I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

29. Third Go!

Four spirits were dancing around the prince. Their shining appearances meant they were pleased to be summoned by Maximilian.

Simultaneous manifestation of the four elemental spirits—a talent that surpassed even that of the world’s best magician. Although they might burden his physique a bit, but what was more amazing was the general ages of those spirits—

—to put it simply, those spirits were all wrinkled grandmas.

Their appearances would surely turn anyone’s gaze into a pitying one, not to mention, would incite such remarks; “Grandma, don’t be unreasonable…”, “Grandma, don’t overdo it…”

However, frankly speaking, they were strong.

They were shining—just like a normal grandma with rich experience, whose motherhood was born anew upon seeing the birth of their grandchildren.

There was no way they would respond to the calls of Ally, who often spout curses.

Those elderly spirits were summoned successfully after various trials of chanting. Long story short, after other kinds of incantations failed, they opted to try the last, alternative, method of chanting—

—a method a kindergartener would use.

“Orlandia’s Crown Prince; Maximilian! 19-year-old! Would like to use fire magic!”

Hearing such a speech, Ally, whom was watching from the sideline, was mercilessly terrified.

Other methods proved to be useless. As of the present, they had gone through various styles of chanting: the actor style, the proclamation of love style, the bard style, the Cassanova style…

…they had only arrived at that method after consulting Stila—Maximilian’s beloved little sister.

Of course, to Ally’s adorable Master, he wasn’t able to raise any objections.

Instead, reluctantly, he said, “Well, there’s no helping it.”

Thus, a grandma (770 years old) appeared from the spirit realm.

By the way, the average life expectancy in the spirit world seemed to be about 800 years old.

Those elderly spirits seemed to have retired, but they were the strongest in the spirit world hierarchy. Other than that, the Muscle Special Squadron seemed satisfied with the result, therefore, let’s just proceed…

“Well… Ladies, thank you for today, too.”

Maximilian’s attitude was very sincere—as he had decided to be sincere (humble) towards the spirits.

He had just finished shooting the practice rock Ally had conjured with a frightening power beam. Not to mention, he had also succeeded in using four elements simultaneously and also frequently.

After that, Maximilian got down on his knees like a prince and stretched out his fingertips to the spirits.

Those grandma-like spirits, whom were about the size of a bird, perched themselves on top of his palm in turn. After they left, a candy was always found in his palm—

they truly are grandmas…

Ally remarked in her mind.

“How fascinating, Your Highness…! It took only three days for you to be able to simultaneously manifest all the four elements…!”

The representative, Geoffrey, appeared with a look of great admiration. The rest of the others also had similar expressions.

The others, even though they were able to cast spells simultaneously with the help of the elderly spirits (sometimes grandpas), they were only able to manifest up to two elements at the same time.

After some calm thought, it became understandable. The spirits had the property of wanting to help the ‘weaker’ regardless of their magical power.

Apart from their appearance, the Muscle Special Squadron were kind-hearted. Not to mention, they were also in some kind of crisis.

…Those elderly spirits might also not be able to see the Muscle Special Squadron’s muscular builds properly due to presbyopia

That consensual meeting between the spirits and the users gave an optimistic prospect to the tea party that would be held at the West Wing tomorrow, which would be attended by the fiancées of the four muscle devas.

**E/N: So, finding a blind spirit was the solution all along.

***T/N: It’s aged eyes, Bawss, aged eyes! As a grandma’s kid myself, I can’t overlook your harsh wording towards grandmas!!! 

—a method a kindergartener would use.

“Orlandia’s Crown Prince; Maximilian! 19-year-old! Would like to use fire magic!”


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