The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

79. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (27)

“I understand where this is going.” It was Listeard who calmly responded.

“For the sake of that, you, the Princess of Kratos, intent to marry Hadith?”

Faelis nodded to Listeard who affirmed the conversation.

“I thought it was for the best. Otherwise, another war might break out.”

“However, when I heard your previous story, it sounds more like a conviction of yours.”

Perhaps he still couldn’t comprehend the concept of the Goddess’ vessel, but Listeard more or less understood where she came from.

“You’re right. I snuck out of the kingdom during my Older Brother’s absence. It was right after my Older Brother chased after Lady Jill and went to Veilburg—as of now, Older Brother is probably looking for me.”

“You’re delicate, and not to mention, young. There’s no way you could pull off such a decision on your own.”

Listeard seemed like an expert at exerting information—despite so, Faelis was undeterred, as if she was proving her innocence.

“Indeed. As you might expect, some people guided me. Lady Elynsia is already aware of it, so there’s no use concealing it.”

The face of her former subordinate came into Jill’s mind.

…Wait a minute… shouldn’t Lawrence be the subordinate of Geraldo as of the present?

To be honest, Jill didn’t know how much of Faelis’ story she should believe. Meanwhile, the story continued.

“If you accept my offer, then surely, Older Brother can also be persuaded into thinking the same—or rather, he would be put in a situation where he has no choice but to do so. For example, what if I announce my engagement with Lord Hadith first?”

Saying so, Faelis slowly extended her hand forward.

“At the very least, the news that you have joined hands with Kratos will shake the Imperial Capital Raelm. Once we ascertain the weak point, it might be possible to reach the castle without shedding any blood?”

“Which would also result in Hadith being branded as an emperor who sold his own empire to the enemy kingdom.”

“Not enemy—good neighbor. We’re but a neighboring kingdom, Lord Listeard.”

“Seeing you being so decisive, let me state it clearly—my Uncle’s sword is linked with Kratos. I suspect your Older Brother has already sunk in his fangs.”

It was probably a mere hunch, but Jill agreed with Listeard.

But said concern was easily dismissed by Faelis.

“I think so, too.”

“Then, the point of this conversation is lost. Or are you going to oppose your own brother?”

“I mean to stop him. If it’s true that my Older Brother is colluding with Lord Georg, then my appearance would surely force them stop. My Older Brother would never allow me to become the fiancée of a defeated person—what I mean is that we wouldn’t act onto placing Hadith on the losing side.”

Though bitter, Jill was able to understand the meaning of Faelis’ words.

It was the same with Jill’s execution.

The reason Jill was executed in the first place was because of Geraldo’s conviction to prevent Faelis from being dishonored.

In short, if Hadith and Faelis became engaged, Geraldo would act differently. He wouldn’t turn Faelis into a fiancée of a defeated man.

“If it’s truly as Lord Listeard has said, if my Older Brother is the one influencing Lord Georg, then he will immediately withdraw from Lord Georg.”

“Then, what if neither the Kingdom of Kratos nor Prince Geraldo is the mastermind behind my Uncle’s actions?”

“Then my Older Brother will crush Lord Georg for my sake.”

Faelis nonchalantly uttered with a smile. Listeard showed an expression as if he was seeing a mysterious thing. That was when Elynsia interrupted.

“In short, Uncle will lose his power once he lost his supposed backing. He will no longer have an overwhelming advantage over Hadith.”

“That, I understand…”

“To accept Princess Faelis’ offer—that’s my condition for siding with Hadith. It’s the path with less sacrifices.”

“The reply doesn’t have to be immediate. I don’t have much time, but I think it’s you who are under the most pressure right now.”

With a grown-up air, Faelis looked around at everyone with the face of a princess.

“I think it’s the best way to solve your current situation, my situation, and also to safeguard the future. If I, the Goddess’ vessel, and the Dragon Emperor Hadith get married, I think we can work alongside each other well. You see, Lord Hadith, the aim of the Goddess was the generations of Dragon Emperors—it’s none other than you.”

Hadith pursed his lips, he didn’t answer, but he also averted his line of sight.

Seemingly unbothered, Faelis continued.

“It’s only understandable for you to not believe me. Our kingdoms have bad blood with each other—but that’s also the reason we have to end it here—otherwise, it will stay as it is forever.”

“But… you’re still young, yet you decided upon a political marriage. Iis that really alright?”

Faelis responded politely to Listeard’s question, which most likely stemmed out of confusion.

“It’s fine even if there’s no love. That’s not where my happiness lies.”

It was a phrase unbefitting of a princess whom was bestowed protection by the Goddess of Love—

—mayhap, the reason she could say that was because she, herself, was the Goddess of Love?

Right. How outrageous. I’m going home.”

“Oi, Hadith.”

Without a care towards Elynsia’s words, Hadith stood up.

***T/N: Ok, I have two opposing feelings regarding this chapter, especially regarding Elynsia’s thought pattern–but first of all,


I’m sorry, but to me this lil bitch is being condescending af. “Oh don’t worry my Older Bro will ensure you’re the victor cause Older Bro is that almighty of a being, things might not always go his way, but he’ll absolutely ensure everything goes my way. Now I’m basically offering you to sell your Emperor to me, relax, I’ll promise you a victory, my Older Brother will make it happen for me. What Geraldo wants, Geraldo will find a way.”


–OK back to my dilemma with this chapter.

Part of me was like, OK I comprehend your decision, Elynsia, for Hadith to tie a bond of matrimony with Faelis, that’s the most peaceful way to end a long feud between two kingdoms. Not to mention, through that, the enemy basically would aid your cause and even guarantee that your empire–precisely your Emperor, the soon-to-be Faelis’ man, wouldn’t be at a disadvantage–and the other part of me was basically–


–The enemy promised you an alliance and a victory, and you immediately forgot they had part in the conflict in the first place, that they are clearly cornering you using said conflict they most likely caused themselves.

Because fellows like that are worthy of trust.

Because when an enemy promises to reward you with a victory that means they aren’t being condescending as fuck and they surely won’t flake on that promise in the future, causing more victims.

Because when an enemy made an offer to you, you immediately offer your own Emperor to be these wretched siblings’ doll, and by proxy, your own empire.

Why? Cause there’d be less victims that way, the enemy would also keep their promise–absolutely, they’re from the opposing kingdom after all–LOOK GUYS!!! THEIR CROWN PRINCESS, WHO’S 8-YEAR-OLD, EVEN CAME ALL THEY WAY HERE, HOW WONDERFUL OF HER–must. not. suspect. a. thing.

Oh and I love how Faelis brought up how her conscient would be devoured at 14-year-old by the Goddess, but she didn’t touch the subject matters of divorcing Hadith at all. Which means that marriage is doomed to stay.

Which mean the Goddess got free access to Hadith, the target of her lust, and with the help of Geraldo, would also become the strongest bitch in the continent cuz she got both powerful men by the leash. And for what? For Elynsia’s super wonderful and invincible alliance–real wise of her.

Tl;dr: Faelis offered a permanent solution to a temporary problem and Elynsia said yis.

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