Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

1. Reincarnating Into a Different World… Ain’t This!

Today, I become a high school student.

I will encounter my classmates for the first time, enter an unfamiliar classroom, and experience school events different from what I had in middle school. I walk to school with all sorts of unease and anticipation in my heart.

I will turn the corner and crash into the heroine as she holds a slice of bread in her mouth, we’ll get into a small dispute, a somewhat awkward atmosphere will surround us upon unexpectedly discovering we are in the same classroom, and we will foster our affection towards each other while going through various troubles.

I hold on to such fantasies when my first event occurs, an accidental collision with a train.

–*Some Diamond*–

“This place is…?”

When I wake, I’m in a pure white room.

“Just now, I was hit by a train… what?”

I look at my body, but don’t see any injuries. After that violent crash, I felt myself bleed out so much that my vision was dyed red, but there isn’t a scratch or ache on me.

“It’s that, this place isn’t real.”
Suddenly, someone speaks to me. I turn around and a spot a familiar ojii-san standing there.

Hoo, hoo, ho, no need ta be so on guard. This one’sa kami, ya.”

A kami?
….Ah, I remember! The ojii-san who fell on the railroad crossing! I saved this person and then got hit by a train. 

“That time was this one’s bad, ya. This one made a human body and went to play around the lower world, right? But it can’t be helped that this one wasn’t used to it, ya. This one stepped on a banana peel on the railroad crossing and injured his knee, ya. Then the train came and this one was a hair’s breadth from dying, right?”

To almost die because of a banana peel, that’s a massive blunder!

Hoo, hoo, ho, this one’s told that often.”

Besides that, even if he’s a kami, ain’t it a problem if he dies? Actually, has he been reading my mind for a bit now?

“Yeppers, this one’s been reading your respectable self’s mind for a bit now. It’s simple, ya. At any rate, it’s cause this one’s a kami, ya.”

Woah, he really is a kami.

“That said, even if this one dies, it’s cool, ya.  For this one, the body is nothing more than a container.”

…Then, doesn’t that make my saving him unnecessary?

“No, no, no, not at all? This one’s grateful from the bottom of his heart, ya.”


“Even if this one looks like this, this one’s a splendidly distinguished kami, yeah. If someone like this one were to step on a banana peel and die on the transient world, the gossip loving kami would kick up a fuss, ya.”

Gossip, so the kami-sama of the world are like that.

“There’s even a weekly magazine? Ah, we’ve gotten off topic. More than those gossip loving kami, there’s also the kami who’re are thirsting for this one’s position, right. Should this one have met such a death in the transient world, there’s no telling what they’d have been saying now.”

Uwaa, it’s like politics. Even kami-sama have it tough.

“Tough it is, ya. That might not be all that different from humans. Because of that, well, it’s regrettable, but your respectable self died.”

Ah, so I really am dead?

“Yeppers, this one’s truly regretful.  To cause the death of a kindhearted human such as your respectable self is the greatest falling of this one’s life, ya.”

I’m not blaming you for something like that?

“Those insolent kami who are aiming for this one’s position couldn’t care less about the life of a human, ya. Stepping on that banana peel and being laughed at would have been better than bringing about the death of your respectable self.”

My tears started flowing all on their own. Those few words of concern for me, they’ve somehow come to shake my heart. This ojii-san truly is kami-sama.

“Alright, your respectable self, would you be willing to try resuming life one more time?”

To resume, life?

“That’s right, ya. Although it’s inexcusable, this one peeked into your honorable self’s bag.  This one wonders, is this sort of thing the latest trend?”

In kami-sama’s hand is a light novel I had been reading and placed in my bag. 

“A world as is written in this light novel, this one knows of one.  Every species lives there while swords and magic dictate the world’s course, ya.  To that place, would your honorable self like to go?”


“One who is… reincarnated into a different world, right.”

Uwooooooo! It’s a bit scary, but I want to try going!

Hoo, hoo, ho, excellent, right. Of course, your honorable self will also be granted a [cheat].”

Eh, that’s allowed!?

“Of course, ya. Your honorable self’s memories until now and your honorable sef’s current body empowered with an ability.  This one will also improve your ability to learn. With it, your honorable self should be able to learn any sort of magic or martial art merely by seeing it once, ya.”


“In addition, this one shall grant you a bit of his own’s ability.  Your honorable self should slowly come to understand how it’s used, ya.”

Uwoooo!  Thank you very much!

“Good, good. This one’s blunder is why your honorable self is reincarnating, ya. It’s inexcusable that such is all this one can do for your honorable self, right.”

Even so, thank you very much.  Once more, I’ll returning for a second attempt at life, but this time with a cheat ability.

Hoo, hoo, ho, although this one wanted to talk a bit longer, it’s getting to be time, ya.  Your honorable self’s transmigration will be in the middle of a safe forest.  Merely follow the wind for a bit and a town should come into view, ya.”


“All the best.”

Yes, kami-sama too, please be careful to not make another blunder.

Hoo, hoo, hoo, ho!  That’s right, this one shall take care.  Well then, right.”

At the same time kami-sama speaks those words, a terrible drowsiness assails me.

Ahh, I really am reincarnating.

–*Another Random Diamond*–

When I wake up, it’s pitch black. It’s cold too.

“Where am I?  I’m pretty sure kami-sama said the middle of a forest… This absolutely isn’t a forest.”

Why am I sealed naked in a bag?

I give up thinking and rip up the bag, but it’s still pitch black. It seems that I’ve been imprisoned inside of a narrow box.

There seems to be a door at my feet.  I kick at it with all my strength, “Heave and ho!” and the door opens.

Fuu, I somehow got out.”

I look around upon crawling out of the narrow box.  The room is filled with countless silver doors just like the one I broke out of.  This is a place I’ve seen in dramas and movies.  This place… it’s a morgue.

“Reincarnation into a different world…. Ain’t this!”

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