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38. Storehouse

Shigenobu: “We’ve been gathering materials and points nicely, now what should we do next?”
Meguru: “That we’ve steadily increased what we can do is great. Is this how the battle group feels?”
Shigenobu: “That’s what I wanted to share with the base group.”
Meguru: “I want to share it.”

Shigenobu and Meguru-san murmur one after the other. As far as the use of expanded abilities are concerned, leaving the base group untrained is an obvious disadvantage. Abilities such as Hagisawa’s trading are especially important from a point efficiency perspective.

Shigenobu: “Well, our prospects are looking up. We’re able to stand firm now.”
Meguru: “That’s right. Even if it’s just a bit, let’s hurry and raise our Lvs.”
Shigenobu: “Yeah!”

Then, as for the knife I entrusted to Minori-san, although the small chips began to smooth out after a while, they didn’t disappear completely. 

Minori: “It seems that it can be repaired to an extent… but it looks like it’s no use for broken weapons and armor.”

I see, so it recovers durability.

Minori: “Afterwards, my points seem to have decreased.”
Shigenobu: “Restoring durability by spending points huh… could be useful depending on the way you use it.”
Yukinari: “It’s an ability Shigenobu should pick up as well.”
Shigenobu: “I know, Yukinari, so be quiet.”

Taniizumi and the others have recently been worrying about the damage done to their armor. It feels like they want to train the base group. Well, maybe they don’t know. But… they should be able to imagine it. They’re also more or less familiar with games. Having come this far, do they even have a reason for not training the base group? I doubt it.

Shigenobu: “For now, let’s put off Yukinari’s weapons, and focus on forging weapons and armor for me and Hagisawa.”
Meguru: “The metal turtle armor… still seems a long way off.”

Meguru-san, you love armor too much. Do you really want the metal turtle armor that badly?

Yukinari: “Even if some was made, if you couldn’t use it, that would be a sad sight.”

Everyone agrees with my words. Imagining myself using armor made from that heavy shell depresses me a bit. Even just as a chest protector, it would still be a bit heavy. Then, as the sun begins to rise and we head home, I ask a question.

Yukinari: “Around what Lv are the guys in the player group?”
Shigenobu: “I said around Lv 22, didn’t I? They seem to have relied on their abilities up until now, but they’ve recently been struggling with mamono.”

Due to Shigenobu’s strengthening, we’re surging ahead with easy victories. Thanks to that, I’ve risen to Lv 14. We’ve really closed the gap. If it’s just this much left, it might be possible to surpass Taniizumi and the others within two weeks.

Ah, speaking of, the battle group seems to care about Minori-san and are helping her raise her Lv. She seems to be rising faster than Meguru-san. I’m looking forward to what sort of expansion ability she’ll get next. 

Yukinari: “Just… what game is Taniizumi referencing for his actions?”

Doesn’t he realize he’s reached his limits? Or is he planning to steadily raise his Lv in anticipation of new expansion abilities? Lv 22 is pretty close to 25. Once he reaches 25, it’s likely that he’ll obtain a new expansion ability. Considering his contempt towards Hagisawa, it’s pretty easy to guess that his playstyle doesn’t rely on recovery items. 

Shigenobu: “Some old RPG that relies just on equipment and Lvs…”

Shigenobu’s words remind me of a game I used to play. It was a game where the player advanced by using the equipment sold at the shops and strengthen them. However, Taniizumi and the others seem to have a different understanding of the situation… the more I think about it, the less I can read their behavior.

Yukinari: “It couldn’t be an online game either… this is impossible.”

Rather, equipment and items are also important in online games. There was a monster hunting game, the kind where players had to forge their own equipment. 

Hagisawa: “Isn’t it? The base group are NPCs, and since they don’t get any stronger, our strengthening is being held in contempt. He refuses to even consider our abilities. Now he doesn’t want to admit he realizes the importance of training the base group.”

Somehow those words are perfectly fitting for Hagisawa. 

Shigenobu: “Taniizumi and the others aren’t stupid. No one dying these last three weeks is proof enough. If we’re careful… there’s still a way to reconcile amicably.”

Everyone nods in response to Shigenobu’s words. Once Taniizumi and the others reach their limits, we’ll stand in their way. Then, if we win, they’ll have to see the base group in a new light. No, he will recognize us.

Shigenobu: “What I’m afraid of is this all ending up in a half-baked situation where we’re being used.”
Meguru: “That’s right. We can’t let it end with just Shigenobu-kun and some base group members receiving preferential treatment. It’s our win only if we can get them to recognize the other kids who have great dormant potential yet are being treated coldly.”

Yeah, these are our victory conditions if we can’t find a human village. We will still continue with the search. However, this is our most important objective. It’s not an either or choice. We can still break through this depressing situation later. When I think about that, I suddenly get motivated.

Our unity is getting better and better and we are working hard to raise our Lvs. Our circumstances can be improved. By magically enhancing our weapons, we’re getting closer to Taniizumi and the others. Right now, we should be about as strong as the battle group’s second troop.

Then, at some point, Minori-san reached Lv 15. Has our efficiency at getting experience improved? She reached Lv 15 faster than usual.

Minori: “Ah, I Lv’d up.”
Hagisawa: “Minori-san was even faster than Hanebashi who can hunt during the day with his long range attacks.”

Hagisawa, you didn’t have to bring me up like that. Also, just saying, but doesn’t Meguru-san hunt with me from time to time? The Metal Turtle doesn’t appear that often, so even if I pay attention during the day, one might not be found. My focus on it for the purpose of points.

Minori: “It can’t be helped, the guys in the battle group helped me raise it a little.”
Meguru: “Did you tell them about your expansion abilities?”
Minori: “Just a little. I told them about being able to supply magical power to the weapons, but they didn’t really think much of it.”

Is this sort of cognizance a pitfall of the battle group? Supplying magical power to a weapon, for anyone who isn’t a colossal idiot, should clearly make the wielder a force to be reckoned with…

Minori: “It felt like they considered it useful but not much else.”

Removing the blood, or replenishing casted ammunition through magic, although those acts shouldn’t be taken as insignificant… Ultimately, is it nothing more than a means of recovery? The nature is different from that of Shigenobu and Hagisawa. And that’s not saying anything about my ability of bringing things from Japan, something that doesn’t even contribute in battle. Yeah… I think Shigenobu and Hagisawa’s abilities are way cooler after all.

Meguru: “So, what’d you get this time?”

Meguru-san asks Minori-san. Minori-san tilts her head to the side as she responds.

Minori: “Um…storehouse?”

Meguru-san, Shigenobu, and Hagisawa stiffen. Hey… that’s… everyone, please don’t slowly turn to stare at me. I look at Meguru-san.

Meguru: “Minori-san, how about trying it out?”
Minori: “Yeah.”

As she says so, the air in front of Minori-san pops and cracks… a black hole spreads open. 

Meguru: “Woah- what’s this?”

With those words, Meguru-san sticks her face through the hole.

Meguru: “Um… it’s kind of dark, but it looks like a really big place.”

Although she tries to enter while saying that, she doesn’t seem able to fit anything more. Rather, is going in there really alright?

Meguru: “Hmm, I can’t get in.”
Minori: “Please don’t try to enter. What are you even trying to do by going in?
Hagisawa: “Is that an item box?”
: “It is, isn’t it?”
Shigenobu: “Well, as a test, how about putting the carcasses of the mamono we just defeated inside and taking a look?”

We ask Minori-san to make a hole and put it inside. Ah, can other people see into the hole as well? The inside is… yeah, shining like a cosmos with stars. It’s somewhat amazing. 

Meguru: “Then, can you get back what was put inside?”
Minori: “Um? Who’s the owner of this carcass?”
Meguru: “Isn’t it the party’s property?”
Minori: “Ah, seems like it. Looks like it was put into the shared box. The letters are floating up.”

Minori-san’s eyes are wandering and she tinkers with her status. Eventually the space opens and the mamono carcass plops out.

Minori: “It seems to consume some points.”
Hagisawa: “It’s an ability like a bag in an RPG.”

Hagisawa’s right. It really does feel like that.


Cheat sheet

Yukinari Hanebashi:
1) Teleport objects /Self to Earth
2) Point/yen conversion. (Tells others it’s a shopping catalogue)
3) Remote viewing
boxing gloves, strawberry wallaby medal, kangaroo knight medal
Kangaroo Punching Glove +10 | Effect : Dynamic Vision Up | Wind Punch | Wild Sense | Instant Expansion Ability : Kangaroo Step | Boxer

Meguru Hiyama:
1) Teleportation
2) Clairvoyance
3) Material transfer (uses pillars of light)
Metal turtle sword

Minori Himeno: Has a polite/formal way of speaking
1) Healing/recover mana
2) Charge with mana
3) Repair
4) Item box
Kitchen knife (Repairing)

Shigenobu Sakaede
1) Black Smith
2) Mining Correction
3) Equipment Strengthening

Dai Hagisawa
1) Craft things
2) Identify
3) Trade

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