Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

Character Designs

Yuuki Kousuke (結城幸助)
-The protagonist, a high school student who enjoys anime, manga, and light novels.
-Although he should have transmigrated into another world, he was revived in the present world with a cheat ability due to kami-sama’s blunder.
-His learning ability has been strengthened. All [techniques], [supernatural powers], and [skills] can be learned with a single glance.
-A recent hobby of his is utilizing his acquired supernatural powers of [chemical dissolution] to create health drinks.

-A cat spirit1. Uses the alias [Neko-Kami].
-A large youkai that has come to be revered as a kami. Is pleased with Kousuke and lives with him.
-He participates in a cat gathering every Wednesday. Their recent topic of discussion is, [how to create markings that won’t trouble humans].

-A reconnaissance shikigami summoned by Kousuke. It has assembled the surrounding crows as their Boss Crow.
-Unlike ordinary shikigami, it was created with a complete ego and lifespan. It’s combat power is also high and its forte lies in manipulating [oscillations].
-It likes music. A recent hobby of it is finding masterpieces from royalty-free BGM.

-A combat shikigami summoned by Kousuke. She has a splendid relationship with the neighbors and takes pride in her immense popularity among the neighborhood housewives and ladies.
-Unlike ordinary shikigami, she was created with a complete ego and lifespan. Her forte lies in [killing humans with a blade].
-She likes food. Although she has recently developed an interested in cooking, she also chops the cutting board. She is practicing the proper amount of force needed to be put behind a kitchen knife.

Kuro (Golden Lion Version)
-Kuro’s form when in combat. He can get even bigger when serious.

1. Reincarnating Into a Different World… Ain’t This!>

  1. The kanji 妖 literally reads as calamity, but can be used to write spirit.