Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

61.1 Do Your Best, Ruiseine

Asher-san, upon reaching the moss-covered plaza, eases herself down towards the ground. Old Sleigstar, while still laying on the ground, greets us with his gaze. Ruiseine and Priscilla-chan, meanwhile, wave back and forth with lots of energy. Priscilla-chan in particular looks up at us with an incredibly lovely smile.

Nymia and I avert our gazes.

Priscilla-chan, no longer able to wait any longer, space jumps onto Asher-san’s back. “Nntto, nntto!”

She appears before my eyes so suddenly, I’m thrown into a fluster. “Uwaa…”

Nntto, souvenir.”

I knew it!

Anticipation brims from Priscilla-chan’s dazzling smile. Nymia and I, dripping with sweat, turn away.

Priscilla-chan, unable to understand the situation, gives a cute tilt of her head. “?”

Asher-san, most likely unaware of the carnage about to unfold between Priscilla-chan and us, touches down on the moss-covered plaza.

Nntto, well?”

I hesitate to say anything.

Nyaa.” Nymia gives a troubled purr.

“Come, little lady. Over here.” Asher-san gives a wry smile at our trouble as she beckons for Priscilla-chan.

“What, what?” Priscilla-chan springs towards Asher-san’s paw. Something is being held within the closed talons.

Nymia and I exchange glances at the same time before also hurrying over. Ruiseine too, albeit timidly, draws closer.

“We’re back.”
“Yes, welcome back. That you have returned safely is most important.”

We exchange greetings and together, head to Asher-san’s paw

Priscilla-chan cries out in pleasure as she pats her hands against Asher-san’s paw.

“Really, now.” Asher-san looks at us and sighs in surprise as she opens her clenched paw.

Uwaa, what is it?”
Nntto, meat?”

Within Asher-san’s palm is a firmly pressed lump of meat.

“It’s the meat of a flying dragon.”
“Wh- Wh- what was thaaaat?”

While we step back in shock, Priscilla-chan’s eyes sparkle and shine as she gazes at the lump of meat.

“Meat, meat!”

Priscilla-chan seems to be delighted. What a relief…

Meat of a flying dragon, as in that flying dragon that appeared while we weren’t in the ravine? Didn’t she only threaten it? Actually, are members of dragon tribe allowed to harvest dragon meat? Is this okay?

“At any rate, this is for all of you. I had a feeling you forgot to get a souvenir. Consider this my gratitude.”
“Th- Thank you very much.”

We properly reflect on our actions and express our gratitude. Still, that meat…

“It’s like when a bird attacks another bird. There’s no difference.”
“I- I see.”

I force a smile as I comprehend what she means. Ruiseine, who stands beside me, is completely lost by the situation. She tilts her head as she watches my exchange with Asher-san.

Eetto, I’ll explain later, okay?”
“Yes, I request that you do.”

Ruiseine smiles.

As Priscilla-chan prances around saying, “Meat, meat!” Nymia leaps onto her head.

Old Sleigstar speaks as he gently watches over us. “Fumu, for preparing meat, Mistral is essential.”

“My, my, well, well, if it is about meat, then I too am capable of preparing it.”
“Even if thou art able to prepare the meat, there is neither utensils nor seasonings.”
Ah, that’s true, isn’t it?”

Ruiseine gives a wry smile.

“This one shall send for her. It’ll be just a moment.”

Old Sleigstar closes his eyes with those words. Is he’s communicating with Mistral through some method or another? Being able to communicate with someone so far away, as expected, Old Sleigstar is incredible.

“Incidentally,” I turn around to face Asher-san. “What happened to the flying dragon? It didn’t seem like anything was there.”

From the sky, that ravine was a world of ash. Within it, I could only see Asher-san and the dragon tribesmen.

“That would be because I turned it into ash with one blow. You must have overlooked it as part of the scenery. Once I got enough meat, I turned the rest into ash to keep other annoyances from taking it.”

I see, so it was like that. I nod my head.

Old Sleigstar opens his eyes and speaks. “Fumu, Mistral shall return by dusk. In the meantime, play and make space in your stomachs.”

Priscilla-chan is delighted. “Nntto, will play to make space in my stomach, will eat a lot.”

Just how much of a glutton are you? We all smile at Priscilla-chan’s spirit.

Well then, what should we do? At my worry, Priscilla-chan suggests tag.

Tag… Priscilla-chan sure likes to play tag. I don’t mind playing, but what about Ruiseine? Playing tag with Priscilla-chan goes beyond what the average person can handle. Priscilla-chan can space jump while the spirits can vanish. I can’t do consecutive space jumps, but I can do them too. As for Nymia, she escapes to the sky whenever she feels someone approach her. Ruiseine won’t be able to escape or chase anyone. This will be tough for her.

Ruiseine, however, is indifferent to my concerns. She too is completely motivated.

“Ruiseine, is everything okay?”
“My, my, well, well, what are you so worried about?”

Ruiseine is brimming with confidence. She should have seen tag being played this morning and should know the strangeness of Priscilla-chan’s playing. Despite that, she’s confident.

Fufufu, as a war priestess, I am interested in this.”

Ruiseine seems to be taking this as a way to test out potential solutions against opponents who can space jump. If she is willing, then I shouldn’t hesitate either.

Priscilla-chan is delighted at everyone’s willingness and calls out her wind and earth spirits. Then, with the wind spirit as the oni, our game starts.

T/N: According to Asher-san, dragons are comparable to birds?? Well, she said it, not me….

~Gandire Alea

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