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35. Kangaroo

With that settled, we guide Minori-san to that beautiful spring before then resuming our exploration. Meanwhile, Shigenobu stares at the gloves that I’m carrying on my back. I have them for the off chance I’ll need them.

Yukinari:“What’s up Shigenobu?”
Shigenobu: “Hm? Ah, aren’t those gloves unique items? I was wondering if I could strengthen them.”
Yukinari: “Ah, so you were checking them with your ability?”

Shigenobu nods at my reply. Ah, so it’s like that.

Yukinari: “How would you strengthen something like this…? Would it be like the kitchen knife or Metal Turtle sword…”
Shigenobu: “Let’s me check for any particularities… huh? It’s a type that can’t be strengthened through abilities?”

Well, it’s a unique item after all. It’s equipment to be used while moving, with a heavy emphasis on evasion.

Shigenobu: “Give me a second.”

Shigenobu pokes something with a pon. As he does, in my field of view… appears a really suspicious arrow. 

Strengthening condition… achieve victory against a Kangaroo boss using the gloves. Requirements, Lv 10.

Shigenobu: “The strengthening conditions seem to have appeared in my field of view but…”
Yukinari: “Yeah, apparently we should go in that direction.”

The arrow is getting quite big. Doesn’t this mean it’s right in front of us? Will fighting a boss really turn out fine?

Yukinari: “It looks like the boss is right in front of us! Should we run!?”
Shigenobu: “Nah, shouldn’t we see how effective the new armor is?”

Shigenobu… did you remember that time I beat the wallabies and think I should punch the kangaroo boss to death? When I narrow my eyes to glare at him, he turns away. You…

As I’m thinking that, the arrow… I hear an incredible number of footsteps. My strawberry wallaby medal floats up for some reason. Hey, no way, could it have attracted them here? This item! 

Yukinari: “I can see something like a kangaroo in the darkness!”

It doesn’t approach the radius illuminated by the lantern. After straining my eyes, the name of the mamono appears. Straw Knight Kangaroo.

Shigenobu: “Aren’t there a lot of them?”
Yukinari: “Y-yeah. We can’t seriously fight against this many.”

While I’m thinking that, Meguru-san raises her hand to signal a retreat.

Botsu! Fires appear before our eyes and illuminate an unrefined stone altar from its four sides. 

Yukinari: “Hm?”

Sometimes there are things like ruins in the forest, but… isn’t this a stone stage? A boxing ring made of woven grass? Standing in the middle of the boxing ring with crossed arms is a mamono called “Straw Knight Kangaroo.” As expected, it has a boxing gloves.

The flames illuminate the forms of other gathered Straw Knight Kangaroos. There are ten of them in total.

Hm? I see a rare kangaroo without gloves.

Well isn’t this nice? They sit around the boxing ring and stare at me… No, I don’t understand what it means.

Yukinari: “Um…”

What kind of situation is this? I don’t understand mamono behavior. There are a lot of things I don’t understand about this world. 

Minori: “What this, what this? What’s going on?”

Minori-san restlessly looks around, while Shigenobu puts his finger to his lips in thought. Meguru-san narrows her eyes as she stares at the kangaroos, while Hagisawa makes a knowing smile.

Hagisawa, you’re smiling. What’s going on?


The big kangaroo in the boxing ring points a fist at me, provoking and beckoning me at the same time. I really don’t get what it’s trying to say though.

Shigenobu: “Hey Yukinari. This is…”
Yukinari: “Don’t say anything. I’m considering whether to just ignore everything and eradicate them or withdraw.”
Hagisawa: “Aren’t they singling out Hanebashi?”
Meguru: “It almost feels like Yukinari-kun is a challenger.”
Minori: “A championship match? It’s because you have the boxing gloves!”

Is how we all reply. And lastly, Minori-san, why are you so pumped up for?

Yukinari: “What should we do?”

The surrounding Straw Knight Kangaroos have yet to show hostility. The postures of those mamono also seem to suggest that they’re aware of their surroundings. 


The Straw Knight Kangaroo boss points to a corner.  There hang several gloves similar to my own. This guy… is it collecting them? Then, it starts shadowboxing in my direction. Will the representatives bet their gloves or fight in numbers?

Shigenobu: “Ah!”

Shigenobu claps his hands as if he remembered something.

Yukinari: “What?”
Shigenobu: “Taniizumi and the others in the battle group have talked about boss mamono before.”
Yukinari: “A bit late, but what is it?”
Shigenobu: “Even if you defeat a boss mamono, it’ll just turn into light and vanish for a while before reappearing in the same area. They also seem call their mamono followers from somewhere at the end.”

They pop into existence? No, no, that behavior is too mysterious!

Hagisawa: “I don’t understand the reasoning, but it seems to be calling Hanebashi out because it wants his glove.”
“We probably would have fought them normally if not for the gloves.”

I know, but with regards to what that mamono’s intentions are, I’m despairing that I have no choice but to box against it!

Shigenobu: “You’ve got good armor equipped. Challenging it might be a good idea.”
Yukinari: “Speaking of which… is wearing armor ok?”

Don’t nod!

Meguru: “Well, should we run?”
Kyuu kyu kyu kyuu!

The kangaroo boss points at us and starts laughing as though it had understood Meguru-san’s words. Stop laughing! Mukaaaaa… just how much is this kangaroo going to tick me off?

Yukinari: “Whatever, I don’t know if it’s a fight to the death, but I’ll beat the hell out of that guy.”
Shigenobu: “Give it a shot Yukinari. Meguru-san, Hagisawa, and Minori-san, back Yukinari up if he gets into a pinch.”
Meguru: “Declaring we’re going to cheat if Yukinari gets into a pinch directly in front of them is a bit bold.”
Yukinari: “I wonder…but it’s laughing. It seems to find us funny.”

I’m fully aware of Meguru’s worries, but I don’t like the way it’s mocking us with that smile. It overlaps with the face Taniizumi makes when he makes fun of me. I put on my gloves and get on the stage.

Minori: “Well then, Yukinari-kun versus the boss of the Straw Knight Kangaroos, le-t’s battle!”

…Why is Minori-san serving as the judge? It’s like she’s on the side of the Straw Knight Kangaroo too. Behind me, in the corner side, Shigenobu and the others cheer me on. 

Minori: “Ready… fight!”

The clang of a bell rings out from somewhere. I take a fighting pose and approach the Straw Knight Kangaroo boss with the steps of a boxer through use of the instant expansion ability.


I block the quick jab with my gloves… there’s less of an impact than I expected. Is it because of my armor?

Yukinari: “Haa!”

I aim a large straight at the Straw Knight Kangaroo. I don’t think it’ll hit. It read my strike, but if it’s just one blow, I can endure somehow. 


It’s too slow. The Straw Knight Kangaroo tilts its head as it bends its large body, and then, while aiming at my flank with a counter, hits me with a body blow. The impact disperses across my armor with a clang.

Yukinari: “Idiot…”

I stop breathing for a moment. No, breathe! After breathing with full effort, I aim a hook at the face of the Straw Knight Kangaroo boss, who was grinning after having landed a good blow on me. Your hit wasn’t as strong as you think!

The boss clicks its tongue… as if to say its troublesome.

Yukinari: “You shouldn’t have challenged me with armor on!”

It’s acting like a big shot, but if it’s just at this level, Shigenobu’s armor won’t lose.


Hmph, no matter, it’s all the same. I’ll just aim for your unprotected head, just like your straight from before.

…Why do I understand what this mamono is saying! Pointing and crude gestures with gloves should be impossible for me to understand! Are you planning on going easy on me? Fine. Let’s go!

I’ll provoke you without using words either by just aiming at your face.

The boss grins.

Are you enjoying the fight?


Cheat sheet

Yukinari Hanebashi:
1) Teleport objects /Self to Earth
2) Point/yen conversion. (Tells others it’s a shopping catalogue)
3) Remote viewing
Kitchen knife, boxing gloves, wallaby coin

Meguru Hiyama:
1) Teleportation
2) Clairvoyance
3) Material transfer (uses pillars of light)
Metal turtle sword

Minori Himeno: Has a polite/formal way of speaking
1) Healing/recover mana
2) Charge with mana

Shigenobu Sakaede
1) Black Smith
2) Mining Correction
3) Equipment Strengthening

Dai Hagisawa
1) Craft things
2) Identify
3) Trade

E/N: I’m not sure if this raises Minori’s charm or lowers it…

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