I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

37. Third Go! (9)

“Then, Master, I shall head to the mountains for a little bit. The best way to improve yourself is to train in the wilderness.”

“Ah, okay, have a safe trip. I’d be happy if you could check on Jean for me.”

“That will be taken care of, Master. I’ll be sure to return before Saint Mia is freed.”

Not only limited to Maximilian, it turned out Takkun was also a mountain-lover (well, he was born in the mountains, after all). With utter coolness, Takkun took off from the window.

Such an insane coolness, it was truly mind-numbing.

Ally saw off his back, thinking that there must be a lot of ladies (hawks) throwing themselves at Takkun’s feet.

“Then, I too, shall return to the demon realm. If you need anything, just call me, I will respond immediately. If it’s only tonight, Mia shouldn’t be able to attempt anything.”

Abel was then absorbed into the array of black dots. Ally nodded. The place where Mia and Earl Haven were hauled to was a medical clinic for the royal family and aristocrats.

“That was where I was detained before I was executed in my previous nine lives… Special stones are used throughout the entire building to seal magic…”

After all, Duchess Alicia was also famous for being a ‘Magical Prodigy’ until the descend of Saint Mia. Despite so, she couldn’t perform a series of spells due to lacking physical strength.

Because Alicia was knowledgeable about magic and was able to manipulate the dark element—which was the second most difficult element to manifest after the light attribute—many were concerned she would end up becoming a threat—especially after she became the fiancée of the Crown Prince.

The reason why the clinic was made of magic-resistant material was to prevent accidents that could arise during an aristocrat’s treatment.

It was truly a bitter memory—she could still remember that as Alicia, iron bars were put on the room she was kept in.

Of course, since most people couldn’t use healing magic, the same material wasn’t used in the treatment and the operation room. Most importantly, Abel had confirmed that the room in which Mia was detained for today had a magical containment effect.

“It was such great humiliation to be trapped there… Not only was I collared, I was also shackled…”

Ally was positive Mia was the one who arranged for the shackles and collars to completely contain her magic—or was it the work of her angels of light?

“The stone with the effect to suppress magic is so expensive, my eyeballs were about to jump out when I saw the actual price… after all, it can only be obtained from a small island at the edge of the world—a rare, natural-occurring, stone…”

Ally remembered clearly how humiliated she felt when instead of an engagement ring, she received that stone instead. At that moment, she remembered that she laughed sardonically.

“Ally, I think an opportunity to visit the residence of the Duke of Grants has arrived… what do you think?”

The floating black dot—Abel—conveyed to her mind.

“Huh?” Ally raised her head and looked up.

“After all, isn’t the house of Duke Grants so powerful, it managed to consecutively produce the fiancée of the Crown Prince nine times in the past? Despite that, I haven’t heard any rumors about that house ever since we came to the West Wing. Maybe the family has been completely overthrown… maybe you can watch their demise with an accompaniment of drink… no, this proposal doesn’t suit Ally’s personality…”

Abel made a proposal and came to a conclusion without permission—however, his conclusion wasn’t wrong.

“Well, I’ve indeed had connection with them in my previous nine lives… not to mention, they were my parents and brother… I’m currently experiencing some complicated feelings. I guess I’ll just go with the flow. Even if I do meet them face to face, I doubt I will feel anything about them. Because in this life, I have my own family and also Stila—and I love them with all my heart.”

Even when she said that, deep within, Ally knew what she said was half the truth. After all, those people were still her family in her past nine lives… when she actually did meet them, surely, there would be some shock.

“Ally is too kind. The work of God in this world is half-assed. If He is going to turn back time, he should’ve maximized the enjoyment of the person with a bystander role…”

“Well, I don’t really understand His intentions, but… God has granted me you guys—Abel and Takkun—I think He did a good job there.”

On the other hand, she also met the Muscle Special Squadron whom she just couldn’t bear to hate. She felt overwhelmed, but she felt that her memories of the past were constantly being overwritten.

“For the time being, fully assuming the role of a bystander is how I am planning to attack. Now that we’ve got this far, we can’t hold back anymore. That’s why, I am counting on you, Demon King.”

“Leave it to me—” —Abel, from inside the black dot, laughed mightily.

Then, very quietly, there was a knock on the door.

***T/N: Also also, it has been 37 chapters but the most believable chemistry this story showed that included Ally is her with her friends–Abel and Takkun.

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