born a saint, but she ends up having to be one, sacrificing her entire life as a person up until now to fulfil such a major role. Sure, she should fulfil her duty as a saint and also take care of her responsibility as the prince’s fiancee and the next queen cause that’s just how it is in that era–but to an extent.

Not just anyone will say yes to ‘hey will you risk dying for the sake of the kingdom and its people? Well then please stay with that prince who berated you every day, beg for his mercy if needed, plead to stay by his side now that he has a hoe, basically dehumanize yourself for the sake of our–the people’s–wellbeing cause you’re the saint, dammit. It will be your fault if we died.’ and I think that’s perfectly okay. 

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