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36. Wind Punch

Minori: “Oh! The two of them seem to be testing their true power.”

Minori-san, why you’re so pumped judging this match I’ll never understand.

Yukinari: “Haaaaaaaa!”

Then, with my weak strawberry wallaby gloves, I make full use of my kinetic vision and continue this mysterious boxing match against the boss. I freely jab at the face of the boss and sidestep his large return fist.

From the start, there was already a difference in physique. This boss is pointlessly big. It’s about two and a half meters tall. Well, it’s hard to strike at the face, but due to my Lv, my movements are sharp. I do a small hop and throw a one-two jab combination while not allowing any counters. As I land, I crouch and catch the boss’s fist.

The boss then takes a large step back.


It starts to spin its arm in circles…what? Wind?


It pushes out its fist. I can feel some sort of swaying air mass flying towards me. The instant I lean my head to the side, something flies by where my head was, cutting off some strands of hair.

What? A finishing move!? Is that’s why you let me wear armor?

Yukinari: “I can’t show any openings!”

As long as the finishing move doesn’t hit, it isn’t a problem! Even so, getting hit in the face is really painful. My eyes are getting hazy…and swollen. But it’s nothing compared to the pain from when I got hit by Otsuka!

Then a clang rings out and I get to rest in the corner. 

Yukinari: “Why am I… boxing in another world?”
Hagisawa: “Dunno.”

Hagisawa’s right. Seriously, why am I boxing…?

Yukinari: “Having Minori provide healing isn’t unfair, right?”
Shigenobu: “That’s right, Yukinari! Hang in there!’

What? It’s really fine? The boss seems to be recuperating by eating something like a fruit.

We start the next round.

Well, I’ve memorized the boss’s attack pattern somewhat in the previous round. This guy will do a one-two punch combination towards my face before pulling back its large fist while taking a step back. It’ll then unleash its finishing move. As such, I parry the one-two combination, and take a large step forward when it pulls back its fist…

Yukinari: “I’ve already seen through this move!”

I strike at the boss’s vulnerable face with an uppercut. I feel a solid impact through the glove. The boss goes down… is this victory? The boss, seems to be getting up… its sitting like a young girl, it kinda looks like a chihuahua…

Yukinari: “I saw this with the Wallabies as well!”

It stands up with all its strength and challenges me with its glove.


What? Does this kangaroo have to do that?

The boss stands up and bashes me while stumbling. Still, my blow must have been effective since its movements are sluggish. 

Yukinari: “This’ll finish it!”

I avoid its large straight and slam my glove into the boss’s face with all my strength for a knockout. Of course, I add rotation to it. 


The boss gets blown away and falls on its back. 

Yukinari: “How’s that!”

I take a signature, fighting pose. Meanwhile, Minori-san and a straw knight kangaroo judge are counting down on the boss. 


Then, just like the time with the wallaby… the boss points a finger at me with its gloved paw… before turning into light and disappearing.

Minori: “Winner! Yukinari-kuuuuuun!”

The gathered straw knight kangaroos also mysteriously start to cheer. Then, my glove shines and begins to change. 

Kangaroo Punching Glove | Effect : Dynamic Vision Up | Wind Punch | Wild Sense | Instant Expansion Ability : Kangaroo Step | Boxer

Yukinari: “…it was a fruitless battle.”

As my gaze wanders while I raise my hand. Minori-san rushes over and heals me. A medal rolls towards my feet with a clink. 

Straw Knight Kangaroo King’s Medal | Effect : King’s Defense | Glove Strengthening : Usable

What a medal! Can it be used to strengthen the gloves? Then, the kangaroos, after applauding for a while, leave by scattering like little spiders. 

“Th- they vanished into thin air, what was that?”
“I don’t get this world at all.”

I strongly agree. The completely don’t understand the ecosystem of this world. It seems to operate on an entirely different set of rules than Earth.

Shigenobu: “Then… were the gloves strengthened?”
Yukinari: “Rather than strengthen, it’s more like they became another weapon.”
Shigenobu: “How’s their performance?”

…Their performance is only bit worse than the kitchen knife’s. To be at the same level as a bladed tool… that’s pretty strong!

Shigenobu: “If Yukinari were to use it, wouldn’t its greater mobility make it better than the kitchen knife?”
Yukinari: “Stop, you’re making me sad.”
Minori: “Yukinari-kun was so cool.”

Minori-san, you seemed to be having a lot of fun judging the match. Maybe she’s into watching sports or something?

Meguru: “Yeah, he was… pretty manly.”
Yukinari: “Even Meguru-san is saying that!?”

Come on, I want this atmosphere that’s basically forcing me to become a boxer to stop. Can’t I just use a sword like normal?

Shigenobu: “Do the gloves only raise your performance?”
Yukinari: “No, they also grants the wind punch effect.”

I can hear the sound of the wind cutting when I shadowbox.

…I slowly mimic the boss’s attack and spin my arm around. I can feel the wind gathered around my fist.

Yukinari: “Haa!”

I thrust out my fist and the same technique as the boss’s comes out. It extinguishes the light I targeted over in the corner. 

“It looks like a really convenient weapon.”
“It’s decided then!”
Yukinari: “No, it’s not!”

Minori-san picks up the medal. Oh no!?

Minori: “Glove strengthening?”

The eyes of Shigenobu and everyone else shine. Thus, for the time being, it was decided that I would fight using the gloves. Apparently, if I hold the medal up for a period of time, a new color of kangaroo mamono will appear. Then, if I defeat it, the gloves are strengthened.

Is it a weapon that grows along with me? I returned to the base while grieving.

So, having finished with hunting, I prepare for my morning job. The sun hasn’t risen yet, but I hear the sound of knocking on the workshop door.

Yukinari: “What?”

Who could it be at this early hour? While thinking that, I open the door and see Meguru-san.

Shigenobu: “What’s up?”
Yukinari: “No… that…”

Shigenobu nods in sympathy to my reply. 

Shigenobu: “Then, I’ll get some rest. Yukinari, keep her company.”
Yukinari: “What!?”

What is he talking about, keeping Meguru-san company? This guy, Shigenobu… what nerve to setup such a weird mood. He then backs away before I can complain.

Meguru: “Do you want to go to the forest for a bit?”
Yukinari: “Eh? Ah, so that’s what this is about.”

Self, you’re associating this with obscene ideas! Shigenobu, don’t say anything that will create a misunderstanding!

Meguru: “Well… shall we transfer?”
Yukinari: “Mm.”

We go to the center of the workshop and Meguru-san creates a portal which I then enter. 

Yukinari: “Here is…”

This is the spring that we saw before. The one where we can get mamono-repelling holy water. As always, it looks fantastic.

Yukinari: “Do you want to hunt from here?”

For just the two of us, even though I think we’ve gotten stronger…

Meguru: “Um… that’s not what I meant. It’s really beautiful here, so before work starts… I wanted to see it together.” 

Using remote viewing or clairvoyance to see this place remotely wouldn’t be a bad idea either. No, don’t think like that. Also, I need to stop fantasizing about Meguru-san being interested in me!

Yukinari: “It really is beautiful.”

It’s a sight that I might never get tired of looking at. That’s how beautiful it is.

The moon floats in the sky… by the way, the color of the moon in this world changes depending on the day. Tonight, it’s blue, and the contrast between the moon and the spring makes both of them all the more beautiful. It’s almost morning, but I can still see the moon.

Author’s note:

As I mentioned in my thoughts, straw is referring to the color. So straw isn’t a class. It’s just a randomly designated color.


Cheat sheet

Yukinari Hanebashi:
1) Teleport objects /Self to Earth
2) Point/yen conversion. (Tells others it’s a shopping catalogue)
3) Remote viewing
Kitchen knife, boxing gloves, strawberry wallaby medal, kangaroo knight medal
Kangaroo Punching Glove | Effect : Dynamic Vision Up | Wind Punch | Wild Sense | Instant Expansion Ability : Kangaroo Step | Boxer

Meguru Hiyama:
1) Teleportation
2) Clairvoyance
3) Material transfer (uses pillars of light)
Metal turtle sword

Minori Himeno: Has a polite/formal way of speaking
1) Healing/recover mana
2) Charge with mana

Shigenobu Sakaede
1) Black Smith
2) Mining Correction
3) Equipment Strengthening

Dai Hagisawa
1) Craft things
2) Identify
3) Trade

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