The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

67. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (15)

With her mood was lifted, her perspective also broadened.

Zeke’s aptitude with the dragon made him an eligible Dragon Knight candidate. If he was compatible with a dragon, he would have more opportunities to come in and out of the dragon stables, or have more contact with dragons. Jill, on the other hand,was to be be sent to the Dragon Knights’ secondary auxiliary work. Due to their separate positions, they naturally split up. Thinking carefully, it was a good development for gathering information.

To Jill’s delight, Zeke uttered.

“Then I will also help—isn’t it obvious? I am your knight after all.”

“I am His Majesty’s wife. Even if it’s a mere apprenticeship, they might still come after His Majesty. Gather information about the strength of the Dragon Knights and also the Imperial Capital.”

“Listen. I am. Your. Knight.”

“I am, the wife, of His Majesty. That’s why, I shall entrust the task to you. In the unlikely event that my identity is revealed, Zeke will be in a deeper trouble than me because you’re considered the insider amongst the Dragon Knights.”

Zeke, with his arms crossed, pondered for a long time—after a while, he showed a resigned expression.

“I understand—but don’t overdo it. Because of yesterday’s incident, it’s likely that a fool will come to lick your feet, Captain. They don’t seem competent for now, but things will likely change once they become Dragon Knights—there might also a change of treatment.”

Zeke’s concern was a hit.

“So, there will be a patrol of the city this morning?”

“Yes, and you’re the one appointed for the task.”

“Understood, iInstructor. Does that mean I won’t be able to attend the training?”

“Indeed. Another team is waiting at the fountain square in the center of the town. Follow their instructions. Use the apprentice’s armband as a mark.”

If it was determined that someone was unsuited to be a Dragon Knight, it seemed that the apprentice would be charged with another task.

The person who has become a Dragon Knight will then teach the apprentices how to treat a dragon… or so to say.

During that period, the apprentices were encouraged to give their best, and the armed forces were fairly equal—however… they were Dragon Knights.

Feeling that something was amiss, Jill pursed her lips.

She heard a sneer from behind her, but she stretched her spine and returned the salute.

“Understood! I shall start patrolling!”

“Return at noon for the afternoon session—alright, next!”

The next person, whom was called, turned pale. That person was probably in similar predicament as Jill—as in, not compatible with dragons.

Jill left the training ground, softly shaking her head to Zeke, who seemed like he had something to say.

To be able to receive a lecture meant she wasn’t laid off. But some thought they might not be back by noon.

Let’s leave the information gathering regarding the Dragon Knights to Zeke. I will be collecting information about the Imperial Capital.

The question was what was waiting at the fountain square. It was said that there was another team, however, it was probably a group of people deemed unsuitable to be Dragon Knights.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the Dragon Knights were the most elite—thus, bullying and a domineering attitude were also rampant. There was no such thing as an organization that was clean from top to bottom. Window departments were everywhere.

I guess that’s one thing that is similar between Rave and Kratos…

No uniform was provided for apprentices. Only an armband. Jill reached the fountain square and blinked. She started looking around.

During that day’s test, there was a person sitting at the edge of the fountain’s remnants—which was trampled by the dragon—and reading a book. He had a light blue armband on his left arm, showing that he was an apprentice, just like Jill.


When she spoke, the person sitting on the fountain lifted his face.

White skin and platinum hair—in addition, he wore a simple white shirt, which emphasized his bluish eyes.

Although he was a youth, he was too old to be called a boy. His gentle smile hinted none of his knight identity. However, his quiet look was deep and sharp.

“Oh, you’re the girl who joined the other day. I heard rumors about you—for your age, you’re quite skillful.”

A slightly high-pitched voice resounded gently.

But she must never let her guard down. Those intelligent eyes of his—Jill knew them well. Indeed, she knew all about him—for they had met six years from now.

“I’m Lawrence, nice to meet you.”

None of that matters for now—she extended her hand.

“I am Jill, I will be in your care.”

“So, your name is Jill? It has a nice sound to it.”

He laughed without a care—it wouldn’t be strange if he realized Jill’s true identity.

A person who could do such a feat—she knew him well.

Because he was formerly Jill’s aide, and as of now, he should had already become the subordinate of His Highness the Crown Prince, Geraldo De Kratos.

***T/N: This new dude has white hair and blue eyes!? Why! That’s the complete opposite of Hadith’s pallette! Hadith has black hair and golden (yellow) eyes! My otome sense is tingling, saying that this guy may be Hadith’s greatest rival! Not to mention, Jill always hold Lawrence in high regards!

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