I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

33. Third Go! (5)

“There’s also that, isn’t there? The saying of ‘only showing your true self before the person you love’? Hey, Stila, do you love the strong muscles of this older brother of yours?”

“Yup! I like them because not only are they huge, they’re also funny!”

“Right, right? You’re truly this older brother’s dearest. Alright, I shall then use the spirits’ candy for the sole purpose of smoothly sailing through the social season!”

“Older brother, can Stila eat that candy, too?”

Looking at the heartwarming (?) sibling conversation, Ally panicked—

don’t eat it!

Judging from the perspective of the ingredients’ expiry date, eating candy made by grandmothers whom were nearly 800 years old sounded extremely dangerous.

The spirits flying around Maximilian gathered in front of Stila’s face. Then, they gently shook their head—their eyes were as if staring at their great-grandchild.

It seemed that Stila couldn’t eat it, after all.

I see, it’s some kind of powerful drug exclusive to the Muscle Special Squadron…

Ally’s shoulders shrugged as she exhaled in relief.

Maximilian patted Stila’s head and gently dropped her to the ground. Ally embraced her cute Master who immediately rushed to her.

“It’s necessary to test how far one can fight in the second form. Attack power, defense power… let’s verify how powerful our strike is through magic operation and physics…”

The four muscle devas nodded all at once to Maximilian’s words. It seemed that they had a lot of candies left, because they seemed to be some kind of reward they would receive every time they summoned the spirits to practice magic.

Thus, they put the candies into their mouths and crunched them—they transformed at the same time.

“Let’s teleport to the back mountain. The apostles of darkness have a very high aesthetic sense. Therefore, it might be easier to call them, now. Back when these four were still in their muscular forms, don’t bother with ‘the Weakest of the Four Almighty Devas’, all five of them scampered away immediately upon being summoned.”

Black spots started to gather.

“By the way, what are the names of Abel’s Four Almighty Devas?”

Ally asked—there were actually five of them, right?

If the Four Almighty Devas had penchant for aesthetically pleasing things, the reason why Ally was able to call the Demon King remained a mystery—but she shall cast that aside for now.

“The system allows me to give new names to them—there’s Ibel, Ubel, Ebel, Obel, Kabel—all derived from ‘Abel’.”

“It’s quite simple but I think it would’ve been nice to be a little more elaborate…”

The same time a nice retort arrived from Takkun, the tentacles of darkness were already engulfing them—in the next moment, they were already in the back mountain.

“..It would’ve been better if you had left Lady Stila and I behind…”

To be honest, she was quite tired due to the mysterious happenings those days. She was keenly aware of her accumulating mental fatigue which far surpassed her physical fatigue…

Maximilian and the others immediately began to confirm the operation of the four elements. The only source of comfort was probably Stila, whom looked joyful.

However, they also seem irritated by the appearances of their second form…

They seemed confident of their strong muscles, but felt only disgust when their second forms—which were basically their fake appearances—were praised.

It seemed that the group of good friends whom had grown up together remained sweaty and manly on the inside despite their good-looking appearances. They kept moving around seriously, continuing to verify the extent of their abilities.

Mu, it seems that there’s a visitor in the West Wing.”

The upstart Steven looked up.

“The wind magic has reached my ears. In case of an unexpected situation, I left wind spirits in the West Wing. They’re good at picking up and delivering voices through the wind.”

Steven, who finally showed a trace of his spy side, received expressions of admiration from his surrounding—“Oooh!”

“So, who is it?”

Steven answered the question of his Master.

“…Hmm, from the voices I’ve heard… it’s likely the Earl of Haven and his family…”

“The Earl of Haven? You mean Jasper Haven? He hasn’t been out of the mansion in years, not after he developed cerebrovascular disorder…”

Maximilian gently raised his eyebrows.

Precisely at that moment, Ally’s entire body trembled.

Earl Jasper Haven—the stepfather of Saint Mia…!

Her entire body shook and trembled, and cold sweat oozed from her temples.

In my previous nine lives, by the time I noticed, Saint Mia already had her grasp on Maximilian!

I don’t even know when or where they first encountered each other—maybe that day is today…!!!

She knew that everything was different from her previous life, but she felt the same fear.

“Ally, Ally, what’s wrong? Somehow, your complexion looks terrible…”

Stila lifted her head and looked up at Ally from below. Her face—and the face of Ally’s brother, Jean, overlapped.

Ally quickly regained her sense.

“No, nothing… it seems that there are guests for your brother, Lady Stila. Let’s return to the West Wing and resume your study a little…”

Ally crouched and hugged Stila’s small body, which she should protect.


“The system allows me to give new names to them—there’s Ibel, Ubel, Ebel, Obel, Kabel—all derived from ‘Abel’.”

This is me when I play pokemon.

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