Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

3. The Knight Leader is Actually Popular

After being punched in the face with an exile and the cancellation of my engagement, I was about to leave the castle.

“I wonder what should I do from now on…~”

I couldn’t stay in that kingdom anymore.

I had no other choice but to move to another kingdom.

“At times like this, I wish I know someone…”

But I could think of nobody.

I had inherited the role of the saint when I was a little soon after my mother died.

Since then, most of my time had been spent inside the castle, praying for the kingdom.

Despite so, I still attended dance parties properly, you know?

But my fiancé was Claude. I couldn’t dance with other wonderful people and could only eat in the corner.

Tohoho, I regret not making any acquaintances back then…”

When I was at loss…

“L, Lady Saint!?”

Suddenly screaming, a man approached me.

“Knight Leader…”

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be praying…?”

Apparently, the Knight Leader knew nothing about my exile.

Because he usually wore a helmet, I rarely saw his face—but unexpectedly, he was good-looking.

However, he seemed to be frequently lamenting in bars saying, ‘I am not popular with women…’—turned out he wasn’t aware of it.

The Knight Leader seemed to have a lot of closeted fans in the church, but when I told him that, he wouldn’t believe me.

“Knight Leader, you will be informed of this later, but I am to be exiled from this kingdom.”


“Incidentally, my engagement with Prince Claude was also annulled.”

When I told him that, the Knight Leader was surprised.

“B, but the saint is a presence who supports this kingdom from the shadows… It’s because of the prayers of the saint that the knights have easier lives… has Prince Claude gone crazy?”

The Knight Leader was staggered.

Ever since I had become the saint, the Knight Leader had always been concerned about me.

He seemed to have a good understanding of my ability and always supported me.

“Even if you say that, to me, Prince Claude has always been out of it since the beginning…”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“If you’re exiled… won’t this kingdom experience mayhem? The fact that demons have not rioted in this kingdom is because you’ve been putting up barriers…”

“Then, do you want to leave this kingdom as well? I am sure it will be fun.”

I seriously tried to invite him.

Despite so.

“I am sorry. I am the knight who serves the king, as such, I can’t abandon this kingdom so easily. I am sorry that I can’t fulfil your expectations, Lady Saint.”

He bowed deeply.

Ah, too bad.

But that kind of seriousness was a good aspect for a knight leader.

I felt bad for him, but I couldn’t help it, there was no way Claude would retract his words.

“It’s fine, I am merely joking.”

Although I appeared strong, at the bottom of my heart, I was hurt—

—I thought I was about to obtain a trustworthy ally…!

“So, Lady Saint, where are you heading to?”

***T/N: The Knight Leader is quite nonchalant about her, the Saint, leaving, which makes me think: a.) Her leaving might not be as dire as I thought, at least the kingdom won’t instantly be reduced to ash the moment she left??? b.) He cares more about her well-being rather than the advantage the kingdom would get with her there as the Saint–

–which means indeed, he’s a great catch!!!

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